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DIL is dedicated to providing quality education to disadvantaged children, especially girls, by establishing and operating schools in the underdeveloped regions of Pakistan, with a strong focus on gender equality and community participation. No child in Pakistan, no matter how poor or underprivileged, should be denied access to quality education. All children should have equal opportunity to reach their full potential and contribute toward the socio-economic betterment of their communities.
May 14, 2013

Growing Through Learning...DIL Students Continue to Thrive!

The School You Built...
The School You Built...


Here is the latest school report from the school that YOU helped build:

The Jabri School is progressing well and the staff is determined to improve the academic standards. Activities are arranged according to the annual activity calendar. For the morning assembly, teachers have been assigned duties, each class has to make a short presentation for creating awareness on the issues selected that the students present in group or individually.  

The school has an elected head girl and a head boy from the senior most class.These school representatives have been assigned duties, such as keeping the play areas clean and ensuring that lights are turned off after a class leaves for an activity. 

Earlier each classroom had charts pasted on the wall. These charts were removed and soft boards were fixed. The material on the soft boards includes diagrams, a word wall and students work.The teachers are giving tehs students a chance to the child to come up with their own ideas and discuss. During the class, proper guidance and instructions are being given to the students. Earlier the answers to questions were written on the board and the children would copy on their note books. The new practice is that the students are taught the concept and allowed time to respond in their own language instead of dictated sentences.

Miss Farzana Khan, the science teacher, believes in practical work for a better understanding of theory. Wen giving a lesson on the concept of solid, liquid and gas to Third Grade students, the teacher provided materials and explained the properties of these states. The teacher divided the class into three groups to work on each state assigned to them. Each group was asked to talk about the state after they had conducted the experiment. 

As an assignment the students were given the task to look around for more examples and bring it the next day for class discussion. This activity was useful and there was more clarity on the state of matter.

Similarly in English, to clear the concept of action words, the students of First & Second Grade were taken outdoors to work on action words. The teacher said the action word and the students were supposed to act and say the word like "stop", "jump", "walk", "run" and "sit". The students did it very well!

Learning about science
Learning about science
Feb 12, 2013

Excited Students Move into New School

The Ranjali School Building
The Ranjali School Building

DIL School Ranjal is located at Mangote Union Council, Rawalpindi. It is a middle school (Nursery-8) with an enrollment of 212 (145 girls and 67 boys) students.  There are 12 teachers and a dedicated principal. A Parent Teachers Association (PTA) with is also functional. 

The newly constructed building of the School campus was completed in the 1st week of January 2013. The expected completion date of the building was November 2012, but it took 2 more months to be completed.  

It is a double story building with a large play area. The building has the following facilities:

  • 12 classrooms
  • Principal office with attached washroom
  • Staff room with attached washroom
  • Clerk office and store
  • Dedicated Library 
  • Dedicated room for computer lab 
  • Six washrooms (3 for boys and 3 for girls)
  • Small Kitchen 
  • 2 terraces  
  • Play Area with boundary wall

The community has been active in installing electric meter in the school. All the electric work and appliances have been installed. The school was shifted to the new building on the 7th of January, 2013. 

On the occasion of opening of the school a meeting was held with all the parents, community members, principal and teachers. The purpose of the meeting was to inform the parents about the facility in detail and also their role in maintenance and security of the school premises. 

The PTA members and parents thanked DIL for providing their children such a great opportunity of schooling facility. They assured their assistance and coordination in this regard. The PTA put forward its agenda for the next few months: 

  • School registration
  • Opening bank account for the school fee
  • Construction of pavement inside the school
  • Construction of drain outside the school for rain water coming out from the school building 
  • Fund raising for the school to fulfill the school requirement s other than what DIL provides
  • Plantation in the play area

Upgrading of the school up to level 10 has been recommended for 2013.  The program team will be working on implementation once the budget is approved.  Ranjali is the only elementary school in the area where poor girls get the opportunity of schooling. Otherwise their parents cannot afford to send them in any other school after grade 5. There is a dire need of upgrading the school up to grade 10. 

Feb 12, 2013

Rabia Story: One Woman's Journey to Education

A DIL Teacher works to change perceptions
A DIL Teacher works to change perceptions

A DIL Teacher, Rabia, shares this moving acocunt of a journey to education redefines what it means to be honorable in her culture. She explains how her education became important to her father, why he was so determined for her to continue her schooling, and finally, the honor education eventually brought to her family:

"I wanted to quit school. I was the first woman in my community to go to school and then to college. I felt so ashamed when I saw my name written all over the walls of my school. I had done nothing wrong but still felt that I had maligned my family’s name."  

"My father’s story is interesting. He was never that much interested in educating his children. My elder sisters never went to school and though my brothers were in school, he would make them work in the fields. There was this one incident that completely changed his views on education. My father visited my brother’s school to socialize with the teachers who were also his friends.…As my father entered the school, all the teachers came running to congratulate him because my brother had received a 100 % result in mathematics. My father was so surprised and touched by this reception. He never thought that education could bring him so much respect. After that, he decided that he would educate his children."

"My sisters were too old to go to school but I was still young. My own uncles said nasty things about me going to a boys’ school. There were no girls’ school in our village at that time. But my father was a very strong person and did not care about what people said. Today the same brother and uncles who opposed my education, come to me to help their children with studies. People respect me wherever I go because I am a teacher; they say my father’s name with respect because I teach their children."

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