Childhood Cancer Fund Rugut

The objectives of the Childhood Cancer Fund Rugut is to extend aid and charity to children who are or have been ill with cancer, to help their families, as well as to support the development of the science and practice of oncology in Lithuania. The Fund organizes different projects in order to ensure a versatile help for the families hit with child's oncological disease. The Fund cooperates with other Lithuanian, as well as foreign, organizations and funds.
Jun 25, 2014

Let's Help Children With Cancer - Report 2014-06

We are happy to provide the GlobalGiving community with our report on Fund’s activities of March, April and May of 2014.

Our Fund continued providing financial support to families with children that have been diagnosed with oncological diseases. During the last three months, the Fund provided monthly and non-recurring charity of 40,500.00 Lt to such families. The families used this money to purchase necessary medical care supplies, and were able to cover traveling expenses and other costs that they could not have avoided due to their child’s disease.

Following the request of an oncologist of Kaunas Clinics (University of Health Sciences of Lithuania), in order to continue the effective cancer treatment by the medicine Temozolomide, the Fund purchased 4 quantities of Temozolomide Teva 100 mg N5 for one young cancer patient with a brain tumor. The total cost of the medicine was 1,560.68 Lt.

The Fund also purchased 2 quantities of medicine Topotecan Teva 1 mg/ml N5 (total cost – 1,713.94 Lt) and 3 quantities of medicine Temozolomide Teva 100 mg N 5 (total cost – 1,199.25 Lt) for a young girl with a relapse of Ewing sarcoma.

Fund Rugute also purchased a portable electric phlegm suction machine for the Oncohematology Unit of Kaunas Clinics (University of Health Sciences of Lithuania). The cost of the machine was 3,993.00 Lt.

For the past three months, Rugute was also able to continue covering the maintenance costs of Rugute’s Home, the only facility in Lithuania that provides temporary accommodation to the young cancer patients and their family members, free of charge. This facility is a shelter for the families that live far away from the hospital, and is especially appreciated by the young cancer patients for its cozy and playful home environment.

On the 31st of May, Fund Rugute and the public entity Nacionalinis kraujo centras organized the 12th voluntary blood drive Share a Droplet, and invited everybody to donate blood for the sick children. 34 donors donated their blood in the cozy atmosphere of Rugute’s Home. 

Impressions of Zivile, our first-time blood donor: I am happy to have experienced my first blood donation at Rugute’s Home. The ambience was full of mutual kindness and that was my major encouragement whenever I felt a bit scared. I received lots of wonderful care that made the whole procedure pass like one short and pleasant moment. I am sure that I will come back to donate more blood, because it felt good to do a good deed.


Childhood Cancer Fund Rugute wishes to give the most sincere thanks to all of the donors on GlobalGiving who have been putting their efforts into making life easier for the Lithuanian children with oncological diseases. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Mar 26, 2014

Let's Help Children With Cancer - Report 2014-03

Childhood Cancer Fund Rugute successfully continues to work on its mission, supporting families with children that have been diagnosed with oncological diseases.

During the months of December (2013), January and February (2014), the Fund provided both monthly and non-recurring charity of 26.775,20 Lt to the families that had addressed their financial needs in their requests of support. The families used the financial assistance provided by the Fund for purchasing the required medications, additional medical care supplies and food products, paid travel and other related costs, thus ensuring a better physical condition of their children as well as improving their emotional, psychological and spiritual condition, which is essential for the treatment success and recovery.

Following the doctor’s (Children Oncohematology Unit of Kaunas Clinics) request, in order to administer cancer treatment for a girl that has been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, the Fund purchased medicine Ixoten 50 mg N50. The total cost of this medicine was 1.643,41 Lt. Also, in order to continue administering the effective treatment scheme in the case of a certain type of malignant brain tumour, the Fund purchased 24 quantities of medicine Temozolomide Teva 100 mg N5 for 9.451,92 Lt.

In the past three months, Rugute provided crucial medical equipment and other necessary items to the two major hospitals in Lithuania that treat childhood cancer patients:

  • infusion systems (500 items) and transfusion systems (100 items) that are used to administer medications, physiological fluids and glucose solutions intravenously;
  • long-term central venous catheters (7 items) and needles AIG Surecan G20 20 mm (150 items).

The total amount paid for the above-mentioned medical equipment equals 11.942,70 Lt.

In pursuit of the best possible conditions for the provision of medical aid to patients in the Children Oncohematology Unit of Kaunas Clinics, the Fund purchased a medical trolley Shango (amount – 5.687,00 Lt). This medical trolley provided an opportunity for the nursing staff to work more effectively, faster and under better conditions (multiple visits to the storerooms of medications and medical care supplies are avoided).

The Fund continues its successful project, Rugute’s Home, the only facility in Lithuania that provides temporary shelter to the young cancer patients and their family members.

On the 13th–16th of December, 2013, a group of friends from Sweden arrived to Lithuania. Altogether, we visited children with oncological diseases in Kaunas and Vilnius hospitals and brought them Christmas presents. Back in Sweden, the friends of Rugute held a campaign in order to support our children. During the campaign, the Swedish people raised 29.300,00 Lt and gave it to our Fund.


We are truly grateful for your contribution in our Fund’s daily work. Your support makes our children’s days better and brighter, and gives them an opportunity to win the fight with the malignant disease. Thank you!

Dec 24, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

It’s extremely hard to find the proper words to express our appreciation for the support we recieved throughout the Year 2013. Your cooperation is a big honour and gives us great possibility to provide the best possible treatment and care for our little cancer patients of Lithuania. 

Thank you for lending a helping hand to children suffering from the most serious disease. With the help of such people as you children‘s dreams come true, their eyes smile, the Hope grows. Your kindness is a children‘s small step to the Future. This is an opportunity to grow, to learn, to play, to create and to believe.
May your Christmas hollidays be filled with joy and good cheer, and may the New Year will bring you Peace and Happiness!


Yours truly,

Childhood Cancer Fund Rugute


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