Fundacion ph15 para las artes

Foundation ph15 uses photography programming to connect marginalized youth with people and opportunities in the larger society.
Oct 15, 2012

Photo exhibition in the neighborhood

We have a lot of good news and lot of new photos that you can check out in our Facebook fanpage.

On Saturday 13th, we walked Ciudad Oculta with the kids taking photos and decide to improvise an exhibition for everyone to see.

We hanged the kids work in the passages of the Hidden City and also on the walls of the "White Elephant", the iconic enormous building that identifies the neighborhood.

Everyone congratulate the photographers and many kids told us they want to join the workshops to tell the world what they think and feel through images ;)

Jul 30, 2012

Second semester!

The first semester is gone!

We had lot of activities, visitors and exhibitions.

We had a studio photo shoot with Emmanuel Andre who came from NY to portrait the students.

We started a new group in the city of La Plata in Buenos Aires Province.

We exhibited in three opportunities in different Cultural Centers in Buenos Aires.

We organized a Festival with music, actors, photos and more to raise funds.

We organized short photo experiences for kids of 3 different organizations and schools.

And more!

We look foward to the second half of the year which is always more busy and full of activities.

Please visit our Facebook page to see more and find more ways to help ph15 fulfill its mission.

Thanks to you, we are getting closer to a society that believes in art as a tool for social change.

Festival thanks
Festival thanks
Emmanuel Andre and Mily
Emmanuel Andre and Mily


May 3, 2012

ph15 exhibits!

The students photos were shown in London from April 3rd until April 16th at De la panza restaurant - -

Meanwhile, in Buenos Aires, a very big exhibition is about to open on May 4th at Carlos Gardel Cultural Center.

The students are thrilled with the opportunity of interacting with the visitors and sharing their stories with.

The exhibition can be visited until June 3rd and we look foward to move it to different cities in Argentina.