Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia)

The BKFA works with organisations and communities to provide a clean birthing environment for women in developing countries in order to reduce the incidence of infant and maternal mortality. We respect peoples' dignity and values and work according to principles of basic human rights. We raise awareness, provide support and resources and act as a catalyst for the creation of birth attendant training programmes and community development projects.
Feb 21, 2012

Making Birthing Kits in Tigray Province Ethiopia

A training program on how to use a birthing kit
A training program on how to use a birthing kit

Ruth Kennedy, from Abraham’s Oasis thanks you for your donations of help.

When the kits were initially sent in 2008 Ruth wrote  “ We are so remote here that each kit is more precious than any gold or money, as these items cannot be bought with either as the contents are simply not available! Bless you, bless you all for sending these to us”

The kits had proven to be invaluable. More women and babies were surviving childbirth.

However, Ruth was so remote that she could not easily get regular supplies of the finished kits, made in Australia, without days of traveling and much expense as she had  go to Addis Ababa to collect them.  To help solve this problem the BKFA then worked with Ruth in establishing a local birthing kit production program.

We thank you for your donations which have enabled  the Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia) to provide the funds for Ruth to make her own birthing kits, sourcing the supplies and paying nominal wages to local women to help assemble the kits. These women had health issues and would not normally have been employable. These supplies are sourced in the city.

Ruth has just completed making 2000 birthing kits locally. The first stage  towards sustainability. The program was so successful another one is planned for this year. The demand is for 10,000 kits annually.

“We are grateful but even more so those who have no voice say thank you, the indigent farmer’s wife, the brand new mother of 14 or 15 years of age…. the children who have survived, the gratitude of having a mother… This we write from Abraham’s Oasis where fifty children live many orphaned because there was no one to help “Mum”. “  Ruth Kennedy

A mother and healthy baby
A mother and healthy baby
one happy baby
one happy baby


Nov 15, 2011

Saving ethnic minority women in Ha Giang Vietnam

Mother with her baby born with a birthing kit
Mother with her baby born with a birthing kit

With your help sustainability is finally coming to Ha Giang Province, Vietnam.

Thanks to the support of our many donors we have been able to replicate successful training programs leading to the survival of many ethnic minority Hmuong women and babies.

With over 2,700 Traditional Birth Attendant / Health Workers trained by the BKFA, all Hmuong women are finally getting basic midwifery care in Ha Giang province, a remote mountainous region along the Chinese border. Deaths of mothers and babies in huts on the side of mountains days away from anyone were never recorded, so the true Maternal Mortality and Neonatal statistics were never known. Anecdotally the birth attendants ask for more kits as they see more mothers and babies surviving and having fewer infections with the use of the kits and the training.

The benefits of the training and clean delivery kits have been so valued by the health workers that from 2013 the Ha Giang Provincial Health Authorities have agreed to fund and make their own kits.

The ultimate wish of the Foundation is the right for all women to deliver in a hospital with a trained midwife or doctor. Until then, we will work towards true sustainability where the government takes over responsibility of the training and local kit production.

With your help we can continue to replicate this success in other provinces and countries.

Health workers training the birth attendants
Health workers training the birth attendants


Aug 12, 2011

Women and babies in India saved by training

A midwife receiving birthing kits after training
A midwife receiving birthing kits after training

Thanks once again to our wonderful supporters for helping to fund our training program in the District in Tamilnadu, SOUTH INDIA. It ran from May 2010 to April 2011.

The BKFA works with the Society for Women’s Education and Awareness Development (SWEAD) in India, and they specifically targeted 100 communities where the Maternal Mortality Rate was 2,500 per 100,000 live births. This is one of the highest in the world.

The training was for 200 rural midwives and volunteers from 100 villages of Chidambaram, Viruthachalam and Kattumannarkoil taluks of Cuddalore. The midwives provided prenatal information, birth assistance as well as post natal visits. The midwife after training would stay 1- 2 hours after the birth and come back daily for 5 - 10 days to help the mother with bathing and cooking nutritional food.

The outcome is they have not had a single maternal death or new born death reported from their 100 villages since the training and using the birthing kits.

This wonderful achievement is only achieved with ongoing support - so thanks to our donors.


Dr Julie Monis-Ivett

BKFA Director


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