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Our vision is of a world without prejudice, in which every human being has the opportunity to fulfil their potential, regardless of their background or beliefs. We aim to do this by challenging the ignorance and prejudice that trap people in poverty.
Dec 4, 2012

Shashikant - a meaningful and dignified life


Shashikant is 17. He lives in Konchi village (17km from Sangamner). There are 5 people in his family - a brother, a sister, and parents. His family is dependent on agricultural work for their livelihood, but the increasing droughts in recent years has made life unbearably difficult for them. 

The family could no longer afford to send their children to school, which was quite a distance from the village. Shashikant began helping his father labouring on the farms instead, in order to supplement the family income. It looked like this was to be his life.

When NISD visited the village to identify the most needy, Shashikant was selected for free vocational training. Shashikant had wanted to be an electrician from a young age, so that was the course he studied. Shashikant now attends the course regularly and is a very attentive and interested student. Though it is expensive to travel into Sangamner everyday, the family know it is an investment in the future. 

Shashikant's confidence is now manyfold, and he dreams of a meaningul and dignified life in the future. He and his family members are grateful to all those who have helped.

Thank you.

Nov 21, 2012

"my first time... seating in front of a computer"

Name:        Prachi Kamble.

Age:           18 years

Education: 10th STD


I know the project well because my mother did a fashion design course and told me about it. I was interested to do something similar which would allow me to get a job, so I could help the family.

There are 5 of us in the family. My father works as a servant in a bungalow in Koregaon Park. He also does maintenance work there. My mother is a house wife. I have one younger brother and he is in the 9th STD. My grandmother is very old. My father’s income is not enough to fulfill our family needs, and so I decided to find a job to support the family. This was how I came to enroll on a computer course.

 Feelings and feedback:

This was my first time, in my life, sitting in front of a computer. In addition to these computer classes, I also learned a number of other skills important in our day to day life like communication skills, awareness on HIV and AIDS, knowledge about our bodies and reproductive systems and so forth. 

I am really satisfied with how this course as gone, especially because the teachers were very cooperative and helpful. After finishing the course I got a job at the Videocon call centre. I feel confident enough to do my job well, and I am very happy to the foundation for supporting me.

Prachi’s Mother says:

After joining the computer course there was a tremendous change in Prachi. She learnt how to respect her elders, how to behave with family members; listening to them and trying to understand what they are saying. Before joining the course she did not listen to us. She has changed now. Her father too is very happy with her and her achievements.

Nov 14, 2012

Ajay Mohan Giri

The Situation Before: Ajay Mohan Giri, is 7 years old, and lives at Saykhindi village with his father, mother, brother and sister. He is from a poor family, and parents work as labourers, leaving him to look after his siblings. Standards of hygiene are already low, and with the parents away for the whole day, the children are not properly cared for.

The Project Intervention: NISD has been started health program in the schools. NISD staff visited Ajay’s school and gave information on hygiene and health. At that time Ajay had little knowledge of these things, as such practices are not commonplace in the community. This being the case his clothes were not clean, he didn't wash regularly, he didn't wash his hands and so forth.

The NISD staff however, seeing how receptive and well behaved Ajay’s was, selected him to be the “health volunteer” from his class.

Current Situation: Now Ajay works as a school health volunteer. Not only is he now practicing good hygiene but he encourages his classmates to do the same. He has been explaining the importance of hygiene to both his friends and family.

He is a very active in the school, taking responsibility for the cleanliness of the school environment. Through this, his confidence has increased, and he is doing well in his studies. Not only is he now known as an ideal student at the school, his younger brother and sister are now in a much more healthy and hygienic environment, and are aware of such practices from a much younger age.

Thank you for enabling NISD to bring such positive and important changes to Ajay and his siblings' lives.

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