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Calicanto is a community based organization dedicated to safeguarding the historic and human heritage of Panama City's inner city historic district through social, educational, cultural, and conservation programs and initiatives.
Sep 25, 2013

Enlaces children display their great talent!

Jose (right), 13, in Hansel and Gretel
Jose (right), 13, in Hansel and Gretel

 These past few months have been full of exposure for our kids in Enlaces. From August 14th to August 17th, two of our best students were part of the cast of the show “Hansel & Gretel”, directed by the renowned Spanish choreographer Fernando Hurtado. Eight performances in Panama City’s National Theatre showed the public and us that our kids are ready to show the world what they love to do, and they do it marvelously!

 Also, at the end of August, the kids of Enlaces had their “End of term” presentation in our premises, with a full house. The program consisted of a 15 minute play, two ballet demonstrations and three contemporary dance pieces, that they had been working with their teachers for the last three months.

 As much as they enjoy the process of creation and execution, showing their work and their efforts is as important for us as for our little artists. It is an opportunity for the community, their families and their peers to get involved in their work and provide feedback, recognition and bonding that reinforce their talent and self-expression. 

Joameth, in the front in Hansel and Gretel
Joameth, in the front in Hansel and Gretel
Acting as toys during their play
Acting as toys during their play
Ballet barre demonstration
Ballet barre demonstration
Contemporary dance piece
Contemporary dance piece
Jul 18, 2013

"What I Want For My Children" Yajaira Quiroz

CAPTA friends,

Over the last few weeks one of the assignments given to the CAPTA students was to write a personal evaluation of themselves.  In an overall period of four hours the students were able to write what their actual situation was and who they thought they were. The purpose of this exercise was to help the students develop a picture of who they really are and who they can be. Most of the women in CAPTA are victims of domestic violence and have low-levels of education so this exercise is extremely important for self-exploration and goal setting.

The following self-evaluation written by Yajaira Quinoz, shows her thoughts of who she is and what she wants to be, at the end of her piece she makes a short list of her life goals.


My current situation:

Personally, I am like any other mother struggling with the kids, trying to make sure they grow up in a good place. The place I live in currently is not all bad but can have various unfriendly consequences if you’re not careful.  In my household, there is only one income and as we all know, everything is getting more expensive and its hard to maintain a family of 5 with a minimum wage salary. I feel obliged to find a path that will take my family to another level.

My Personality:

I am aware that not everyone likes me. Of course, I’m not a sweetheart, but that doesn’t hinder the amount of qualities I know I have; I am a very responsible person, I make sure that everything I do was done the best as possible, I am and learned to become more social here at Calicanto, and like to make friends with people who share different opinions than me. I’m a very joyful person, and it’s not easy for anyone to upset me. I have a strong character but it still doesn’t change the fact that I am very loving in my own way. 

Who am I?

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been discovering who I truly am.  I realized that I can be better, and change not just for me, but also for my family. That is why I want to be much more than what I’ve been until today.

Today, I learned today how strong I am as a person and I know I want to be the best example my kids will ever have.

My goals:

To own a home

Education for my children

Yajaira Quiroz


*It is important to note that the next 2 hours of the course, which will be taught in up coming weeks, will allow her to develop her goals and add more context to what she plans to do after CAPTA training. 

Jul 10, 2013

Merging to Parent Projects CAPTA and ENLACES


Dear friend,

Fundacion Calicanto has recently decided to merge the CONEXION project into the two parent projects CAPTA and ENLACES. Conexion was originally formed after realizing the need to provide follow up educational activities to our beneficiaries and their extended families.  We have taken this to heart and thus decided to merge this initiative and officially make it part of the existing projects.

We believe that this will help our donors and followers recognize that follow up services are priorities that need to be included within the main projects.

I would personally like to thank you because from the very beginning you saw the importance of providing follow up services to our beneficiaries, you helped us get this initiative off the ground and made it possible for us to see that including these services within the main projects was necessary.  Now, I encourage you to continue to follow us through CAPTA and ENLACES.

CAPTA changes women's lives by providing basic life skills; higher self-esteem and technical job training that helps them find employment and lift out of poverty.

ENLACES works with children in social risk, using contemporary dance as a tool for change; along with theater and art workshops, academic tutoring, and psychological support.

Please continue to support our work through these two projects and thank you again for supporting our initiatives.

If you have any questions please contact me at:



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