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Jul 11, 2014

Supporting the needs of our children

Incidents and disasters are the part of this world and are unplanned and unknown to everyone. In the past few years, we have faced typhoons, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, blasts and the tragedies of war. These calamities take away lives, homes, livelihood affecting the poorest of them all who do not have the capacity to rebuild.

Similarly, in 2010 one of worst flood in the history of the country hit the population specially in South Punjab. The deluge took away everything and for some there was nothing left except memories. Lives and everything that was held dear the water took away leaving the population with despair.

Life is being rebuilt steadily but slowly and basic necessities such as food health services and education are now being provided in the area,

After that damage assessment Fatima Memorial Hospital opened a school in Habit Mastui, District Dera Ghazi Khan in Southern Punjab to educate the children affected by the flood.

Today after four years, the school continues to provide an education to ensure a future that is brighter removed from the effects of hardships, pain these children have faced at such an early age.

This is the generation who will become productive members of society and take Pakistan forward. .

We need your continued support our vision to educate our children.

Through this platform, we don’t ask for your donation, we ask for your lifelong commitment

Jul 7, 2014

Eid Ul Fitr: A time for happiness

The students
The students

Eid-ul- Fitr is a Muslims celebration day that comes after holy month of fasting Ramadan. Muslims enjoy the blessings of Eid-ul-Fitr where after the 29 or 30 days of fasting. On this occasion Muslims share their happiness and joy with their friends and families. People wear new clothes, eat food after a moth of fasting and gave Eid gifts to children and their families. Besides that we don’t forget those who cannot buy new clothes for the Eid due to poor financial conditions. Eid brings the message of joy, love and happiness with your Muslim brother and sisters. At this auspicious moment everyone wants to have new clothes and get together.

We at Fatima Memorial hospital have an outreach program through which the hospital is running NUR Foundation schools where almost 1850 students are studying today. These students are from impoverished backgrounds where the concept of new cloths does not exist and they have to wear the old used clothes.

During this festive moment of Eid the student of our schools we like to gift  a new set of clothes as they have been wearing hand me downs the whole year.

Eid will be with us soon and your donations will help us to spread happiness among these children.

Jul 7, 2014

It's that time of the week again!

Lunch meals at the Gajjumatta School
Lunch meals at the Gajjumatta School

There are no words to stress on the importance of a proper diet when children are growing up.

However, while we go on with our daily lives, we tend to overlook the plight of many who can’t even afford a decent meal.

Fatima Memorial Hospital has been running the NUR Foundation Schools through its community outreach program in the outskirts of Lahore and in Southern Punjab. Currently, there are 1850 students studying in the NUR Foundation schools who come from impoverished backgrounds and their parents can’t even afford basic necessities of life and education becomes a Secondary concern.

The schools make it a point to provide a new set of uniform each year along with books so a child continuously studies. Recently a program to provide lunch meals weekly was initiated for not only their nutritional growth but also for them to come together each week and feel a sense of companionship, boast morale and give them the strength to move forward together.

Seeing that twinkle in their eyes, their smiles is more than enough reason to continue with the program but we need your support and as it grows we hope to provide these children lunch meals on a daily basis.

Please donate generously and keep them smiling.

80 children enjoyed Mutton Korma and Naan
80 children enjoyed Mutton Korma and Naan
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