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Apr 16, 2014

Computer student becomes a teacher in school



Having got trained computer at TYSA am now able to teach in a secondary school as a teacher of computer at St Teresa’s Secondary school, Sinyereri.The knowledge and the skills that I got from TYSA I am now helping other people in school where I schooled for four years in high school.It is a great opportunity since am now giving back to my school.It was like a surprise when I was told if I can able to teach computer lesson in the school.I didn’t believe it myself but later I noticed that I have the capacity and knowledge to do it.I didn’t hesitate to say “YES” because it was my chance to show that I can make it.

I started teaching all students in school computer lessons last year November 2013.It was a challenge to me since the school had only 5 deskstop computers which is shared with 250 students with a small room.I had to plan myself properly on how I can make sure all students atleast get to access computer and learn something.I formed different groups per classes so that they come in different shift according to the timetable.The system worked well but later it failed to due the collaspe of the computers.I had to reduce classes for teaching them computer.I started teaching from form one to form two.The classes are now going on well but still the major challenge is insuffiecient computers.

The students are much willing to learn computer lesson and have the basic knowledge of computer.However they don’t access computer all as they should be.Five computers are very fewer to serve a class of 40 students.As a teacher I try as much as I can to make atleast everybody for a week is able to operate a computer.Also the computer are not in such good condition too.Their is more in the school to provide enough computers for the betterment of computer lessons to be more successful in school. In general, as a teacher am more challenged to be a teacher in such a school.

The school needs a lot support to meet their curriculm needs.Therefore am ready to give my support to the school and hope that they get more computers to make learning good.Having taught for only 4 months in school I can say it has really motivated me to support the program of computers in the school.

Apr 15, 2014

Children Celebrate UN Sports Day

cheering !
cheering !

The UN sport for development day is a day set aside by the United Nations to celebrate achievement made by sports in bringing development to the communities. This day is to be celebrated every year on the sixth of April starting from the year 2014.TYSA being a sport for development organization decided to celebrate this day on Friday 4th April 2014 at Barmalel primary. This is because TYSA works with schools and bringing together the pupils on Sunday sixth would be a challenge.

Barmalel primary is a school in Kenya, Trans-Nzoia County a cosmopolitan with a population of 580 pupils distributed across the classes from E.C.D (Early Childhood Education) to class eight. The day was celebrated with the pupils through engaging in small sided games and value based football. This was done through clustering the pupils into groups and assigning two TYSA members per group. This was to help pupils interact more and the TYSA members to monitor closely what was happening. The groups comprised of classes, ECD, 1, 2 and 3 as group1, 4 and 6 as group 2,5 and 7 as group 3 and class eight as group 4.

Through the small sided games, the pupils were able to have fun and learn more. They were able to concentrate through the different games that were introduced and were very eager to learn new games. Irrespective of their different tribes and status, they were able to hold hands and play together. Introducing the 5 sided football match was the climax of the day where at least 400 pupils were able to participate. In different groups, teams played against each other without referees and the pupils were able to control the matches themselves as they had fun. They selected the best teams in their different groups. These teams integrated with both boys and girls and all the pupils had a great time. The TYSA members were able to play with the integrated pupils’ team and this made the participation more enjoyable and fun.

In conclusion, the day was full of fun and learning according to Sarah a class 3 pupil.

Happy moment
Happy moment
Barmalel school
Barmalel school
happy faces
happy faces
play time
play time
Apr 15, 2014

Children Empowered to SAY NO

solidarity photo
solidarity photo

Over 100 children participated in community sensitization on issues affecting them in Trans nzoia county last month

Communities in Kitale are farmers with large and small scale farmers. Communities engage in different activities:Fish farming, planting of maize, tree planting to conserve the environment, Charcoal burning, quarrying to get building stones. The elderly people do a lot of the agricultural activities while the youth idle around. The area has potential with very attractive features that can be potential for the tourism industry but this is yet to be fully exploited. Features such as: water that changes colour, (the group found the water yellow), volcanic mountains and huge agricultural farms.

children from this area face various challenges including:

Scarcity of playing grounds that could be used as football fields

Schools are far apart so children have to walk long distances to reach the schools. The huge farms have no schools so majority of children do not go to school

Child labour in the large agricultural farms, quarry industry and hawking business

Malnutrition among children

High Poverty levels despite the wealthy around

High levels of illiteracy

Idle youth leaving the elderly to farm

Poor housing and lack of toilet facilities and poor environment with communities living around sewage area

Alcohol and drug abuse among the youth

Retrogressive cultural practices

Early marriages

The sick are not cared for –dumped in government hospitals and left on their own

Child prostitution

Dependency syndrome

Very poor road network

Some men offer to pay school fees for girls with the understanding that they marry them after school. The girls at the festival urged such men to embrace this slogan: “I AM NOT TRAINING TO MARRY YOU BUT TO EMPOWER YOU”

This April starting 25th to 3rd May, over 100 children ill participate in Children Voices Camp ( See the concept attached)

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