Center Avenue United Methodist Circles (TM) Initiative

The Circles Initiative is designed to help low-income people in the Pittsburgh, PA area to learn skills and form empowering relationships to increase their economic stability and ability for future achievement. The primary target area is the "steel valley" where the collapse of the steel and railroad industries bottomed out the economy. The primary tool used will be the national Circles Campaign which has a proven track record for helping people move out of poverty ( Results to date have shown that for every dollar invested in this program, $2 is returned in the form of unused entitlement payments. In addition, there is an increase in community assets as these ...
Apr 20, 2012

Still gathering momentum!

Wow, Folks!

We still have 11 days left in the challenge and only need 10 more donors! I think we're going to make it.

Several things have touched my heart in the last 19 days...

The Anonymous Donor who made a HUGE donation to put us over the top financially...

The Matching Donor who made a LARGE contribution to encourage a good number of others to donate...

All the people in between who cared enough about others to be compelled to support this life-changing initiative...

But I was especially touched by three of our Circle Leaders - those low-income folks that Circles serves - who each made contributions to the project! Talk about giving back! Their personal investment in the project that is helping them to move out of poverty speaks volumes about what Circles is doing for them personally. I am so grateful and thankful for their true financial sacrifice. Look for every one of them to do big things with their lives!

Thanks again and I will let you know when we achieve our goal with Global Giving!

Blessings! Cyndi

Apr 17, 2012

Growing Even Closer to Our Giver Goal!

Thank you!

To all who have participated in some way, we are so grateful! We have received $760 toward our matching donor's pledge and hope to receive donations of $240 more to reach the full matching ceiling of $1,000 by midnight on April 17.

We are also growing even closer to our needed 50 donors to secure a permanent fundraising spot on Global Giving. Today we received funding from our 31st giver. With our matching donor, WE ONLY NEED 18 MORE PEOPLE to donate ANY amount to reach that goal! We couldn't be much closer!

It is exciting to see our Circles participants getting excited about this. In fact, if you were able to see the donor list, you would see that one of our Circles participants was also a donor. It speaks very loudly when those with exceptionally low incomes are willing to give back in order to keep us in the business of making a difference in their lives!

If you have already donated, thank you so much! If you are still considering it, there is no time like the present. Another thing you can do is help us to network by sharing this on your facebook wall. You never know who might be passionate about this ministry!

Thanks again for making a difference - permanently changing the lives of several families in poverty in Pitcairn!

Blessings! Cyndi

Apr 6, 2012

First Week of April Challenge

In December 2010, Circles participated in an Open Challenge like this. Personally, I contributed quite a lot. We got a good number of donors, but made it just 1/2 way to the $4,000 mark, so we didn't earn a permanent spot for fundraising.

I am thrilled to report that we have already reached nearly $800 in six days and most of that has NOT come from me this time! Way to go supporters! I've also had verbal confirmation of $500 more to come via check.

If we continue at this rate, we will earn that fundraising spot!

In the meantime, our Circles participants are really excited about their "Biggest Loser" challenge that just began on Wednesday. Some of the incentives are things like hockey jerseys or movie tickets. If anyone else has ideas or donations for weight loss incentives, please let me know!

Also last Wednesday, a wonderful holiday meal with ham, potatoes, green beans, sweet potatoes and desserts was provided by the Forest Hills Office of Premier Medical Associates. Thanks Forest Hills PMA for your generosity and participation in the transformation of lives!

On another note, Teresa got a job - a full time job with full benefits! She is so confident and feeling good about herself! It took a lot of motivation and persistence, but she completed her office systems education and was hired right away. She has demonstrated terrific reliability which is a great asset in the work environment. Way to go, Teresa!

I'll keep you updated!

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