St. Nicholas' Home, Penang

Our vision is of a nation that is free of barriers, where blind & visually impaired persons are not discriminated against; to have the same rights and responsibilities, share equal opportunities & the quality of life that is available to their sighted peers. Our mission is to provide education, training & employment opportunities in a caring environment, thus empowering blind & visually impaired persons to fully participate in society while helping to promote the prevention of blindness.
Nov 11, 2013

Good Start for an Independent Life

Afiq is a 6 year old boy who is diagnosed with Bilateral Retinopathy of Prematurely, stage 5. He underwent an operation when he was 3 months old. He also goes to hospital frequently for his pediatric treatment.

When our Early Intervention Programmeme coordinators visited him at the age of 5 months, they aimed to improve his cognitive skills by doing some related exercises, to focus on acedemic skills, to train on daily living skills through touch and feel and also to improve on his communication skills by teaching him to construct long sentences.

With very limited vision, Afiq still needed help to do some tasks on his own. After a series of training for two years, he was able to eat by himself. He could hold his milk bottle or cup firmly when drinking. He was also able to tell when he wants to use the toilet. He could even read the alphabets and say out numbers. He does not have any problem with his communication skills and is able to play and mingle with his family members as well as new acquaintance very well. He is able to put on his clothes with little assistance. However, he was still not able to bathe on his own.

            After six years of constant training and evaluation, he is now able to find the beginning, end and middle of a line of print or Braille dots on the paper. He is still in the process of learning the alphabets in both print and Braille. When the Brailler is given to him, he explores it with his fingers and inserts paper in correct order.

In terms of fine motor skills, he is able to trace the template of the objects given to him. Besides, he is also able to name and point the different parts of his body such as his eyes, nose, teeth and fingers. What’s more, he can even point out the same parts of body of the doll which is given to him. Afiq responds very well when called. The words ‘Do’ and ‘Don’t’ has been introduced to him so that he is aware of what can and cannot be done.

            Afiq is able to walk forward and backward on the balance beam without falling. Since he needs to familiarize with white cane, he was also taught to hold the cane correctly and to show left and right direction which he is able to do properly. This independent young boy also removes simple items such as socks, underpants and untied shoes on his own.

All the children enrolled in EIP programme are with special needs due to their multi disabilities. With an education plan developed to match their special needs individually, especially in improving their independence and communication skills, we are positive that we can improve and enhance the potential of these children to lead a life of quality and dignity.

All of them have improved their skills by following the EIP programme. All of them have the capability to learn new things everyday with more educational materials which will be provided with the presence of donation from you.

Our sincere thanks for providing a better future for the young blind and multi-handicapped children. You’re a lifesaver. Your contributions will continue to help many other children like Afiq to lead a secured and better life regardless of their disabilities.

We at St Nicholas Home are very proud of Afiq’s good progress and with donations received through Global Giving; we can continue to help Afiq and other children in the programme towards improving their lives for a bigger and brighter future! Therefore, we would like to thank all our contributors for your support and donations.


Aug 20, 2013

Disability is no Inability

Faiz cutting through the dough into shapes
Faiz cutting through the dough into shapes

Faiz, 17 and very soon going on to 18, has grown tremendously. From a boy who could only move independently inside his house and had limited skills, he has now mastered most of the skills taught in the Deaf-Blind and Multi-Handicapped classroom.

When Faiz first came to the Home, he needed attention and guidance when eating and was only able to pick up big puzzles. He can now do all household tasks such as sweeping, cleaning, wiping the tables, making his own bed and throwing rubbish. Besides, he is also able to talk loudly with clear pronunciation to express his needs and walk independently to the market to buy food. When he is at the market, he is able to recognise money and its value. Thus, he is trained to pay for his own food using the money given to him and to receive the balance upon payment.

Since Faiz is almost to complete his training in the DBMH classroom, he will be absorbed into the Skills Development Programme where he will be further trained to improve his skills and earn some extra income at the same time.

The Deaf, Blind and Multi Handicapped Programme in St.Nicholas’ Home aims to provide a full range of educational service and training to achieve full potential and ability to be independent. The visually impaired children who are part of the programme are basically equipped with useful daily living, motor, mobility, communication and academic skills. They range from the age of 7 to 18 years old. Each child usually has an Individual Education Plan depending on their needs. Stimulation activities are carried out to achieve significant impact on the students’ learning experiences too. These children have benefited from the programme and are continuing to do so. Faiz is one of those visually impaired kids.

Being a Non-Governmental Organisation, St.Nicholas’ Home has been depending on donations for these kids and to ensure the continuity of the remarkable programme. The deficit in funds are one of the reasons why more and more improvements are not being executed successfully for the programme such as buying new puzzles or even to teach them Braille. This is where the home depends on the public for their generosity to equip these kids with skills for life.

We would like to grab this opportunity to thank you for your generous contribution to our DBMH programme and for making a change in the lives of these children!


Aug 20, 2013

The Special Child

Jason is a 13 year old multi-handicapped boy who is suffering from cerebral palsy, development delay and total blindness. Since he came to the Home in the year 2009, he has not been able to respond to his teachers’ instructions nor move around without supervision.

Jason is unable to move around freely due to the condition with his legs. Thus, he is always brought around on his wheel chair. However, he requires very little help in class as he chooses to crawl around to anywhere he wants without requesting for any help from his teachers. He is able to utter simple words with an almost perfect pronunciation. When it comes to meal time, he is able to feed on the entire meal using spoon and fork. He loves eating fruits and is able to peel off the banana and orange skin before he eats it. He is also able to peel of the boiled egg skin. Some of the skills which he is still being trained on his skills to brush his teeth, feed himself, wear clothes and differentiate the front and back part of a T-shirt independently.

Jason who is a day scholar, comes to school by car and has been trained to buckle his own seat belt when he gets into the car. Even though Jason still has a long way to go but he is already showing some improvement.

We at St Nicholas Home are very proud of Jason’s good progress and with donations received through Global Giving; we can continue to help Jason and other children in the program towards improving their lives for a bigger and brighter future! Therefore, we would like to thank all our contributors for your support and donations

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