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Global Grassroots is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to catalyze women and girls as leaders of conscious social change in their communities. Global Grassroots' work is guided by four core values that form our theory of change: 1. Deepening personal consciousness and contributing towards the common good are both essential to social change. 2. One of the most effective levers of social change is a woman with the capability, resources, power, courage and inner commitment to initiate positive change for herself and others. 3. Sustaining and accelerating conscious social change requires investment in supporting, civil society architecture. 4. Mind-body trauma healing plus t...
Jul 2, 2013

Teen Change Agents Grow into Leaders

Young Change Agents
Young Change Agents

While also looking after their own education and families, the high-school aged Girls of Global Grassroots' Girls Academy for Conscious Change are deeply invested in solving their social issue priorities and learning social entrepreneurship skills that will stay with them for a lifetime. Your generous support is what allows this remarkable project to continue.

In April, Global Grassroots met with the Komera Scholars and Academy change agents to conduct follow-up training in financial analysis and program reporting.  The girls teams completed their bookkeeping of their use of funds for their initial activities and developed progress reports to share with their local donors about their work in the community.  They also developed activity plans for their upcoming August break, when they will complete their program services.  Simultaneously, the Komera Project has selected a new group of 20 beneficiaries who will become our next cohort in the Girls Academy in November.  In August, they will meet our existing change agents, serving as volunteers on their ventures, as our current cohort provides mentorship and inspiration to the class that will follow them.  

Although initially designed as short-term projects, the eight teams of the inaugural Girls Academy have decided to keep working on their issues year round. We are pleased to share with you some highlights of 3 of the ventures: 

Brave People, working on homeless youth, has provided training, school materials, shoes and underwear for 10 children and registered 7 of them for school. They were also able to help 3 children reconcile with their families and move back home, although one of them returned to the street. For children who do not have families to return to, or who cannot reconcile with them, this team is seeking adoptive parents from within the community.

Invincible Vision, working on malnutrition, has given 4 families pigs to raise for manure to help increase farm yields. They have also provided training on how to take care of the animals as well as medicine for them if they become sick. During their break in August, they intend to go build shelters for the 2 pigs given to the poorest families so that the animals do not have to stay outside when the rainy season begins.

Step Forward, a team working on child abuse and its consequences, has helped 10 children who had dropped out of school return to their studies. These girls met with school officials and local leaders to talk to them about the challenges these children faced, and convinced them to donate school uniforms to children who could not afford them. During their next break they intend to meet with groups of parents individually to talk to them about children’s rights as well as hold a public forum on the same topic.

Please consider continuing to support these fearless young change agents. 

Working Through Solutions
Working Through Solutions
Receiving Training
Receiving Training
Girls Academy Participants
Girls Academy Participants
Jun 11, 2013

Watch and get inspired!

Dear donor,

It is hard to start talking about our project's progress without sharing the testimonials from couples in our community. As we continue expanding our activities more couples are approaching us with such motivational insights.

Uwimana Immaculee is 45years old woman, and she is a mother of 5 children. In her testimonials she said :" It has always been like that. The husband is the head of the famly. The wives have no words to say about any decision made by the husband regardless that it even oppress innocent children. We grow up like that with our parents and ended up adopting it in our own families. Watching theaters and movies produced by this project is very educative. You watch and get inspired. Once women take actions things changes."

In her testimonials she tells us how she has been experiencing domestic violence since she got married ten years ago because of ignoring her rights. Immaculee had lived with her husband but whatever income her family would get she could not know how it was spent. Even when herself would get a job, it is only the husband who decided on how to use it. As a consequence, Immaculee and her children spent some nights without eating. The children dropped out of school, although the husband had a good salary from a permanent job. Most of the time the husband used to come back home drunk late in the night. He used to beat his wife and children, whenever they would ask for something. The mother and children experienced a miserable life and they weared old clothes. The husband was not responsible, and no one had got the courage to challenge him. Things changed when Immaculee started attending our theater performances, movies, and discussion. 

She realized how much she has suffered and how the law defend her. Then, she decided to start claiming for her rights but in a peaceful way. She invited our team members as well as other families that had changed their bad behaviours. Listening to their advice and testimonial, the husband strted to change. First it was because he was afraid that the case could be reported to leaders and he had seen how the law does not tolerate such behaviours. Finally, the husband accepted to share. As a results, the children rejoined the school and Immaculee started deciding together with her husband how the money is going to be used.

These past three months, we have been performing theaters and showing our movies in different communities including women council meeting, schools, and youth centers. Everytime at the end of the movie or theater we organize a brainstorming discussion. We have realized that young people can be the engine to eradicate this domestic violence among couples. They are even the great tools for spreading the message to the whole family, and it prepares them to avoid repeating the same mistakes done by their elders.

The more testimonials we receive, the more grateful we feel for our donors. Any little or bigger donation makes a very big difference in the lives of our community. We can't thank you enough for your consistent support. We owe you an infinite thanks.

Yours sincerely,

Apr 10, 2013

Celebrating International Women's Day

The Have Pity and Compassion team joined their sisters across the world when they participated in International Women’s Day on March 8. In partnership with other local leaders, they organized a community event to raise awareness about women’s contributions both in and out of the home. Women’s work has too often been undervalued globally, so recognizing the value of women’s contribution is a crucial step towards gender equity. Four hundred and fifty women attended and heard this message. Recognizing that engaging the next generation of women is a key to social change, they organized information sessions with 120 school-aged girls, emphasizing governmental programs that provide them access to educational opportunities. They also organized a public discussion to educate women about opportunities to advance their well being in both their professional and personal lives.

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