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Jan 13, 2015

Ramadan: bearer of good fortune

Ramdan is the Muslim month of fasting and followers of Islam believe it is a time for forgiveness, charity and compassion: During this blessed month fasting is a way to remind Muslims of the bounties that surrounds them and to be thankful for them and understand the ordeals of the poor.  

According to the Holy Book of the Muslims i.e. The Quran, it is stated “O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you, as it was prescribed for those before you, so that you may guard (against evil).”

This holy month fosters kindness for those who are less fortunate and those who are need; we at Fatima Memorial Hospital provide health services to patients from all walks of life.

Fatima Memorial Hospital provided iftar and sehari (Food served at sunrise and sunset) in Ramadan to almost 40 - 50 families of poor patients per day in the hospital during Ramadhan in 2014. It may seem a minimal amount but Fatima Memorial Hospital hopes get your support and help even more families during this holy month.

However, it is very difficult for us to continue it on regular basis due to financial concerns because of inflation and rising patient numbers and it can only be possible with your help so we can continue with this tradition dating back to 1977

We look forward to your support which will help us continue with this tradition   

Jan 7, 2015

To Walk Again

We love to run in the fields, walk in park and occasionally jump with joy; we should be thankful that we live normal lives free from disease and illness because every part of our body is important.

Today, there are many patients who are suffering from arthritis and unfortunately this disease has become very common nowadays. This young ambitious student is a Lupus (SLE) patient for the past eight years.  His financial background is very weak and his parents can’t afford his treatment. He was taken under the care of the Arthritis Care Foundation (ACF) which was established in 2001 in collaboration with Fatima Memorial Hospital in Lahore.

 ACF bearing all his treatment expenses and is sponsoring his medication worth Rs: 200,000 (Two Lac) per annum. If he had not been treated in time he might have suffered from renal failure. He is now slowly and steadily recovering and studying again

The treatment is long but life has given him a second chance.

This has only been possible through the generous support of donors like you which enables us to continue with our mission.

The disease can strike at any time and without proper care can lead to severe
disabilities affecting patients for a lifetime. However, today through early
diagnosis and extensive treatment rheumatologists can significantly help
prevent disability and death in patients suffering from rheumatic diseases.

These stories give us hope and the strength to continue with our mission. 

Please donate today and change lives.

Oct 13, 2014

The colours of life

Like emotions, colours are a reflection of life 

Janice Glennaway

How can one describe the feeling of not being able to see, that feeling of darkness or maybe a blurred outlook.  Can we, who are lucky to be gifted with vision possibly, imagine what it is like – the constant black, the constant need for help, the constant feeling of something missing?

We can’t and hopefully we will never have too but these are the questions we need to ask ourselves sometimes. To see the world through their eyes, the eyes which do not show a true reflection of the bounties this world has to offer.

Today, science has given us the means to bring back those colors of life through basic surgical procedures which was not possible a few decades ago.

Today, we are in the position to change the lives of many; to make them see the world the way we see it with its beauty, its grandeur and its colors,

We at Fatima Memorial Hospital perform these procedures free of costs for patients who cannot afford it but we need your support.

Help us bring back the colors of life

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