Sitawi's mission is to develop financial infrastructure for the social sector in Brazil. We believe that adequate funding and effective counseling strengthen social organizations and increase their impact on the causes and beneficiaries. In the long run, the more resources - in volume and forms - available to the social sector, the more encouragement social leaders have to develop more innovative and sustainable models with greater impact. And sooner we will build a better country.
Jul 7, 2014

Finance for Good in 2014 or 3 months in 3 minutes

Hello from SITAWI! Find out our latest news from the second quarter and priorities for the coming months.

More than 100 thousand people impacted. 20 projects in 15 organizations and social businesses. R$ 3.2 million disbursed to high impact organizations.  

2014 continues to be full of good news! We shared more knowledge through articles, studies, and lectures on Finance for Good. Get in touch with us to know how we can work together!

Google Challenge: Winners receive initial direction and orientation from SITAWI

After awarding Brazilian ONGs with 7 million Reais, Google´s Social Impact Challenge will stimulate the success of the entities awarded by the competition. The competition invited Brazilian non-profits to propose high impact projects using technology. SITAWI is going to train and orient the 10 project finalists, working over the next 6 months in conjunction with CRIA (Reference Center on Environmental Information) and with Google professionals.

Now available – our previously unpublished study ranking social and environmental controversies surrounding Brazilian companies  

SITAWI´s study of social and environmental controversies is available on our site for download in English and Portuguese. The study analyzes 75 Brazilian companies (in the MSCI Brazil index) focusing on environmental, social, and governance themes (ESG) in 2013, and their relative degrees of severity, ordered from low (minimal negative impact) to severe (large intensity negative impact), and very severe (violations with substantial risk, such as conditions analogous to slave labor).




Our director Gustavo Pimentel published the articleIs it possible to give human capital a valuation?” in the April issue of the magazine Ideia Sustentável. Gustavo included in the list of intangibles the quality of human capital and its best practices. In the field of sustainability, there is no lack of hypotheses about the relationship between social and environmental performance and economic success among companies: it is difficult to prove in practice that sustainability reduces costs, opens up new markets, improves access to capital, and attracts and retrains talent. At the same time, SITAWI´s experience analyzing Brazilian companies points to some potential paths towards doing so.


Climate Change, the World Cup, and Real Estate Speculation

The article Climate Change, the World Cup, and Real Estate Speculation by our consultant Fred Seifert was published in the 84th edition of FGV/GVces´ (The Center for Sustainable Studies at Fundação Getulio Vargas) magazine Página 22. On the subject of climate change, the World Cup, and real estate speculation, Seifert discusses the discount rate, its insufficiency at addressing social and environmental questions and the impact of these concepts on the individual´s intertemporal choices and the subsequent opportunity cost on consumer decision-making processes. Read the article, which was published on the portal Mercado Ético.



On the Agenda

  • The Executive Director of the Social Finance Task Force in Brazil will count with the support of SITAWI
  • SITAWI´s expertise will be exported to Afghanistan: we will support Afghan banks that lend to small business in the development of investment management systems in their incorporation of social and environmental risks.
  • SITAWI is a strategic partner of the Ethos Sustainable Business project.
  • We will be participating in the September Global Opportunity Panel and Ethos Conference 2014.



In the Media

Jornal Folha de São Paulo

The role of SITAWI in Google´s Social Impact challenge was divulged in Monica Bergamo´s column in the newspaper Folha de São Paulo.

Valor Econômico

The one page report in the newspaper Valor Econômico discusses new evidence about the value that the practice of social and environmental investment management can generate for businesses. SITAWI´s study about controversial social and environmental corporate behaviors was a hit, featuring metrics anticipating which companies will have more problems than others in the future. Investors have monitored corporate behavior to detect future social and environmentally impactful events.

SEBRAE´s Business Marathon

It was recorded on video -- the SEBRAE Business Marathon that took place in Rio de Janeiro in November 2013! The successful initiative involved capacity building for 52 high potential social entrepreneurs. Get to know and share the experiences at the Marathon, which received support from SITAWI in its conceptualization and manifestation.



