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Mission is :Fight against violence and the protecttion of human rights Goal : - to act for peace, reconciliation and pacific coexistence of tribes and people by fighting against violence - to promote the people's welfare by education, health and nature preservation programs - to fight against people's poverty by sustaining income generation activities - to promote and intensify the women participation in the development and support children rights
Oct 7, 2013

The materials just arrived at Kazimia !

Our construction project « Glenn Paige Nonkilling School » progressing well. The 2013-2014 school year coincide   with the arrival, by boat, of new construction materials (15 000 bricks, 13 bags of cement and 8 bars of iron concrete). Students and people rushed to the port to welcome with joy the equipment.

“Boti yose ekyulé, byacwa  manga” (The boat is full, a lot of material coming) exclaimed with emotion Mwaliasha (a former student of the school , now in secondary school elsewhere.

Certainly, we recognize that the material has a bit late arriving to the site (Kazimia). This is due to lack of cement in the region and the difficulties related to the availability of means of transport (traffic is once a month and there  is a lot of loads to be transported).

Now construction resumed however disturbed by long days of heavy rains. The next report will show, through photos, this significant progress.

We sincerely thank our generous donors around the world  for support this work. A work for children who have suffered from the war. It is a pride for our donors to provide them with decent local school. Our wish is to see “Glenn Paige Nonkilling School” dressed in his  pretty and clean clothes (buildings) radiate, shine in this region of killings darkness and bring sweet and heat rays of nonkilling.

Your suggestions and advice will help us to accomplish our tasks. Love and peace.


Jul 8, 2013

We buy building materials

We buy building materials.
Our construction project is progressing well. It is the pleasure and pride of the entire community of Kazimia.
The recent visit of Mrs. Shannon O’Rourke to our site has been favorably commented in this remote village. Women and children said :
" N'kyungu acwa  ilola metu masomo" (A white came to visit our school). This visit has raised great hopes among the population.

Since March 2013, we are buying construction materials at Uvira (250 km from Kazimia). We expect to have an adequate supply of materials (20,000 bricks, 20 bags of cement and 10 bars of iron concrete) so that we can monetize transportation costs by hiring ourselves a boat to transport these materials to Kazimia.
Currently, we have 10,000 bricks, 10 bags of cement and four concrete iron bars. We hope to have this quantity at the end of July 2013 and forward them to our construction site.

We greatly appreciate our  donors to the immense work that they are  accomplishing  for the next generation of DR Congo and Africa, because this school is a pioneer, it has a main objective to teach  "Nonkilling"; it instills at the young age our children the famous thesis stated by Professor Glenn Paige in "Nonkilling Global Political Science": A nonkilling society is possible.


It is agreeable for us, Dear donors, to receive advice and suggestions for this work then it will go ahead. Be blessed.


Apr 8, 2013

The work continues !

We are making good progress in the construction of the first block. There is not any particular problem that occured. For the normal continuation of the work, we are buying bricks and bags of cement at Uvira.We will ship them by boat from Uvira to Kazimia.

Meanwhile, we were honored by the visit at Kazimia (April 4, 2013) of Mrs Shannon O'Rourke, who came on behalf of GlobalGiving to make an assessment of the work. It was a wonderful day ! We were encouraged and strengthen by her visit and so the whole community of Kazimia was joyful.

Mr Shabani (Father  of our student Shabani Wilondja 1st form) said : "Twasohakelwa manga imona wetu Nkyungu icwa ilola etu achi bibyo yokelelesha mbele" (kibembe language spoken at Kazimia) which means " We are pleased to receive the visit of our White then we hope that the work will go forward"

Certainly the work is progressing well.

So, the entire community  of Kazimia and its surrounding continues to appreciate and thank to this school that teaches children freely in the area and hope the completion of new buildings  ensure that their children can learn in good conditions.

Dear donors, please find here  our expression of deep gratitude for this generous action.

We will be happy to receive suggestions for the good continuation of the work. Be blessed.



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