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Mission The Corcovado Foundation is a key player in the strengthening of the protected wild areas, the promotion of environmental education, sustainable tourism and community participation throughout the sustainable use of the natural resources in the South Pacific area of Costa Rica.
Jan 24, 2014

Donations desperately needed!

Local kids ready to perform at the Turtle Festival
Local kids ready to perform at the Turtle Festival

Greetings and a very happy new year from the Corcovado Foundation!


The Sea Turtle Program has been offered a wonderful opportunity to give a presentation at the Annual Symposium on Sea Turtle Biology and Conservation in New Orleans in April! This is a perfect moment to share our experiences, successes and struggles of the last eight years of working with the community of Drake Bay, as the Foundation prepares to hand over the conservation project to local control in 2014. The program has only once before presented at this prestigious international event, in 2010, when Research Assistant Alison Le-Garec gave a seminar in front of the world’s sea turtle experts in Goa, India, about the creation of the local association in the village of El Progreso. Now, four years on, and many stormy night patrols and training workshops later, the same association aims to manage the project for themselves in 2014. The path was not easy, and the dissemination of the lessons learned from this endeavor will be of great value to those wishing to adopt a similar model and empower other poor communities around the world.


Unfortunately, there is presently no funding for the Corcovado Foundation turtle program in 2014, and we must appeal to the selfless generosity of private donors to turn this opportunity into a reality. We must raise USD $1000 before the end of March in order for the Program Coordinator to be able to present the seminar at the symposium in New Orleans. If you wish to see other conservation programs around the world to emulate the community-led model that we have pursued in Drake Bay, please make a donation of whatever you can spare to allow us to share our experience. Thank you so much for your kind generosity at this important moment!


The Team

Jan 10, 2014

They have a dream!

They have a dream! They dream to work to provide for their families, they dream to have good drinking water. Many years ago before the foundation had any projects in the sleepy town of El Progreso, I was stranded there. The river in my way was impossible to cross, it was a rainy afternoon and I could see the people on the other side discussing their options… To risk it and try to cross it by foot, to wait for the water to subside… What to do? I could see preschoolers and their mothers turning back to undo the footsteps they had just covered. I could see students from highschool measuring the height of the river… “Don’t do it kid!” I wanted to tell them.

The Drake Bay river often stands in the path of visitors that drive or fly from San José to the tourist town of Drake Bay. I turned the car in search for food or shelter… maybe a toilet? Nothing! There wasn’t a single place where I could weather the storm. The Morpho Group has a dream and a fantastic idea: the people stranded on the Progreso side of the river need a place to eat and take a break. If they had the money they could open a restaurant! I couldn’t agree more!

The Morpho Women Group are 5 young women, with very few economical resources, that have had to cross this river thru their waist twice a day, leaving behind their children for their mothers to take care. This project will provide them with well-earned income and will prevent them from having to cross the river, leaving their town and walking 3 miles in search of work. The project also has a good market niche: hundreds of tourist and visitors that at one time or another have been caught on the wrong side of the river.

This project will be a reality, thanks to the donations generated thru Globalgiving. A couple of years ago, we had a donor who challenged us… She would donate $30,000 USD for community projects if we could raise $30,000 more. In the last two years we raised money thru Globalgiving $2600 USD and $3000 USD from fundraising efforts… The IAF doubled the money and this year $12,000 were distributed among local people.

El Progreso as many communities in rural Costa Rica has been neglected by the Costa Rican government: limited resources for education and health put these communities in great need, therefore we are supporting a group committed to build the water system for El Progreso. Another great problem! For years the people in El Progreso has had to build wells that provide insufficient amounts of water of questionable quality.

A group of local people of El Progreso, decided to stop waiting for the government to fix their problem, and has decided to take it in their hands and be part of the solution. 4 projects will receive $12,000 USD from the foundation to improve their quality of living and improving their capacity to generate income. We strive to relieve poverty in local communities in order to diminish their impact on their environment. The Corcovado Foundation does not charge a single dollar in order to administer this funding, furthermore every donation that you make is match 1 to 1 by the Interamerican Foundation. The communities are also motivated to put their part. They will need to pitch in to develop their project: their hard work and their sweat.

Nov 14, 2013

Allan Jimenez and his Village of Santa Juana, Cost

Allan's Family in Santa Juana

The Village of Santa Juana is a sleepy little town in the midst of the mountains of Aguirre overlooking the famous national park and beaches of Manuel Antonio, 30 km from the mountain ridge of Fila Chonta.  A beautiful area, however Allan Jimenez started to contemplate the need of moving away to find a job.   He needed to provide for his family and there was no work to be found in Santa Juana, he was only 19, living with his mother and brother. His father left to seek employment elsewhere when he was young.

The Rural Tourism Project started by Greentique Hotel was a life savior!  This project has been the only source of employment in this area for a really long time.  This was a great opportunity for Allan and other people in the community to avoid migrating in search of income to sustain their families. Unfortunately work is not the only need of this community:  Water supply is limited, until a few years ago there was no electricity, roads are in bad condition, health treatments are scarce and the school has very limited supplies.  

Having a job is a great motivation for Allan, his opportunity  to stay with his family.  Over the last 7 years Allan has become a local inspiration by his level of productivity and his positive spirit and comradeship with his fellow workers and the rest of his community. Allan recently became the proud father of healthy baby girl. He has been able to convey that growing pride of his new family, of his community, and the mission of the conservation program to hundreds of visitors.

Allan as the rest of his community dream with opportunities to improve their lives.   They don’t want to leave their
families.  They don’t want to add to the thousands of Costarricans that have had to migrate in order to support their
families.  They don’t want their families disintegrated.  

Funding for this project will impact their community in a great way. More supplies and desks for the school, a better more hygienic examination room for the doctors to treat patients, better tubing for the water system and more opportunities for their children.  They dream to attract new families to their community, more population means new micro businesses,  more government support and better schools.   By donating through Globalgiving you will be helping this community to stay alive, unlike other nearby towns that have disappeared.

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