Les amis de Hampate Ba

Improving Learning Outcomes, Fighting Girl Dropout Rates, and Promoting Human Excellence is the mission of Les amis de Hampate Ba for students at the Amadou Hampate Ba Middle School in Niamey, Niger. By promoting and financing the development of the school, and providing grants, we help underprivileged youth in Niger become a positive and responsible force within the community.
Nov 18, 2013

All dressed up for the first day of school !

Mina and Salmou are over the moon! It is the first day of school at Hampaté Bâ Middle School and these two deserving students are the proud recipients of a scholarship from "Les Amis de Hampaté Bâ".

I think that my experience in this school will be very magical.”

"If I did not have this scholarship, my father would probably need to choose which of us nine children goes to secondary school, or send us all to bad schools where none of us would pass our exams."

Life in Niger is tough for girls. Poverty, culture and tradition often keep them at home while their brothers go to school. If a girl convinces her family to send her to a “free” government school, she often cannot go because she lacks the funds for a uniform or supplies. 

Mina, Salmou, and 38 other of our scholarship recipients will each receive textbooks and two sets of uniforms this academic year. But most importantly, Mina and Salmou will receive quality education in a girl friendly learning environment. Our association is driven by the belief that a quality secondary education can transform the lives of students and their families.

At the Hampaté Bâ Middle School, extra time is allocated to numeracy and literacy, as these are areas where Nigerien students who have studied at poor quality primary schools struggle. A citizenship education curriculum also teaches students important life-skills such as CV-writing, as well as information about HIV/AIDS. Students will therefore gain more than academic skills at Hampaté Bâ and become responsible and well-rounded citizens.

Please help us keep Mina, Salmou, and our other 38 scholarship holders in school. Thanks for believing in them and believing in the programs that we are funding. With your help these girls can get a quality education and fulfill their potential. Your donations will give them a chance to go to school and to stay in school.

Thank you for making a difference!


Nov 18, 2013

A girls only class? Because We're Worth It !

No, this is NOT a l'Oréal advertisement, but Rakia, Djamila, and Mariama are our "top models" in a reimagined home economics class that, among other things, teaches girl students at the Amadou Hampaté Bâ Middle School to be self confident and to respect themselves.

Rakia , Djamila and Mariama live in a country (Niger) and come from homes where they are automatically considered and unconsciously treated as second class citizens. But this is not the case in this school.

"We are very gender sensitive here and do our best to change our teachers' mentalities regarding the way they treat our girl students" says the school's principal, Mr Hassane Moussa Baro.

The girls only home economics class builds self-esteem and empowers girls to make healthy choices. The home economic teacher, Mrs Moussa says :

"The goal of working with girls at the critical ages of 12 to 14 is to help them build self-esteem, develop life skills and positive motivations so they are equipped with the tools to help them achieve their goals and avoid getting into trouble as they physically and developmentally mature and change."  

Specifically addressing the needs of girls in this age range fills a need in the Nigerien society where sexism and classism persist at institutional and individual levels and affect girls and women, especially those living in poverty. Girls can be exposed to domestic violence, relationship violence, unplanned pregnancy, and abuse. This state of affairs is motivation enough to pay serious attention to girls.

Our association believes that girls who are engaged in positive activities such as school prevention programs are more likely to complete school and positively serve their communities, and reach their potential for future success.

We are able to keep underprivileged girls in these programs and help them get an education with your donations. Thank you for your kind support ! You are making a difference !



Aug 19, 2013


The girls at the Amadou Hampaté Bâ Middle School in Niamey, Niger are lucky to be able to attend a girls-only program and discuss questions like this: 

Does being a girl limit you?

Does it have to limit you?

What do you like about being a girl?

What don’t you like about being a girl?

Do you ever wish you were a different gender? Why or why not?

In Niger, as in many other countries, it is hard to be a girl. Our association is lowering the hurdles that stand in a girls’ way, by helping the Hampaté Bâ Middle School run a girl empowerment program, thus giving the girl students an outlet to discuss issues concerning them, their aspirations for the future, giving them room to spread their wings, and providing them with an opportunity to shine.

Amina : I had fun learning in this class and felt an important part of the group.

Hadizatou: The program has helped me enjoy school more. I hope I'll be able to participate in this class next year again.

Not only Amina and Hadizatou, but all the girls attending the program unanimously agreed that the program had helped them become more confident and more positive about their future.


For the school year 2013/2014 we have 14 new girls who have obtained scholarships to attend the Hampaté Ba Middle School and will attend our girl empowerment program for the first time. Want to know more about this project and why it is important? Read on  !

- Special Girls-Only Class Part of the Curriculum allowing girls to discuss with a specialized teacher and have a voice about issues concerning girls and health, hygiene, families,  child-raising and learn skills such as cooking and sewing. The girls-only program addresses issues such as gender inequality with the goal of promoting self-confidence, self-esteem, and critical thinking .  as well as reinforcing the capacities and worth of a woman in society.

- School environment This project creates a supportive school environment which is a key element in ensuring that girls are able to succeed academically and socially. By expanding our program over the past several years, we have acquired the ability to improve the girl-friendliness and academic achievement levels and make our school an enriching environment

- Teachers  have been trained to ensure gender equality with all the girl students and are aware of gender equality in the classroom.

- Parents  Goals help parents understand the benefits of educating their daughters, such as health and high earning potential.

- Goals Helping girls to stay in secondary school has always been a primary goal of our Girls’ Education program.  Helping girls develop the skills they need to make key life decisions is even better!

- Proud and dreaming big! Some of our girl students are now speaking about how they are succeeding in school despite overwhelming obstacles. Many of the girls in our program are the first in their families to attend secondary school. This encourages them to dream big.

- Theatre Project The barriers that keep girls from going to secondary school in Africa at the same rate as their male peers because of tradition and cultural bias often stands in the way. We encourage the boys in our school to join the conversation and become active participants and we hope to use the power of the theater in the near future to support gender equality.

We believe it is possible to effect long-term change on the educational landscape for girls.

We know you believe in the importance of keeping girls in school. Your contributions have already helped support our achievements in Gender Equality with our program so far. 

We are counting on you to help us to turn the tide !   We need  your continued support in giving these girls the joy of a quality education. Thank you !

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