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Apr 22, 2011

Youth Appreciate Vocational Training

The vocational training aspect of the Out of School Adolescents project partnership between ASAP and Catholic Relief Services had budget cuts. Community Facilitators were hired to give vocational skills training in carpentry, hair dressing and sewing. These facilitators were either school teachers or qualified practicing individuals from the communities where the project clusters are formed. Training was localized in the selected clusters to meet with the budget size. The training had been initially planned to run for 21 days but later during implementation the days were reduced to14 days to suit the budget size even with the Global Giving funding.

This approach is very suitable for our youth and adult Internal Savings and Lending (ISAL) members, as since 2002 they have been asking for skills training to boost their income generating activities (IGAs) by running them more skillfully. We have already started receiving request to expand this training to the community members(ISAL and non ISAL members ), local stakeholders and local schools where the trainings were held or those community members who heard about the trainings. The training was very practical and the trained youths have started to employ the skills they gained in their IGAs. The only limitation in this intervention was enough resources to buy start up kits for those who received the training. 

Mar 23, 2011

A Short Update on Construction at BeeHive

A nearly completed building
A nearly completed building

Dear BeeHive Supporters,

Sorry for taking so long to post a new update, but communication with our field partners has been minimal, since the internet connection has been down for Niall.  A new connection should be established soon, so we'll have pictures and hopefully even video headed your way soon.  

We recently sent over $1000 USD, which at the current currency exchange rate works out to about 131000 kwqacha.  These funds came in the nick of time as construction at BeeHive School is still in full-swing.  They are working on the administration block, library, and computer room.  The funds went straight into cement, which is surprisingly expensive in Malawi.  Since Malawi is an under-developed nation certain materials which we take for granted in the United States are actually quite expensive.  As a point of comparison, $100 USD can buy you 6000 bricks in Malawi, but it will only buy you a few bags of cement.  Bricks are locally produced and there is a large market, therefore they are competitively priced.  Cement, wood, and glass are harder to come by and thus more costly.

Niall has taken some video with the small HD camcorder Katy, Spencer, and Eva bought him as a Christmas gift.  Since his internet connection is so slow we can't transfer the files online.  We have sent him a few USB memory flash drives and he will be sending those our way soon.  Unfortunately it can take anywhere from 1-3 month to mail packages from Mzuzu.  But you can look forward to those videos in the coming months!

I didn't want to leave you all hanging, so I have included some photos from Troy Smith who visited the school a few months ago.  

In some other news - a few of our volunteers are planning fundraisers in the form of garage sales soon when the spring comes, so if you're interested in hosting one contact us at info@beehiveschool.com for suggestions.

Niall also reports that the school is looking fantastic and he's excited to upload photos once he can get access to a good internet connection.  He encourages all his friends and supporters to come visit soon!

We will never be able to say it enough - but Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to all our BeeHive supporters.  It's because of your unwavering support that BeeHive has been able to weather all the challenges over the past couple of years and build a truly remarkable new school that will safely house generations of students to come.


Eva Markiewicz on behalf of The BeeHive School Team

Niall walking along the new school buildings
Niall walking along the new school buildings
Inside a classroom
Inside a classroom
Construction in Progress
Construction in Progress
Students enjoying recess at their new school!
Students enjoying recess at their new school!
BeeHive Student celebrating a soccer goal!
BeeHive Student celebrating a soccer goal!
Jan 25, 2011

More Youth Skills Training

Thanks to your support, in 2010 the ASAP team provided hands-on skills training for 8 children in dressmaking, 18 in hairdressing and 21 in carpentry during November and December. Because of your donation, these 37 children were not turned away; in total ASAP in Zimbabwe provided vocational training for 446 youth through a 3 year project funded by Catholic Relief Services. 162 children attended training in dressmaking, 218 in hairdressing and 66 attended carpentry training.

In 2011, now that the Catholic Relief Services funding is finished, Causemore Samanga reports that the continuing demand for hands-on skill training is very high and girls eager to learn sewing even bring their own materials in order to be able to be considered for the training. Your support and the support of Global Giving is now the primary source of support and is greatly appreciated so these enthusiastic girls will gain the skills needed to live productive lives and become self-supporting. Thank you again.

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