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NOWPDP seeks to create an inclusive society for people with disabilities in Pakistan. Its objectives are: - Generate a greater level of awareness about the needs and rights of people with disabilities. - Create employment opportunities for people with disabilities to gain economic independence. - Protect and advocate for the right of people with disabilities. - Increase the capacity of organisations working on disability across Pakistan.
May 23, 2013

Improving The Rickshaw Project

The rickshaw that made it all happen!
The rickshaw that made it all happen!

Dear friends and supporters,

I hope this update finds you all in good spirits!

The Rickshaw Project has come a long way since our last update. After a year of experimentation and trial, and finally finding the perfect retrofitting solution, the team (Mustafa, Imran, Pervaiz, Mohammad Ali, Rauf, and Reem) with a lot of help from Nabil and Omair (the core NOWPDP team) have made a rather huge decision - we're selling off our second-hand rickshaws and purchasing brand new ones. Let me explain further...

While our second-hand, retrofitted rickshaws were little miracles that have given us in depth knowledge and understanding of, well, rickshaws, we decided it would be better to have brand new ones until we have the funds to hire our own in-house mechanic and run our own mini-workshop for small repairs and day-to-day maintenance.

New rickshaws are more fuel efficient and reliable. The retrofitting for accessibility will be done by the manufacturer, ensuring quality and safety. We also want to encourge the widespread manufacturing/sale of hand-controlled rickshaws, so that anyone with a disability has access to them, not just people working with The Rickshaw Project. We feel it's another small step towards inclusion and equal access.  

We've got a good price for each of the second-hand rickshaws, and will be using the funds to purchase new ones. Your donations will still be utilized in the same way; however, since there will be no need to retrofit, the funds will suppliment the money we get from the sale of the second-hand rickshaws, and go towards buying new ones.

Your help and support has given us the tools to truly understand everything before we begin scaling, and to make all the right choices to ensure long-term sustainability. For that, we thank you.

Feel free to email me with any questions you my have -

PS - We are however, keeping the rickshaw that we experimented on, and that brought everything and everyone together. We just can't let her go.

Feb 26, 2013

We're ready to begin operations!

the team at the office
the team at the office

Dear donors, supporters, and friends,

The last three months have been very interesting for The Rickshaw Project team. Here is a quick update on what we've been working on.

1. Over the last three months, our driving crew has undergone the following trainings - 

      -Road training/driving lessons/traffic signs

      -Road safety

      -Basic english conversation skills (for non-Urdu speaking customers who will use our rickshaws)

      -Advocacy training/advocacy roadmap which the team will use to adress key issues over the course of the project

2. Suzuki Motors in Pakistan heard about The Rickshaw Project and has offered to help us further improve our rickshaws. Their R&D department has offered to look at the existing retrofitting for accessibility, and add safety features at no additional cost. Our crew is simply thrilled!

3. Avari Hotels Karachi has partnered with us! The entire hotel staff made a donation from their "Tips for Life" fund towards the retrofitting and refurbishment of one rickshaw. Thank you Avari.

4. The project received a donation from a wonderful French artist who recently exhibited his paintings here in Karachi, Pakistan. Proceeds from the sale of two of his paintings were donated to The Rickshaw Project! We will be able to retrofit and design three rickshaws with the donation! We're very happy...

5. The rickshaw team, along with some help from friends the the project, build a ramp at our field office. Please do check out the attached pictures.

Next week, we will be heading to the Traffic and Licensing Office, with our newly retrofitted rickshaws, to obtain our drivers licenses. Wish us luck!

Check out our facebook page for frequent updates and photos!



building the ramp
building the ramp
fixing it in place
fixing it in place
testing it out
testing it out
The team (minus Rauf, who was ill that day)
The team (minus Rauf, who was ill that day)
Nov 26, 2012

Mini scale-up in process!

Our first rickshaw - all decorated and pretty now!
Our first rickshaw - all decorated and pretty now!

Dear donors, supporters and friends,

Here is a quick update on what we've been working on since our last update - 

1. We hired an additional 5 crew-members and began training on the 1st of November.

2. All new recruits have obtained a learning license, and road training has begun.

3. We have refurbished and retrofitted one additional rickshaw; we aim to retrofit/refurbish at least 2 more over the next month.

4. We have our very first client who has booked our first rickshaw weekday mornings and evenings. We are working on getting more orders/bookings for our functional rickshaw so we can begin testing our financial model.

5. We finally painted and decorated the first rickshaw; picture attached!

6. The crew has been participating in the disability sensitization training and school outreach programmes; they have been involved in the design of the programmes and will be an integral part of the implementation of these programmes.

As always, feel free to email me with questions, concerns, suggestions and ideas!


Thank you,


NOWPDP team with the new hires; team discussion
NOWPDP team with the new hires; team discussion
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