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To support the Good Samaritan Children's Home and to educate others throughout the world about the needs of orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya.
Jun 13, 2014

Scramble and Order

GSCH Scholars
GSCH Scholars

Thanks to Microsoft’s partnership with Global Giving, your donation to the Good Samaritan Children’s Home can double on June 25 from 12:01 P.M. to June 26 at 11:59!  Donate early because funds go fast.  Your donation can help us meet the needs for tuition and shoes for the fall school term.

Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Go on line to www.globalgiving.org.
  2.  Type the number of one of our projects--6163 for tuition or 7377 for shoes--in the blank.
  3. From there follow the directions provided.

For help call Laura at 727-946-5322.

The management of the Good Samaritan Children’s Home has asked us to become more aware of the times of year that they need to make big payments.  We are now collecting money for the August payment to the home, when the fall term tuition and uniforms are due. 

This May the orphanage and FAF scrambled to meet the summer deadline for tuition, shoes, and book bags which are a new requirement.  Thanks to our successful garage sale and some money left in the Anthony Salazar Fund, we were able to get the kids in their shoes, and uniforms with a book bag on their backs, tuition paid in full.

With better planning and more donations on Bonus Days, we plan to bring more order to the scramble.


Jun 2, 2014

Sponsors put a smile on the GSCH kids

Good Samaritan Children
Good Samaritan Children

In May 2014, 32 out of the 57 primary school going children living at the Good Samaritan Children Home (GSCH)were able to secure sponsorship from a private donor. The money donated was used to pay second term tuition for the 32 children and buy required school textbooks. However, 25 other students were not able to pay the tuition because of financial constraints. The GSCH tried to mitigate this problem by requesting the school leadership to allow the children to attend school as they make arrangements to look for the needed tuition. These students have since been allowed to continue with their schooling.
The need at the home grows by day as more and more needy children are brought in. Also, the high cost of living in Kenya has seen a lot of low income families, especially those in the slums, become so desperate. As we know, when this happens, the children suffer most with some of them getting abandoned by their financially deprived parents. That is why, we at FAF and the Good Samaritan Children Home will forever thank all our donors for whatever contribution you have made. Even though we are not able to meet all the needs of these children 100%, we know that without your compassion reflected in giving, and the presence of the Home, many of them would probably not be alive. Thank you so much for all you do and especially to all who donated through the Global Giving Organization’s Matching Fund fundraising!  More than US $1000.00 was raised! 

GSCH kids
GSCH kids
Mar 21, 2014

Communication Improves

Director Mercy Thuo overlooks Mathare Slum GSCH
Director Mercy Thuo overlooks Mathare Slum GSCH

Facebook has made it possible for us to know more about the everyday life at the Good Samaritan Children's Home.  Recently we heard this booster message:

March 17--Thank you all for your support, and being a blessing to this great family of Good Samaritan, we love you.

Four days later we received this cry for help.

March 21--With our small truck broken down, and hauled into the garage for over a week now, we are in real and urgent need.  The animals have no feeds, hence not enough milk [is being procuced], which means, we have no income for our daily errands!!!

Fabulous African Fabrics immediately replied to find out how we could help and currently await their reply.

Our Global Giving projects for tuition and shoes don't cover the truck or the farm at the orphanage, but everything affects everything when it comes to the home's budget. 

I will address the orphanage's farm at a later time.  The cows and pigs provide income for the home, and encourages the children's work ethic, and satisfied their love for animals.


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