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Mission is :Fight against violence and the protecttion of human rights Goal : - to act for peace, reconciliation and pacific coexistence of tribes and people by fighting against violence - to promote the people's welfare by education, health and nature preservation programs - to fight against people's poverty by sustaining income generation activities - to promote and intensify the women participation in the development and support children rights
Jan 8, 2013

We raise the walls (continued)

We continue to raise the walls of our first block. The work is progressively going on.  But, since last september even today the dairly incessant rains disrupt the smooth rhythm of work. We're satisfied with our bricklayers which erects the viable walls. Soon, this block will be finished.

We're satisfied again  to see some parents of students brought meals to the bricklayers when they were working. That is a good action of solidarity.

Mrs Masoka Riziki, a mother of one among  our pupils (called Wiven Riziki studying in 4th form), said : "Becu bange tule mowateleca oyeto mboo ilusha byaulya anga tule nabyo ni etunda matofali ielecha bafundi" (kibembe language spoken in Fizi Territory) that mean in English "We are also proud to contribute by bringing food to our bricklayers if we found it and to move bricks so that our school ends quickly"

We deeply thank our donors who have continued to support us during the dark nights of war in our country (DR Congo). Violence, rape and children enlistment must stop. The DR Congo needs school that teaches nonviolence from the young age in order to have a leadership of nonviolence.

Many thanks to our donors for this giant step we reached for building this pioneering school of nonviolence in DR Congo. Could you give us some suggestions to advance our activities ? Be blessed.


Oct 9, 2012

We raise the walls.

After building the foundation on the ground  (100 m x 100 m) given by the local authorities and  buying (purchasing) building materials at Uvira , we carried them up to 200 km on our project site at Kazimia where we begin to raise the walls for the first block of six classrooms.

This is one of the essential and tough activities of the project.  After solidifying the foundation, it means now to range and make hard the walls on which the roof will lie.

Our building experts are conscious and our school children are happy. They test the wall strength by standing up on walls (Refer to photos sent).

We recognize that reaching that stage is a major.

Mrs Anjela Kitungano  (a  mother of our pupil studying in 5th form called Gracia Samson) is conscious by saying  “Bene bene mayengo male mokelelesha mbele” ( kibembe language spoken at Kazimia) that means in English “Surely, the wok is going ahead”.

While raising the walls, we continue to buy materials and send them to Kazimia.

We sincerely thank our different  donors throughout the world who allowed us to reach this stage.The Kazimia local community and its surroundings (35 000 inhabitants) are proud of that.  Our children who suffered a lot from war are the primary beneficiaries of that generous donation.Our mature donors, be proud of sowing grains of welfare  to one of the poorest people of the world and living in hardships.

Certainly, it’s an important step that will go through together but the way (work) is still long.Is there any idea, suggestion, that can help improve our activities ? If  Yes, they are welcome.


Jul 5, 2012

The bricks have arrived!

Progress of our project

The bricks have arrived at Kazimia and stored at the school under construction.


Story of beneficiary

SANGO Marie (A resident of Katondje, Kazimia)

"Mwakole manga, Mleci wetu" (kibembe language spoken at  Kazimia) ; it means

"Courage, our Mleci"



20,000 bricks are ready to erect the walls of our first block. On bricks arrival at Kazimia , an immense and extraordinary joy erupted in the village ! The Kazimia population  transported , itself, the bricks from the port of arrival to  School  site !



Thank you, to  our  different donors, for the joy you spread  to a distant village on the shores of Lake Tanganyika in South Kivu, DR Congo,  Africa !  You can not imagine how your donations are a glimmer of hope for thousands of children here!  Thank you !


Upcoming and Event.

Now we are  buying  the cement (15 sacks are already available) to begin raising the walls. We expect the suggestions of our generous donors to complete this  beautiful  work. Be blessed.


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