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Founded in 1996, The Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation donates new and refurbished musical instruments to underserved schools nationwide, in an effort to give youngsters the many benefits of music education, help them to be better students and inspire creativity and expression through playing music.
Nov 19, 2010

A Note of Thanks

White Cloud Jr. High Student
White Cloud Jr. High Student


What we do is only possible because of you. We wish you a very happy holiday season and we thank you for keeping music alive for our children.

Below is a message from a student thanking The Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation for giving her the opportunity to learn how to play an instrument.

Dear Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation,

My name is Kyla Maring, from White Cloud 6th grade band. I haven't had an instrument in 2 months, and I went up to my teacher, and she handed me this amazing clarinet. I'm so happy that you are kind enough to donate an instrument to me. I was so excited to begin to learn the clarinet, but I wasn't able to have that chance without a clarinet. But I have to thank you so much for donating this clarinet to me.


6th Grade Student, Kyla, White Cloud Jr. High, White Cloud, MI

Below, a music teacher thanks The Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation for enabling her music program to grow.

I am so pleased with what my students have gained from having these instruments. The instruments are all in good shape and because we have so many instruments now I can take on more students than ever and even though 25 of my students moved up to middle school I still went from having 120 students to having over 150 now!

Laura Dean, Music Teacher, Chester Park Elementary School of the Arts, Chester, SC

Keep music alive for many youngsters this holiday season and send a beautiful card to your family, friends and colleagues.


Chester Park Elem Students
Chester Park Elem Students
Aug 4, 2010

A Year of Impact


In the 2009/2010 fiscal year The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation awarded 1,077 musical instruments valued at $2,124,058 to 83 music programs nationwide, serving 11,394 students. Additionally, MHOF donated 171 musical instruments worth $250,866 to 10 schools affected by Hurricane Katrina, serving 3,188 students. These instruments, over their lifetime, will continue to keep music alive for generations of students.

Below a first-time donor shares her story with us.

This morning I mailed my son's clarinet with the prayer that it be used to introduce another child to the wonder of creating music.

A victim of the current economic downturn, I found myself unemployed. I am blessed to have secured another job quickly, but this change also requires considerable downsizing! While acknowledging this terribly difficult process, my children keep reminding me that this is only "stuff". They are so right! I treasure the memories made with all my "stuff", but I realize that there is another path for my life and will follow where I am led.

My son played this clarinet in both middle and high schools. It has traveled the country with an award-winning high school marching band, played for presidents and Mickey Mouse, from the Orange Bowl to Disneyland, as well as countless competitions and half-time shows. While my son no longer plays this musical instrument, our wish is that another child will experience the joy of creating music and that another mother will also treasure musical memories!

Thank you for the opportunity to share this clarinet with another budding musician.

Sally Samuel, Winter Park, FL

Below is a message from a band director thanking The Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation for the instruments donated to her school.

I wish you could have been here to see the arrival and opening of the instruments! The principal came running to find me, saying a huge FedEx truck was here with something from MHOF, picking up students as he came. When we saw that the first delivery was from the Yamaha company, we couldn't get those boxes in the school fast enough. One boy said "This is just like Christmas, only better." And it didn't matter who was going to get the privilege of playing the instruments - our kids just felt proud and thrilled that someone cared enough about them to provide these instruments for their band.

Jessie, the young man who is playing the double French horn said he had only had one better day in his whole life, and that was the day he received a guitar. Our high school band sounded richer and fuller immediately upon using the 4-valve tuba, the double horn and the new trumpet. Even the students could hear the difference. Then came the abundance of other instruments! Most of these have been assigned to high school players, but 2 clarinets and an open-hole flute have gone to members of the middle school band. My first chair flute in the high school band has been waiting 2 years, trying to save for an open-hole flute. When we saw the reconditioned Gemeinhardt, with a low Bb foot joint no less, I cried and she didn't stop smiling for the whole day. She takes that home every night and practices, learning new notes that weren't playable on her student flute.

I also have the privilege of seeing many students who were "fighting" with their instruments because they were in such bad shape achieve music never possible before. Now they can play music appropriate to their age and experience and sound great at the same time! These students truly deserve these instruments; it's fulfilling for me that you have recognized that fact.

I have received so many notes and comments from community members and other Walkerville students who aren't in the band, expressing their pride in our bands and our school. We so need that! Thank you for providing the impetus for that pride.

You are doing fantastic work there! Please let me encourage you. You're changing many lives in many ways you don't even realize. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Patricia Root, Band Director, Walkerville Elementary, Walkerville, MI

To read more stories from people across the country touched by music, follow the link below.

We couldn't do it without you!


May 13, 2010

MHOF Update

The support and generosity that you showed to the foundation over the past year has resulted in hundreds of instruments flooding into nearly 100 schools across the country. Thousands of students will play them and discover a part of themselves that can only be experienced through music. Thank you all for caring and for giving kids an opportunity that will affect their entire lives. The work continues and we ask that you continue to work with us by donating what you can. The window is brief and all kids deserve a change to play music in school. The following is a quote from a principal expressing the importance of MHOF’s work: “Adrianna wanted to be in band but since her family couldn’t afford a flute, and no flutes were available at our school, she didn’t take band this year. Because of your wonderful donation, our band teacher was able to call Adrianna and tell her the great news that ten flutes had been donated. Band had already been in session for three months but Adrianna did not care. She took a DVD home and practiced and practiced. When she came to class, Ms. Livings had to admit that Adrianna’s flute playing was superb! Other students commented as well, 'Adrianna, your flute playing sounds awesome!' Yes, your program has truly given Adrianna and many other students an opportunity that they would not have had.” Principal, Phoenix AZ The following quote is from a music teacher thanking MHOF for the instruments that were donated to his school: "Thank you very much for incredible gift. These instruments allow for students who can't afford to rent/buy an instrument, to be a part of something great! My students cheered for what seemed like an hour when I told them the news. There's a buzz running through the whole school. Thank you again, and thank you for all you do for Music Education!!!!" Music Teacher, Kissimmee FL Please follow the attached link and watch a student documentary about The Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation by Amy Belling. Let us know what you think.


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