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Mar 24, 2014

Supporting a brighter future

Muhammad is a young man from Kabirwala from the province of Punjab; the 25 year old was diagnosed with Behcets disease. This is an autoimmune rheumatic disease which may lead to blindness and the blockage of veins and arteries. Apart from losing sight it may also cause heart attacks and strokes and mostly affects the young.

Making ends meet was a problem for Muhammad and add to that the expensive treatment required to ensure that the disease remains stable and does not deteriorate further was simply not possible.

Thankfully the disease was diagnosed in time and the ACF was able to fund his medication which costs around PKR 5000 a month. Arthritis Care Foundation (ACF) was established in 2001 in collaboration with Fatima Memorial Hospital in Lahore, Pakistan which provides Physiotherapy and Diagnostic support to deserving patients.

The disease can strike at any time and without proper care can lead to severe disabilities affecting patients for a lifetime. However, today through early diagnosis and extensive treatment rheumatologists can significantly help prevent disability and death in patients suffering from rheumatic diseases.

These stories give us hope and the strength to continue with our mission.

Please donate today and change lives.

Mar 24, 2014

We tend to forget

The past few years have been full of natural and man-made disasters striking humanity across the globe. From Tsunamis, hurricanes, earth quakes, famine, floods, bomb blast and the tragedies of war.

Our attention tends to move from one calamity after the other, this result in the affected getting initial help but they are left to their own devices after a month or two; usually the ones suffering the most are the poorest of  that area who are not able to recover and live normally due to financial constraints.

The floods of 2010 in Pakistan were one of the worst ever seen in county's history – and today after fours years there is life being rebuilt but it is a slow laborious process. However, certain things must continue i.e. the provision of basic nutrition, health and education.

After the preliminary damage assessment, Fatima Memorial Hospital set up a school in Habit Mastui, District Dera Ghazi Khan in Southern Punjab to educate the children of the flood affectees.

Still going strong after three years we hope to continue with our success and keep educating the children in the area. We believe that a solid education will be the means for these children to excel in the future.

This is the generation that will take our nation forward and we believe in investing in their lives and their futures

Today we ask for your support to help us expand and sustain the project – We ask for a long term commitment, a commitment to be with us when a child of five enters our school and finally graduates through your help.

Through this platform, we don’t ask for your donation, we ask for your lifelong commitment

Mar 24, 2014

It's almost that time of the year again

Across the globe, Eid-ul-Fitr is a time of celeberation, family, friends, clothes and food. After a month of fasting in Ramazon, this joyous occasions reminds us that life is a struggle for many around us but on this day we can come together celeberate what the world has to offer.

We, at Fatima Memorial Hospital have an outreach program through which the hopsital runs the NUR Foundation Schools where almost 1850 boys and girls study today. These children come from impoverished backgrounds with big dreams looking towards a brighter future.

It is ensured that each child receives a new set of books and a complete uniform at the start of the year so there is no hurdle in the education each child gets at the school.

These children face the harsh realities of the world where even the smallest of wishes are not fullfilled; their needs, their desires are all kept hidden in the deep recess of there minds knowing that we can not have or can not want.

This does not dampen their spirit nor their motivation to learn or their joie de vivre. This motivates everyone who is part of the program to do more and help them secure a better future.

It is during these festive seasons that we want to provide each one of these a new set of clothes to enjoy Eid with their friends and family. Eid will be with us soon and your donation today will help us generate enough funds for this project.

Help us make them smile as nothing is more precious than a child’s innocent smile.

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