Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue

To provide protection for those who, by no fault or choice of their own, cannot help themselves, and depend on humans for their care. To ensure the highest quality of life for our companion birds. To educate the bird owning public on the most current diet, health and general care information.
Dec 26, 2012

Holiday Wishes from Our Birds to You!

Happy Holidays from Mickaboo's foster flock to you and yours!  Together we accomplished wonderful things in 2012, ranging from winning GlobalGiving's Photo Contest (thus giving bird rescue higher visibility) to earning a  Great Nonprofits' "Top-rated Nonprofit " award to (most importantly) rescuing ~300 companion birds!

Many of these rescues are rather ordinary. Some are extraordinary - like Mai Tai (pictured).

Mai Tai, a Goffin’s cockatoo, came to Mickaboo in mid-November. She had deep wounds in her front and back. Our vet said she had never seen a bird so deformed from mutilation and scar tissue. X-rays showed multiple past untreated fractures of her wings and legs. She was also suffering from a crushed thorax—she stopped breathing momentarily during the x-ray, as any form of stress simply exhausted her. The muscle in her frozen leg was black, although she has limited use of her toes.

Despite all she had been through in her life, Mai Tai had not given up on herself, and we refused to give up on her either.

Once stabilized, one of our special-needs foster homes took Mai Tai home. Mai Tai requires a lot of care and attention, with pain medicine, oxygen, and every-other-day bandage changes and wound care.  Mai Tai's veterinary bill is over $1,000, and will no doubt grow. Consider donating for her care, and that of our other foster birds, as part of your year-end giving.  Whether it's a little or a lot, your donation, combined with others, makes a real difference to our ability to help our birds.


To learn more about our foster flock - they'd love to go home with you! - go to our online bird listing. Want to learn more about bird care?  Our reading room has several articles about bird behavior, safe and nonsafe plants and foods, and more!

Thank you again for your generosity, and enabling Mickaboo to continue its mission on behalf of our feathered friends!  Season's Greetings to you and yours!


Oct 15, 2012

A Bonus for You and The Birds!

Lia, an African Grey with continual surgical needs
Lia, an African Grey with continual surgical needs

Our Fall edition of Mickaboo's newsletter features useful information and news about the birds and events you help support.  Read stories about our rescue activities, information to help you care for your birds, and MORE!

And, we have a rare matching gift opportunity! For the 24-hour period starting Oct 16, 9:01 pm Pacific Time (a minute past midnight Eastern Time on October 17), GlobalGiving will match your online donations at 30%, up to $1,000 per donor per project, until Global Giving has given away $50,000 of matching funds for all of its projects. Go to Mickaboo's Global Giving page to take advantage of this opportunity.

Your donations help birds in our care like Lia, a Congo African Grey (pictured). Lia is a lovable female, in her teens (in bird years) who says phrases like “Hello my Lovely”, “I love you” or just a sweet “hello”. Lia was surrendered to a shelter by her former family because the family could not afford her veterinary bills. Lia's vent is severely damaged after long-term prolapse issues. The shelter in turn gave Lia to Mickaboo for help - most shelters are unequipped to deal with the specialized (and expensive) medical help that birds need. Lia has had three surgical procedures during the two months she's been with Mickaboo so far, incurring thousands of dollars in veterinary costs.

Would you consider taking advantage of this matching gift opportunity and help pay the vet bills for Lia and many other birds like her?

P.S. Your gift may *also* be eligible for matching by your employer! Send any matching gift forms to Global Giving for processing.


Sep 11, 2012

Mickaboo Thanks You! Another favor, please...

Priya, a cockatiel who needed surgical help
Priya, a cockatiel who needed surgical help

Many thanks to those of you who recently helped Mickaboo by either donating OR voting for us in last month's Global Giving Photo Contest! Because of your generosity and others, Mickaboo's donations and winnings from the Photo Contest generated enough funds to pay for about 1.5 days' of veterinary expenses - a wonderful gift.

And now we have another favor to ask of you. 

Mickaboo is competing for a Chase Community Giving grant via another online voting contest. The top 196 nonprofit vote-getters will receive a share of $5 million – up to $250,000!  Wow!  If Mickaboo wins THAT much, it could think about building its own sanctuary!

Voting is in progress NOW and ends September 19th.

  • Use the app on Facebook.com/ChaseCommunityGiving to vote for us.  Share your vote on your Facebook wall, and if one of your friends votes, you will receive a bonus vote that can be used to vote again for Mickaboo.
  • Are you a Chase customer (meaning you have a Chase credit card, checking or savings account, etc)? If so, you will receive 2 additional votes at ChaseGiving.com. You may use one of these votes for Mickaboo.

Your support enables Mickaboo to help birds like Priya (pictured). Priya is a sweet, beautiful lutino cockatiel who was found as a stray and brought to a shelter. After she was surrendered by the shelter to Mickaboo, she was rushed to the vet with a very swollen belly. Priya went through a one-hour surgical procedure to clean out the rotten eggs and dead tissue she had inside her, and has had to have a second reconstructive surgery. Her vet bills total over $4,000 so far.

Priya is now doing well in a foster home specializing in caring for cockatiels needing medication and lots of tender loving care. Please help us continue to help Priya and birds like her by donating today and/or  sending Chase Community Giving votes to Mickaboo.

THANK YOU for your help.  We would not be able to do what we do without it!


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