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Our vision is of a world without prejudice, in which every human being has the opportunity to fulfil their potential, regardless of their background or beliefs. We aim to do this by challenging the ignorance and prejudice that trap people in poverty.
Sep 19, 2012

A brighter future for Sharda

Sharda’s family is residing in Sukewadi village .  His father is working as agricultural labourer and her mother rolls bidi cigars. Sharda too started helping her mother in rolling bidis and dropped out of school 6 years ago. 

Sharda has three sisters and two brothers. Her father has worked hard to marry all of the sisters, which costs a lot due to dowry customs. Due to the size of the family and their poor income, it is unbelievable the family can survive on the meagre income they generate. 

NISD staff publicised the alternative livelihood training courses which the project runs.  Sharda decided to go for tailoring course however her parents objected. As a 22 year old female it was not acceptable to let her attend something like this on her own. Furthermore, they didn't have the funds to pay for even the transportation.

NISD's staff visited and dialoged with them. They told them that 3 other girls from the village were attending the same course. The staff also obtained an old bicycle which Sharda could use for transportation, and thus she was able to attend and complete the course, making her much more confident generally. Following this, Sharda managed to arrange for herself a second hand sewing machine and has started to make money for her family through stitching clothes. Her parents are also now happy that she is no longer rolling bidis, but proudly running her own business.

Thus, another girl has been able to stop the noxious work of rolling bidi cigars thanks to your continued generosity and support.

Sep 19, 2012

Record donations, Globalgiving superstar status

Dear Supporters,

I am writing to share some most exciting news. Over the weekend we recieved record donations, and shortly enjoyed the status of 'most popular' project on Globalgiving! Thank you to each and every one of you for making this happen. Everyone here has been touched by this news.

The project activities for the year have now been fully funded, and the budget has now been updated to reflect the full budget for the following year of activities. I will soon update you all with a report on the last year, as well as more case studies. 

Thanks again to all of you for your ongoing support. 

With gratitude, and very best wishes,

Keval Shah.

Sep 7, 2012

A smile on Krutik's face


NAME:  Krutik Mukesh Shinde.

AGE:  7.  


 Krutik lives in Jakhuri village, his maternal grandfather’s village, along with his mother and younger sister Vaishanavi. Krutik’s father died one year before, due to HIV/AIDS, and his paternal grandfather and other family members did not allow them to stay there, fearing that his mother and children may also infected.  Krutik’s mother therefore returned to her father’s village.  However here too, his maternal uncle's family would not let them live in the house, and Krutik’s mother, the two children and her elderly father lived separately in a tin shed.  She somehow managed to scrape together enough to cover their living costs through wage labouring on farms.

When school started this year, Krutik was in 2nd standard, but due to their financial situation, his mother was not able to buy a uniform, educational materials etc. for Krutik. It was therefore decided that instead of going to school, Krutik should look after neighbour’s goats and earn some money for the family.

In the same time NISD’s enrolment drive was on in Jakhuri village and one of the social workers visited Krutik’s family. He immediately put the case forward to the project.  NISD staff counselled Krutik’s mother and encouraged her to enrol Krutik in the school.  They also sought cooperation from the school authority and provided a uniform, educational material and motivational support  to Krutik and his mother.  Thus Krutik’s started going to school regularly. 

Because Krutik’s mother was going to work, there was a concern that Krutik would be forced to look after his sister. To avoid this risk, NISD staff enrolled Vaishnavi in the pre-school, recently started by NISD.  Thus both Krutik and Vaishnavi are studying and their mother, without any worry, can go to work.

Thanks to your generosity, children have the opportunity  to be supported in their education, instead of going into work. 

Thank you. 

Krutik's home
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