Heroes of the Nation

Instead of merely feeding and clothing children, Heroes seeks to raise up the next generation of leaders. This is accomplished through instilling identity, creating self-sufficient communities, teaching social justice, and emphasizing an excellent education and leadership training for the hundreds of children on our campus.
Jun 19, 2012

Graduates Studying and Volunteering

I just received a list of 25 graduates from Kenya with their corresponding schools and courses of study. It is amazing to look at the names of students who, just a few years ago, were working diligently on their examinations dreaming of what life would look like after graduation.

One of our students, Helen (name changed for privacy), received poor marks on her final high school examination. She was heartbroken and discouraged, not knowing what her future would hold. HTN's orphanage director, Violet Gitonga, made Helen a priority, bringing in a private tutor so that Helen could learn the needed material in order to re-take the exam. Helen worked hard and is now studying at the Kenya Institute of Management! She has six semesters left before she receives her diploma in business management. This is just one of the many success stories from the graduates at Heroes of the Nation.

These graduates are not only working hard in school, they are inspiring other young people. Thirteen of our graduates have spent time volunteering at the Heroes of the Nation campus. Helen has volunteered as a caretaker of younger children. One graduate has volunteered as a high school teacher, another is helping in our medical clinic, another is assisting with the child sponsorship program.

Thank you for making dreams a reality for our graduates. We could not do this without you!

Mar 19, 2012

Graduates Succeeding at Heroes of the Nation

We want to thank you for helping seven of our graduates get into a top Kenyan university. This is truly only possible through your support!

Recently, I heard the story of one of our graduates who did not test as well as he hoped in the final high school examinations. In the midst of disappointment, he found out that Heroes of the Nation was committed to help him succeed. HTN provided extra tutoring and training so that he could do better in the next round of examinations. He recently committed a Management Training Course and is spending time in an internship, adding to his resume, before looking for a job in management. This is just one story of our many graduates who are graduating high school and going on to pursue dreams for the future.

Thank you for making this possible!

Dec 14, 2011

Graduating Toward a Brighter Future

One thing that sets Heroes of the Nation apart is our desire to support our children through their higher education. After graduation from high school, we help our students get into a college, university, or vocational training. We are committed to supporting our children until they are financially able to provide for themselves.

 As a direct result of the Global Giving Project, seven students are able to attend university. Thank you for believing in these graduates - with your help, they will become Kenya’s next leaders. Below are a few success stories from the high school graduates of HTN.

This year has been a successful one for our graduates! One of our students, Kelvin, is enrolled in Kenyatta University, one of the best schools in Kenya. He and fellow HTN classmates are working hard in pursuing their dreams. Over the summer, Kelvin taught chemistry and math in an internship program.

Peter is also attending Kenyatta University and is pursuing a law degree. He had the opportunity to intern with a law office over the summer. His friend Michael is studying business finance and interned with a bank over the summer.

Patricia and Millicent have graduated from their teacher programs and are now instructing pre-school children. One of our other graduates, Josephine, is currently studying accounting.

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