Finance for Good at TEDx Liberdade

TEDx Liberdade took place in April at the Cine Joia in São Paulo and had the objective of showing the power of people who work together for the common good. Our CEO, Leonardo Letelier, was one of the presenters where he told his story of engagement in the Social Sector and pioneering Finance for Good in Brazil.   

Finance for Good at Move Rio

In May in Rio de Janeiro, Finance for Good was the theme of the Lecture Series Move Rio. Leonardo presented the campaign of “Give More, Give Better” and explained how SITAWI works.

Sustainable Brands Rio 2014

Leonardo Letelier was a panelist at the Thematic Lecture Reimagine (Driven by the ecosystem of social businesses) and Gustavo Pimentel at the Redesenhe (New metrics for business valuation) of SBRio 14 that had institutional support from SITAWI. Gustavo also participated on the jury of the Innovation Open (a start-up competition of sustainable solutions) and on the advisory board that defined the programming.  


EFFAS/Apimec Conference

SITAWI took the study on the importance to stakeholders of social and environmental issues in Brazil to the EFFAS/Apimec conference. Gustavo Pimentel presented and moderated the last panel with investment professionals.      

Responsible Investor Conference Europe 2014

At the Responsible Investor Europe 2014 Conference, SITAWI was the only Latin American organization on the panel. Our director, Gustavo Pimentel, participated in the meeting that brought together 450 investment professionals in London, representing large pension funds, insurance companies, asset managers and investment banks. SITAWI presented on the trends in ESG research in emerging markets.

Classes on Social Loans, Fundraising and the Social Sector

Renata Linhares, our Fundraising Manager, and Rob Packer, our Fund and Social Loan manager, lectured at a special course at the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). They shared their knowledge with the students of the Masters of Business Engineering program on the social responsibility of the social sector and the economics of sustainable investment management.  

Classes at ESPM/Yunus

Gustavo Pimentel administered a finance module for a Yunus ESPM Social Business Centre course, the first academic center for Social Businesses in the Southern hemisphere. The core purpose is to stimulate reflection on business models and the relationship between the developing social and economic sectors.


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Mar 31, 2014

Finance for Good in 2014 or "3 months in 3 minutes

Hello from SITAWI! Find out our latest news from the first quarter and priorities for the coming months.

2014 began with a running start: we published articles and studies, gave talks at well-known forums and are supporting important events for the sector. How about sharing some of our enthusiasm!


Give More, Give Better!

On March 24, SITAWI launched the campaign Doe Mais, Doe Melhor (Give More, Give Better!) to show how donations can contribute to building a better Brazil. The campaign brings together stories from donors to bring about a profound change in the Brazilian social sector. Find out more, tell you friends, take part. Tell your own story as a donor and inspire others!


SITAWI’s growing impact

Throughout 2013, SITAWI significantly multiplied its impact. We invested R$1.5 million in 8 organizations, benefiting more than 110,000 people. Cumulatively, this result was a great leap compared with last year: 142,000 people have now benefited, R$ 3.2 million has been invested in the social sector, and 17 social and environmental initiatives supported. Of course, your support was fundamental in us achieving this result. Thank you!


Social Sector Mergers

SITAWI launched its study on Mergers and Other Structured Long-Term Collaborations at the 8th GIFE Conference. Collaborations are not just a response to the lack of available resources, but also an opportunity to increase organizations’ impact through improved knowledge, stronger brands and better infrastructure. SITAWI is creating a group to further this idea in Brazil and is currently looking for interested actors. To read the study, click here:


Water: is the right price enough?

