Petersburg Parents

Petersburg Parents is a social group which unites people indifferent to the fate of children who were left without their parents' care and who live in the state orphanages of Saint Petersburg city and its region. Our main goals: give assistance in improving the quality of life of the children living in hospitals and orphanages; give assistance in creating favourable opinion to adoption issues; help to protect children's rights;change/improve the systems of organizing children's' lifestyle
May 4, 2012

Project news May 2012

Hello everyone!

We are very happy to tell you about our results!

The biggest achivement that the project did is the fact that Vsevolojsk baby care center started to pay more attention to the problems of orphan children. The Center officially hired 3 professional masseuse so we had to reduce the number of masseuses working for our project.

By now only one masseuse hired by Petersburg Parents works with children in Vsevolojsk baby care center.

As long as children need our help we are going on with the project.

We are very thankful to all our supporters!

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May 4, 2012

Jolly journal made by children

Report from workshop dated 1st of May:

In Russia today, a holiday. So my girls were playing and joking mood, rather than engage in serious things. And our photo shoot was not very serious. Then we made a not serious magazine.
Our theme: “Life is knitted rabbits in their natural environment.” The magazine photos that my students have made headlines, and we came up with. This is a very funny title in Russian, which uses a play on words, quotes from children’s books about rabbits. We have sports and theater pages. And another story about how to lose weight, how to shoot a movie about puppet rabbits.
It was a very funny holiday. But in the next lesson, we again deal with serious things.

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We are very thankful to our supporters and asking them to keep helping our project more!

Apr 23, 2012

PhotoYouth Spring News!

We finaly started our project in orphanages of Saint Petersburg!

Our teachers Yulia, Darya and Svetlana make photo workshops for teenagers from orphanges.

Our teacher Yulia reports after first class with children:

My first meeting with a group of girls from the orphanage was … odd. I talked a lot, and the girls were silent. At first I was scared: what if they did not talk to me! The girls got used to me. They were watching me – if I could trust. Each new person makes them suspicious. But, as I think,  I passed the test. After 30 minutes, all my students were standing around me, listened, talked, asked, surprised. Read more

Our Teacher Darya reports after first class with children:

It is always interesting to meet new people and more than that it is always interesting to meet new children! Children are our future!
Yesterday we met with some nice girls from a city orphanage. Some of them already knew something about photography and already tried to take pictures. Those girls came to ask with one question – how to make their photos better? Some girls are only forming their interest for photography.
We told them about PhotoYouth project so they started to call us “project people”. Read more

Please read more about the workshops and see new pictures in our official blog

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We are very thankful to all our supporters!