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Dec 8, 2010

PATS presented at the 2010 International AIDS Conference in Vienna

Nov 4 fundraiser
Nov 4 fundraiser

PATS staff and volunteers have been quite busy in the last few months.  For full details on our activities, check out our new, more interactive website. Here are a few highlights

  • PATS and our sister NGO, AOS, presented at the 2010 International AIDS Conference in Vienna, and you can downoad posters with details on the treatment program here. 
  • We hosted a fundraiser in Cambridge, MA on November 4
  • December 3-4, we carolled in front of the world's largest wallet in Harvard Square.
  • PATS has also been featured in both Chinese and English Press, with articles in World Journal (世界日报) and China Beat.

Earlier this fall, board member Jialan Wang pledged a $5000 matching gift fund, with an additional $1000 if that goal was met.  We're happy to announce that we have achieved that goal, which represents about three months' worth of treatment support for our 45 PATS Kids.  Fellow board member Chris Flowers has pledged an additional $5000 in matching funds, so all donations made before the end of the year will be doubled.

Happy Holidays from PATS!


Sep 27, 2010

A Visit to the Wen Xiang Ge Group Home

Rosemary Wilson at the Wen Xiang Ge Group Home
Rosemary Wilson at the Wen Xiang Ge Group Home

[Volunteer Rosemary Wilson kept a journal of her experiences during this summer’s annual program visit. This excerpt describes her visit to Wen Xiang Ge Group Home where several PATS children live together and receive care.]

We were shown down the hall where neat piles of school exercise books were piled on tables. Each child’s work was also very neat; even tiny, five-year-old Zhen Zhen, with her yellow dress and sticking up pigtails, had written her letters and numbers perfectly in her book.

Zhen Zhen’s HIV-positive birth parents abandoned her in a park when she was about 2, leaving a note asking someone to take care of her. She was taken in by a family, but then they learned she was HIV-positive they took her to Anhui and left her there. During our visit, she earnestly told PATS advisor Mr. Wang that she knew her best chance to survive was living at Wen Xiang Ge Home.

This group home model is currently being evaluated to compare its efficacy to that of other models for care. Staff members were working on a poster to present at the upcoming AIDS conference in Vienna. Charts showed CD4 counts and viral loads of these children compared to those in care in private homes, as well as the difference in overhead costs.

This report is an excerpt from our latest newsletter. Please click below to read more.


Sep 27, 2010

Becoming Involved With PATS

I became involved with PATS this summer after speaking to my friend and PATS volunteer Jialan Wang. When I heard the mission of its project and its incredible accomplishments in just three years, I knew I had to find a way to contribute to PATS. We have added four new volunteers to the PATS team based in the Boston area in August and September. Since 2007, PATS has grown to support 45 HIV-positive children in four communities in Anhui and Henan provinces of Central China. There are six full-time paid staff in China, five supporting doctors and almost 30 volunteers in Boston, New York, LA and St. Louis.

Volunteers braved transportation issues and threats of swine flu on their first visit to Fuyang but persevered in the face of difficulty. Volunteer Kristin Johnson designed an assessment tool to track the adherence and health of each child per visit, and spent one month this summer implementing an Electronic Medical Records system for the PATS kids. Funding for PATS provides regular visits from community health workers to that will ensure treatment adherence and reduce children's stress about their disease.

Please consider donating in these last few days of our fundraiser. Your contribution will help our organization reach more and more children whose health and emotional well-being are improved through our efforts. We appreciate your support and encourage you to persevere to make a difference. Perseverance is exemplified through the tireless work of volunteers and staff and through the children who will face great challenges every day of their lives. As a newcomer, perseverance is the word that best expresses to me what PATS is all about.

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