Vision:- 'BLOSSOMING OF POWER IN EVERY INDIVIDUAL' TO REINFORCE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT' MISSION :- " To facilitate a process where marginalised groups, particularly Women and Children have improved quality of life by working in partnership with other development factors, with a rights perspective in the areas of Art, Culture and Human Development"
Apr 24, 2013


Last week, we had a wonderful time accompanying the children of Dayspring to the amusement park. It was a lot of fun, with two laps on the carousel and popcorn for all.

It was nice for the children to experience a change of scenery for the evening.

Currently, we are making animated readings in English for the children. We are using arts and crafts materials to make a few, little shows for them. It is not enough, but it is a beginning.

In our belief, it is not enough just to feed and care for the children; it is also important to teach them and keep them entertained… smiles are a cure.

One of the hens, purchased with donation money, had a fever. Unfortunately, the other seven hens caught the fever and died within a week. Now, we have to restart the hen-house all over again.

Eggs are a very important source of protein, which is useful to our children’s immune system.

At this time, not much fruit is growing on our farm, so, we have to purchase it from the market in order to provide the children with the vitamins and minerals they need. Please do not forget, these are our best friends in the fight against TB.

We bought supplies for the cleaning of the home and children: sponges, detergents, etc. Especially now that it is very hot, the spread of germs and bacteria increase.


With great hope,

A Greeting from Dayspring Home

Jan 24, 2013

Assisting HIV/AIDS Affected Children, Kencheepuram

the day old calf with watchful mother.
the day old calf with watchful mother.

We are assisting 5 PLHA children in Kancheepuram near Chennai. Divakar, Surendar, Shneha, Malakvizhi and Semparuthu. At 2 years old Divakar's mother became pregnant and received a blood test. She was found to be PLHA, then Divakar and her father were tested and both found to be positive too. Divakar is currently ill regularly, suffering from vomiting and fevers 3 or 4 days a week. She has recently been diagnosed with TB as well. She is lucky enough to still be able to live with her parents but her diet would not normally be sufficient to give her an acceptable standard of life. With your help we are able to provide her with eggs, milk and fruit, vital parts of an effective defense against TB. Alongside the medicine (given free by the Tamil Nadu state ) and vounteers that ensure it is propery taken Divakar has a chance to lead a more normal life and goto school alongside more fortunate children.


At the Daysprings Home outside Virudhunagar we've just had a new calf born into this world with another set to appear i the next few days. Both mother and calf are healthy and we all welcome a new arrival to the farm.

Oct 26, 2012

TB Prevention & Control by Educlowns

The present report for GlobalGiving narrates about the “Awareness Campaign “ conducted to effect Behavioural Change among the children in the remote villages. As a result and at the end of the Campaign , a ‘Children Support Group’ was formed to carry out the follow up works sustainably. This group was linked with our existing Women self-help groups and the “BUDS network centre”. Now the TB eradication and control activities among children will be supplementary and complimentary to each other. Our Campaign is an innovative Theatre performance included with a ‘Group Media Session’ conducted as an Interactive discussion with the Child Audience. Facts, figures and current informations on TB/DOTS are disseminated. All the myths and misconceptions about TB, stigma and Discrimination are made clear. Our Edu-Clowns Strategy is a unique Theatre performance which allows the audience to come to a consensus and arrive at a final decision for the problem posed in the drama.

20  Edu- Clowns Campaign was conducted and 20 children support groups were formed to continue with Child Referal and Linkages for TB Diagnosis and Treatment. The outcome of these campaigns helped us to identify 5 children with TB symptoms. These children will now be enrolled in our GlobalGiving Project for care and nutrition programme. These 5 children will be monitored by our Outreach Workers who will appoint DOTS provider in their respective villages and supervise their development in their treatment. Since these innovative programmes prove to be successful in tracking the children with TB, we plan to expand and conduct more campaigns to reach out the unreached children with TB.

We thank our various donors who continue to donate to this much-wanted project in this region. We also request you to increase the donations to serve more children with TB and prevent TB among children.

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