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GlobeMed aims to strengthen the movement for global health equity by empowering students and communities to work together to improve the health of the impoverished around the world. Through involvement today, students commit to a life of leadership in global health and social justice. GlobeMed at GWU specifically aims to improve the health of the impoverished in solidarity with our Partner RVCP, a grassroots organizations in Southern Rwanda, through self-sustainable programs.
Aug 22, 2013

The International AIDS Candlelight Memorial 2013

During the march in Southern Province of Rwanda
During the march in Southern Province of Rwanda

The Annual International AIDS candlelight Memorial ( is a Program of Global Health Council, and is one of the largest and oldest grassroots mobilization campaigns for HIV/AIDS awareness in the world. The Candlelight Memorial occurs on the third Sunday of May, lead by volunteer coordinators who host memorials for their communities worldwide. Last year in 2012 it was 29th year internationally, and organized by Rwanda Village Concept Project for the fifth time in Huye, the Candlelight Memorial 2012 had the official theme “Promotion Heath and Dignity Together …” with the general objective of fight against HIV-AIDS, remembrance of all those who have been affected by HIV epidemic and was commemorated worldwide on the Sunday, May 20th 2012. 

In this year of 2013, it was  the seventh time that Rwanda village concept project conducted candlelight memorial day 2013 .RVCP carried out this event on 1st June, 2013 Instead of the third Sunday 22and May 2013. The theme for the Candlelight Memorial day 2013 is "In Solidality" emphasizing the need for people living with and affected by HIV to join hands and work together in the response to HIV. Solidarity in communities is essential to reduce stigma and promote the involvement of people living with HIV in order to ensure a more effective HIV response. Only together as communities can we advocate for universal access to quality health and social services. 


  •  Call for more action to help children infected and/or orphaned by HIV/AIDS
  •  Call for greater strategies and actions to help strengthen preventative measures promoting responsible behaviour amongst youth and the general community
  •  Fight against the stigma and discrimination associated with the AIDS pandemic. 
  •  Honor those affected by HIV/AIDS in order to give a hope for people living with HIV/AIDs.
  •  Community education on HIV/AIDS basics (Transmission, Prevention and Treatment) Promote Voluntary CouncelingTesting of HIV
  •  Address the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS, calling for more actions to support them and making anti retroviral accessable to as many people as possible.

The event

After six successive successful candle light march memorial in Huye, Rwanda Village Concept Project ( has been selected for the seventh time by Global Health Council ( among other organizations to host this year the candle March memorial in Huye District, Southern province in Rwanda. In Huye District, the march took about 45 minutes in the town of Huye starting from multipurpose rooms of HUYE district , crossing what was the main business center in Huye (Cyarabu Center) and ending at multipurpose room of Huye District where another AIDS campaign was took  place composed of messages, drama, poems, dances, etc. performed by Anti HIV/AIDS Youth Clubs, Groups from rural areas, Secondary schools in Huye District and speeches of invited leaders and RVCP coordinator all focusing on the theme.

The aim is to educate on HIV/AIDS, to call all people to take action in the fight against HIV/AIDS and to raise awareness on needs of people affected by HIV/AIDS. During that community mobilization and education RVCP provided condom demonstration skills and condom  boxes for condom distribution .

Briefly, it was a good innovation for RVCP to start a pilot cerebration of International Candle Light March memorial helped and organized by Medical students of NUR Campus, Kigali, members of RVCP and other members that might be in Kigali Capital of Rwanda.


  • GlobeMed at Washington D.C , 
  • SULFO Rwanda Industry
  • PSI Rwanda
  • RVCP Members and National University Students
  • Members of    9  anti HIV/AIDS  Youth Clubs  from Rural areas (Tumba ,Nyakagezi, Rukira, Nyanza, Rukira, Kaburemera, Sovu,Matyazo, Nkima Clubs)
  • 5 anti HIV/AIDS Youth Clubs from Secondary schools located in Huye Districts:
  • Groupe Scolaire des Parents de Butare 
  • E.S Butare
  • E A V Kabutare
  • LLCCM Orphanage Support Center in Rukira
  • People living with HIV: Twiyubahe cooperative-Huye sector Youth Leaders from HUYE District 
  • ”Pères educateurs” SOVU Health Clinic

The total number of participants was 424 participants


Officially opening the event with the RVCP Leader
Officially opening the event with the RVCP Leader
GlobeMed representative
GlobeMed representative
Youth Clubs presenting poems
Youth Clubs presenting poems
Jun 26, 2013

comedie for the importance of latrines sanitation

Date:26th june 2013

place:Mbazi primary school

attendance:90 primary school students

volunteers:Eric and pacifique

aim of the session:enforcing the culture of importance of latrines/toilets

summary of the session: The session was fun ever in all sessions i ever seen.we was decided today to educate students in a club of hygiene and we tried to combine 4 classes(2 6th years,5th year and 4th year).we were outside of the classes taking a fresh front of pupils at a share the teacher in charge of hygiene started introducing what we are going to do and we introduced ourselves since that it was the first time to meet with 6th and 5th years pupils.we decided to talk on toilets because it was a session which 5th year students were going to learn today. we told them that we are going to learn hygiene within our hygiene club and we distributed pictures in 6 groups. we requested them to go in their groups and find us what they are seeing on photos. after 10 minutes of discussions and facilitating them on discovering what they will be saying;a good time that we were waiting come;students started to do the exposition of their pictures which were ranging between 4-6 in each groups.students presented what they were seeing on pictures which was on latrines with all standards,people who defecate at places outside of latrines,latrines which were not closed,lacking some materials and other latrines which were too bad for hygiene promotion....

each group were taking 10min to present their pictures to the public and comments.after each presentation,we assigned each group to go and prepare for us a work demonstrating what they learned.groups work were ranging from songs,dance,poems,comedies.pupils demonstrated how amazing they are;it took only 20 minutes per group to prepare their work and they come back for the presentation. 5 teachers,headmaster,2 RVCP volunteers and 1 teacher in charge of hygiene club were waiting to watch what students prepared. the first time ever in my hygiene activities and teaching sessions since 2010 come. students demonstrated that they have to putting together their efforts and talents to produce what all participants seen as creativity among primary school students. each group were taking at least 10 min to present their work. we conclude the session at 5:30 and teachers were impressed with the capacity of students of demonstrating that they understood what they were learning in few times passed.we decided to host similar session next wednesday for the other students who will be there in the club because there is a part of students who studied in morning hours who will be coming in afternoon hours next wednesday.stay turned for the video next time while we will be back at school.


good points:the method of enabling students participating themselves by facilitating them to discover was very successful

Challenge: we did not recorded any video or photo because of lacking a camera

May 24, 2013

People Living With HIV/AIDS

Target group after cultivating
Target group after cultivating

On May 18,2013 the project volunteers in collaboration with UBUZIMA Program ,were able to visit the People Living With HIV/AIDS.The volunteers asked people present where they were cultivating as Cooperative of People Living With HIV/AIDS , to combat the discrimination against HIV positive persons.The volunteers said that their ambition is to develop our nation. But this cannot be achieved if we have many people suffering from HIV/AIDS. Based on statistics of 1994 when HIV AIDS prevalence rate was at 24 percent,  of the population and now at 3.1 percent; Rwanda shows remarkable progress which is worthy to be noted.By working with the local leaders of Southern Province of Rwanda,this project will raise funds from Worldwide and help these people for improving their income generating activities.

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