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Our mission is to improve the health status of underserved populations by advancing healthcare delivery through innovative modular facilities and cloud-based IT solutions as well as fund the extended education of the girls of Kayole Rehabilitation Centre for Girls.
Oct 2, 2012

Update on Livewell Clinics Kenya

Since our last report, Livewell Clinics in Kenya have prospered tremendously.

As projected we have opened our 5th clinic in the community of Masimba. 

This fully functional clinic employs 5 full time staff and includes a full laboratory. 

Falling in line with the universal Livewell business model, Masimba is allignied with the community through various outreach programs and neighborhood groups (churches, schools, orphanages, etc.) and contstantly holds organized events in the effort of Health Education and Free Clinics.

In addition to Masimba, we have scoped the property for our 6th operational clinic and plan on opening in mid-2013.

Realizing our need for a universal computer operating system throughout all of our clinics, we have developed our own cloud based system through Rollbase.

This system is on the eve of beta testing and should be active and installed in all clinics mid November this year.

Jun 19, 2012

Provide Healthcare Services to 1000 Kenyans

We tenaciously continue to provide affordable healthcare to the good people of Kenya. In addition to the 4 clinics that have been operating since 2009 we have added a fifth location in Masimba.

Our community outreach programs continue to gain momentum as we bring general home practices and self testing education to the locals free of charge on a monthly basis. This community outreach has far surpassed our expectations in the sense that over time, our numbers of attendees have increased exponentially and we have gained confidence that the "LiveWell" name has become synonymous in the local communities with quality and professional services.

We have gained so much confidence and comfort on our Livewell platform that we have decided to pump some of our time and energies into the next phase of our global medical advances.

The development of EDPS (Early Detection Preventative Services) is an algorithm based program that uses hand held technology to send non-medical professionals into rural areas of the globe and diagnosis by questionnaire to a 97% accuracy illness. EDPS also creates a UPR (Unique Patient Record) that can be linked and accessed at any of our livewell clinics or any clinic running our licensed operating system Practice EPR.

Attached is a video that we made to submit to the Rockefeller Foundation for consideration for further funding to explore the known possibilities of EDPS


Apr 3, 2012

LiveWell Clinics projects report Spring 2012

LiveWell Clinics projects report Spring 2012

We have experienced unprecedented growth and success with Livewell Clinics in Kenya Africa.

In March of 2012 we officially opened our 5th location in Kenya in the township of Masimba. Adding a fully functioning medical clinic outfitted with a community pharmacy, lab, general medicine, and specialty services to our already flourishing Livewell community starting with our anchor location in Kayole and our satellite locations in Matopeni, Karatina and Karagoya.

Each clinic is fully installed and trained on our operating system that we developed “in the cloud” on a platform called Practice EPR.

In addition to Practiceforce we have squired part ownership in a local company to provide a CRM solution (IE: Human Resources, Inventory Management, etc.) that has been fully integrated with Practice EPR on a scale that is marketable globally.

Community Outreach:

We are proud to announce that literally thousands of local Kenyans have received benefits arising from our tireless efforts in community service.

Each month a topic of communal concern is targeted through free classes and workshops where issues ranging from women s health, the importance of immunizations, self medical checks, and discounted medical products are brought to the community by licensed healthcare professionals.

This has resulted in staggering numbers of consultations, prescriptions, treatments, immunizations, and services being given out as follow up, private appointments.

These appointments also result in the creation of a unique patient number that is associated with a medical record for use as personal medical history, follow up care in a hospitals, and tracking of geographic trends in medical phenomenon for use on a potential global scale.


Over 10 community based icons have been appointed as Livewell Ambassadors to bring the message of health and wellness to every facet of the community.