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Our Mission The Personal Energy Transportation (PET) Project's mission is to provide appropriate mobility for all of God's children in need. We seek to provide mobility first for those in greatest need and with the least resources in poor or underdeveloped countries. PETs are built for use in rough, rural areas where a standard wheelchair won't work or last.
Apr 17, 2014

More Children Will Get to School in Sierra Leone

Child PET goes to Man in Guatemala
Child PET goes to Man in Guatemala

We are so grateful for our supporters who made three more shipments of child PETs possible in the past two months.  The most recent one was 56 child PETs to Lunsar, Sierra Leone in March.  Their proposal was to incorporate more children into school.  They asked us to supply mobility and others to provide school supplies and assistance with importation and processing through customs.  We worked with them for months, built the PETs and waited for them to have all items addressed and ready for shipment. 

In February, we sent 60 child PETs on a resupply to Orphan Grain Train in NE for their worldwide work.  In addition, we sent 30 child PETs on another resupply shipment to MedShare in GA for their worldwide work.  In March MedShare sent us this report:

“Jacob Lee Stewart, C Squad 3rd Gen gives a PET (Personal Transport) cart to a happy recipient at the Agape In Action (AIA) dorm in Quiche, Guatemala. The World Race put together 10 of these PETs and searched out those in need in the local town square and market. A picture is worth a thousand words!

AMANDA PANIAGUA, SHIPMENTS MANAGER | MEDSHARE in GA”  (We have partnered with MedShare for 5 years.  Agape in Action is a medical missions organization working to serve the indigenous Mayans of the Quiche province who would otherwise go without care.  The small man in the above picture received a child size PET made in Columbia, MO.)

Thank you for partnering with us to provide appropriate mobility.

Jan 16, 2014

More Child PETs Ship Out

Here is a list of Child PET shipments in the last quarter:

November 2013 #30 to World Medical Missions in NC under Samartan's Purse.

November 2013 #100 to Indonesia via Christian Broadcast Network.

November 2013 #20 to Philippines thru Universal Heart in IN.

December 2013 #60 to Vietnam via Christian Broadcast Network.

Even though this GG project is to raise funds for child crank PETs, our shop produces three versions (child, Pull and adult).  Any of these can go to children of various sizes and disabilities. In 2014 we are continuing our increased production of child crank PETs.  A majority of units each week will be child.  On Tuesday we packed 29 child and 7 Pull PETs.

We would appreciate your partnership to be able to assemble, box and ship more Child PETs around the world to leg handicapped children. 

Oct 15, 2013

Abandoned Kenyan Children Receive Mobility

Kenyan Abandoned Children Receive Mobiltiy Aug2013
Kenyan Abandoned Children Receive Mobiltiy Aug2013

A lot has happened in the last quarter including receiving great pictures of children receiving PETs in Kenya.  We have ramped up child PET production to 15 a week.  In September a MO family drove a truck and trailer to OH to pick up #465 steel, rear frames painted and ready to use in assembly from volunteers there.   It's a 2 day trip.  We cover travel expense and they donate their time.

August email report (Notice 2 blue,
child PETs in picture made at our shop.):

“These are all abandoned
children.  These were taken by Dr. Doris
Phillips at Kisoto where all the children have mobility disorders, Cerebral
Palsy, Hydrocephalus and convulsive disorders.  In addition to the carts,
we left them with medications to prevent seizures and worms.  This is in a
tiny remote area. There is another school for older children with similar
mobility issues.

Emely Silver, Executive Director, American Friends of Kenya”

July 2013 shipped 20 child PETs for Lions Club Dist 324 B4 in India.

August 2013 shipped 20 child PETs to MedShare in GA for their worldwide shipments.

August 2013 shipped 40 child PETs to Gleaning for the World for their worldwide shipments.

September 2013 shipped 10 child PETs for the Dominican Republic.

October 2013 we plan to ship 20 child PETs Phillippines thru Universal Heart, first time partner.

At $250 each to buy the off the shelf supplies, run the warehouse and pay for shipping, it takes a lot of funding to make these shipments become a reality.  With more gifts, we could build more to meet demand.  Thank you for all your generosity and care for those children who need mobility around the world.


Kathy Maynard, PET MO-Columbia



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