Embrace's mission is to advance maternal and child health by delivering innovative solutions to the world's most vulnerable populations. We catalyze the creation of new products with strong potential to improve health outcomes in developing countries, distribute those products directly to the people who need them most, and integrate them into public health programs to have a deeper and more lasting impact on the communities we serve. Our primary goal is to help save the lives of low birth weight and premature infants by distributing an inexpensive and effective infant warmer in conjunction with educational programs that address the root causes of neonatal hypothermia.
Dec 16, 2011

Making an Impact on Tiny Lives!

Halima and Baby
Halima and Baby

Dear Global Giving Supporters –

2011 has been an extremely exciting year for Embrace! Thanks to all our supporters, we reached our largest milestone this year: we've helped over 300 babies with the Embrace Infant Warmer! We greatly appreciate your continued support to help us impact the lives of the 20 million vulnerable infants born every year.

We hope you enjoy reading our most recent stories from Embrace's First Disaster Relief Program Partner:

 Partnership with the American Refugee Committee, Somalia

ARC is an international NGO providing humanitarian assistance in calamitous conditions related to health and famine. ARC partners with a hospital in Mogadishu, Somalia called Banadir Hospital. Banadir Hospital was founded in 1977 and specializes in pediatric and reproductive healthcare; they are well-known for their child immunization efforts and extensive training programs for refugee populations.

The hospital has recently become overwhelmed with hundreds of families struck by the dire circumstances in Somalia. It has experienced an influx of patients suffering from diseases such as cholera, malaria, and meningitis and is looking to ARC for support and supplies. Embrace provided an infant warmer to ARC in the fall of 2011, which Banadir Hospital has been using to help these desperate families.

Halima and Baby Ali

Halima, displaced from her town in Somalia, was found pregnant near Afgooye Corridor, a town about 30 kms from Mogadishu.  She was admitted to the Banadir Hospital Maternity Ward and delivered a baby boy, Ali Abubakar, shortly after. Baby Ali was born underweight at 4.4 pounds and suffered from infections and hypothermia. Doctors placed him in the Embrace Infant Warmer, with positive results – Ali quickly gained weight and was able to maintain a normal body temperature. Halima is breastfeeding her son in this photo and is thankful for her son’s increased appetite.

Abdulle and Baby Abdullah

27 year-old Abdulle Mohamed is holding her fourth child, Abdullah Ali Mohamed, in the pediatric ward of Banadir Hospital. Abdulle was battling measles when she delivered her son prematurely at 8 months. Abdullah was born weighing 1.8 pounds and was placed in an Embrace Infant Warmer, which helped him maintain his body temperature and gain weight.

Thank you so much for your support.

Wishing you joy and health this Holiday Season!

Team Embrace

PS. Tune into ABC 20/20 Friday December 16th at 7pm PST to watch Embrace

 Last December, Embrace was featured in a special edition ABC 20/20 Be The Change: Save a Life. Tune in again this Friday at 7PM PST, December 16th for ABC 20/20's follow up and learn more about the tremendous progress we have made in 2011 and our goals for 2012 

Abdulle and Baby
Abdulle and Baby


Sep 26, 2011

Embrace: Fit for Royalty and a Mother.

Mother and Baby Bonding
Mother and Baby Bonding

Dear Friends,

First off, we wanted to share some very exciting news! Your continued support has allowed Embrace to win the INDEX: Design to Improve Life 2011 People’s Choice Award.  Set in front of Denmark’s Crown Prince and Princess, the award ceremony recognized organizations that apply design thinking to target an important social problem, and truly make a difference in people’s lives. We received more than 20,000 votes worldwide to win the People’s Choice Award. We are very humbled by this achievement, and we hope that our product will continue to make an impact in saving lives as we work to expand our programs. You can check out the Embrace showcase in the INDEX: Award Exhibition as it makes its way through six cities in Asia and Europe, commencing in 2013.

We also wanted to share a touching story from the field with you – an example of how our product is making an impact in lives on a daily basis. This story took place in SVYM, a rural hospital that provides low cost medical services to tribal communities and the poor. In August, Shilpa, an 18 year old woman, was rushed to the emergency room to give birth to a baby girl. At 8 ½ months, the baby weighed 2 kilograms. After the baby was examined by the doctor, she was put in an Embrace Infant Warmer to provide much needed thermal support (the mother was too weak to provide any skin to skin support), and was reunited with her mother. Shilpa and her daughter were released from the hospital after the baby gained some weight, and both mom and baby are doing well. 

Cases like this are a reminder that the Embrace warmer is needed in dire situations throughout the globe. We appreciate your continued support to help make an impact for families like Shilpa’s – thanks so much for your generosity. Together, we can make a difference!

Please note that on October 19th, GlobalGiving is hosting another Bonus Day where they are offering $100,000 in matching funds. For every donation Embrace receives on that day, GlobalGiving will match it by 30%. This is the last bonus day of the year. Please help us take advantage of this opportunity!

Warm regards,

Team Embrace

Baby in Embrace Infant Warmer
Baby in Embrace Infant Warmer
Jun 9, 2011

Greetings and News from India and Team Embrace!

Dear Friends,

Greetings from India!

We would like to share the story of baby Ayesha with you. Ayesha is a beautiful baby girl who weighed only 1100 grams at birth. Her father is a carpenter and her mother, a day laborer. The couple had lost their first two babies right after birth due to lack of proper medical care. Because the closest new-born-care facility was a 4-hour walk away from their village, they saved every penny they had so that their third child could be born in a city hospital.

Ayesha had a very low chance of survival and was kept in an incubator under constant observation for 10 days. However, as her parent's savings ran out, it was not possible to extend the stay of their baby in the NICU. It was at that point that the baby was placed in the Embrace Infant Warmer for thermal support for about 20 days. Her mother also performed a 2-hour Kangaroo Mother Care session intervals to bond with her baby. After about a month, baby Ayesha went home with Mum and Dad who reported that she had put on weight, was feeding better and sleeping quite well. We look forward to hearing about Ayesha's childhood!

Stories such as these keep us committed on the path to make this device available to all those who need it around the world. We would like to update you on our latest accomplishments:

We have recently kicked off our market pilot in Karnataka, India where we have distributed our product to a few facilities and are awaiting feedback. This is a very small and tightly controlled pilot launch that will provide us with some useful insight as we prepare for our large-scale official launch, which we have decided to push back by a couple of months. We will surely keep you updated with our progress!

We have set up a stringent Quality Management System (QMS) for our product. The QMS guarantees the highest standard of product quality and it will permeate through all our product processes. The implementation of this system has taken some time, but it will help to ensure our product's safety and effectiveness. This has been an important step as we prepare for our large-scale official launch.

The second phase of our clinical study continues to go extremely well. We've enrolled 60 infants across 4 hospitals in Bangalore who have benefited from the warmth of our product. Embrace aims to enroll a total of 160 babies in our study.

In addition, we continue to do rigorous product development and research on the rural@home version of our product, expected to launch in November 2011. Our latest activities include ensuring that the electronics design and development are compliant to regulatory standards and guidelines, as well as the initiation of mechanical detailing and design of the first alpha prototypes. This version of the product will allow Embrace to make a significant impact in the most rural areas of India and later, globally.

These activities are possible because of your on-going support. Thank you so much for your generosity and for ensuring that babies like Ayesha have a chance for a healthy life.


Team Embrace.

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