“There are growing worries about the availability of water in the coming decades. One of the proposed solutions is to price water resources, which could lead to significant costs for various industrial sectors. But will a purely economic solution prove the definitive one?” Projections of the future of water and its implications for industry are the subject of an article by our consultant, Fred Seifert, published on the site Ideia Sustentável. Follow the link and read it here:


Sustainable Brands Rio 2014

Sustainable Brands is a global learning community on the role of brands to build a better future. The Brazilian event, organized by Report Sustentabilidade, will be held in Rio de Janeiro on April 24 and 25, with the support of SITAWI: Leonardo Letelier and Gustavo Pimentel will give talks and judge the Innovation Open competition, which will choose the startup that is most innovative in resolving social-environmental challenges. Use the hashtag #SBRIO14 to keep up-to-date. Registration is open until 31/03:


Social Finance Forum

The Forum for Social Finance and Impact Businesses will take place on May 6 and 7 in São Paulo and will create a space to debate the issues, share experiences and identify challenges and opportunities, to stimulate new ways of thinking about investments that create social impact in Brazil. SITAWI is supporting the forum, which will bring together national and international thought leaders in this new sector. Find out more here:


SITAWI at the EY Sustainable Entrepreneur Prize

“This is more confirmation that we are on the right track and the challenge now is to grow the organization and our impact” was how Gustavo Pimentel described his and SITAWI’s nomination for the category ‘Sustainable Entrepreneur’ at the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Visit the site about the prize here:


Entering in Climate

To encourage institutional investors to invest in environmentally responsible companies, SITAWI spoke at a workshop organized by CDP Investimentos Responsáveis in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo in March: how to maximize results by analyzing climate change management. The talks given by Gustavo Pimentel on valuing the impact of climate change on Brazilian companies were attended by pension funds, which manage hundreds of billions of reais.


Multiplying Impact

"From the perspective of social impact, not all investments are born equal. If on one side, traditional philanthropy in Brazil leaves a lot to be desired in terms of volume and impact; on the other, investments to maximize profits don’t seem to satisfy all society’s needs.” This was the subject of an Open Class by our CEO Leonardo Letelier at the Casa do Saber, in January in Rio. The seminar was sold out and the group analyzed measures to multiply impact, including concepts, such as venture philanthropy, social loans, impact investing and how each of them apply to the Brazilian context.


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Jan 2, 2014

Hello, thanks! Hope you inspire others.

Finance for Good
Finance for Good's presented at CGI

Hello from SITAWI. Thanks a lot for your support! May your generosity inspire others in 2014.

SITAWI’s Financial Solutions: an exemplary approach to global change - SITAWI was invited to take part at the Clinton Global Initiative Latin America (CGI) meeting, which took place in Rio de Janeiro from December 8-10th. At the high-profile event, Leonardo Letelier presented Finance for Good’s work in transforming the social sector in Brazil. In 2010, SITAWI signed its first commitment with CGI to invest $1.5 million in the Brazilian social sector, which was completed in 2013. This renewed commitment will invest an additional $3.5 million by 2016, impacting 100,000 people.


“Let’s make SITAWI an even more effective instrument to transform even more lives” - With this phrase, SITAWI’s CEO Leonardo Letelier summed up the future for the nonprofit that pioneered financial solutions for social impact in Brazil. As well as an ambition, it is also an invitation to commitment and was presented at the end-of-year dinner for board members and both current and future supporters. The meeting was attended by Armínio Fraga, former president of the Central Bank of Brazil and Finance for Good enthusiast, who believes that “with high standards of excellence and efficiency, civil society will be able to achieve greater results”. The impact generated by SITAWI was shown by Roberto Kikawa who presented the results of Project CIES: more than 100,000 high-quality medical checkups for vulnerable Brazilians.


SITAWI highlighted in RI magazine - Finance for Good was featured in the October edition of the brazilian magazine Relação com Investidores (Investor Relations). The article, published in the section Sustainable Finance, covered SITAWI’s activities and services, looking at the concept of the social loan, high social impact projects, innovation, responsible investing, new business models, and social, environmental and governance issues.


Fairer trade in Amazonia - The Yanomami tribe in the Brazilian Amazon had an order to 3000 handicrafts for a large retail chain. With a social loan for R$60,000, SITAWI allowed the tribe to complete the order, by providing the necessary capital to a partnership between Solidarium and the program Pró-Arte, of Associação Pró-Amazônia, which promotes the appreciation of the Yanomami culture within the community, and fair trade for their handicrafts. A client of SITAWI since 2009, Solidarium brings together artisans from all over Brazil and allows groups of artisans to improve their organizational skills and increase their incomes.

Fairer trade in Amazonia
Fairer trade in Amazonia
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