Abalimi Bezekhaya - Planters of the Home

Abalimi is a Volunteer Association working to empower the disadvantaged through its organic Urban Agriculture program & projects. We support our target groups' ability to replicate their success and transform their lives in their urban and rural environments, through the following Key Result Areas: resource support; training; organisation building; facilitation of partnerships; research, monitoring and evaluation.
Apr 30, 2012

Good news!

Dear Friends

greetings from the 'bottom' of Africa , once again!

We got some very lovely coverage in the USA by Rosie Spinks in the Daily Good recently. See Link 1 below

Another bit of good news is that Todd and Marysia, filmmakers, also from America, are working hard to complete a new movie on our work, and they are looking for a bit if help to do so - all done for the love of our Family Microfarmers and Abalimi. They are extraordinary Friends indeed. Please check them out on Link 2

And of course there has been an ongoing stream of wonderful encouragement via your donations, which is like good rain on fertile soil!!  Thank you so much, one and all !

This year we will be documenting our model in great detail so that we can give it away as a "free social franchise" to any farmer group or support organization who are serious about small farmer development for food security and want to create real community based micro-farming jobs. Watch this space.

I hope that 2012 is going well for you and that you will come visit our micro-farming movement in Cape Town sometime, if you have not done so already. 

More reports in due course. Thank you so much to the GlobalGiving Team who work so incredibly hard to make this space available to us all. I even got a reminder to post a report, for which I am very grateful.

All the very best to you all, wherever you are.

Rob Small


Feb 2, 2012

Friends Newsletter # 38 - focus on youth

Greetings to you in a sparkling new 2012!! 

It is definitely the "wake up!" year, I think. No more can we continue in the aggressive, bully-boy, winner takes all manner which is continually exampled (while often saying the opposite) by our world political and business "leaders". 

But we don't need stupid violent people's revolutions either, destroying everything and forcing us backwards.

So thank you , again, for your ongoing and generous help and interest in "the Gentle Revolution" - see my previous posting for more info.

Please take a look at our latest Friends Newsletter # 38 on www.abalimi.org.za . It focuses on how the youth are really starting to come in to the micro-farming movement. 

Nov 17, 2011

systemic debt and family farming

hello again everyone!

further to my last report, here is the article that sparked me off (which was also printed in the Cape Times some weeks before) , entitled "Systemic debt-the shadow finanancial system' by Joseph Edozien,  plus my article as it apears in the Cape Times. 

The systemic debt article is the best I have ever read on the subject - making the matter understandable for non-economists. 

Thank you once again, one and all, for your help with the micro-farming movement in Cape Town as a model for South Africa.

If you are coming to Cape Town , please note we are closed to the public from 15th December - 10th Jan  (no tours & visits), since its the only time of the year we and our micro-farmers and field workers and trainers get to take a break.

Our thousands of micro-farmers just hunker down and wait out the burning heat (often over 40 degrees) and e with boiling wind to boot)  which happens around then, keeping close to the ground and coming out to water the crops in the morning and evening, and to do essential maintenace tasks on cooler days.

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