SASANE (Samrakshak Samuha Nepal)

SASANE is a Nepali NGO established by female survivors of human trafficking on the principle that survivors have great potential to create social change. Staffed primarily by survivors, SASANE works to end the physical and sexual exploitation of women and girls, secure their legal rights, and empower them to live free and dignified lives. We work passionately to ensure that survivors and women still trapped in sexual exploitation can escape abuse, achieve their dreams, and become leaders.
May 31, 2011

28 Paralegal Trainees girls have passed the parale

By Idira Gurung – President of SASANE



Dear friends,

SASANE is excited to share news with you about the progress of our Paralegal girls!  All 32 paralegal trainees were working at 20 police stations across Kathmandu Valley but 28 paralegal trainees have passed the paralegal examination which was taken by District court of Kathmandu Nepal on February 19, 2011.  All 28 new paralegal girls have taken their certificates from Kathmandu District court.

SASANE girl’s paralegal service is popular in Kathmandu valley because all poor people especially women & girls feel easier and trust them  for witting complaints in police station as well as law enforcement agencies. New paralegals are working hard inside 20 police stations within Kathmandu valley. They write six domestic violence applications, three child missing cases application, 3 illegal foreign migrant complains and file 3 FIRs (Jaheri) in each police Station per day. They have rescued 13 women and 21 children from Kathmandu valley and send to shelter for treatment before May, 2011. Police personnel, general people and government officials are encouraging them for their imaging help and activities. Now new paralegal girls are familiar with law enforcement officials.

New paralegal girls have no right to take individual fee from general people but they will be starting it from July 1st. That time our girls will be completing their six months practical courses from police stations.

Our one new paralegal is working in Hanumandhoka police station in Kathmandu, she knows about child trafficking activities in her police station area. It is her brief scenario about child trafficking crime in that area.

There is high mobility of women sex workers in areas of Ratnapark, old bus park and Sundhara in Kathmandu.  According to Pragatishil Mahila Sangh (local NGOS), there are 250 women sex workers, every day moving in these areas for sex Clients. Every day 5 to 7 minor new girls are coming there searching for client.They all are working there from morning 10:00 to 8:00 in the evening every day. They do not like to use protection and they are all becoming pregnant from unsafe sexual intercourse.  The women and girls are getting only US $5 from clients. Clients provide room themselves but sometimes girls provide her room to clients. Most prostitute women are poor, illiterate, orphan, single or victim of domestic violence. They all are from remote areas.

Every year, 30 to 40 women sex workers become pregnant in these areas by unknown clients. There is lacking data for how many women are affected by HIV/STD and how many children are affected from these types of diseases. But all women sex workers want money from their profession. However, when women realize they are pregnant, they do not take serious precaution. They smoke and drink alcohol every day. When they pass 7 to 8 months, the trafficker approaches her for her new baby.

For 9 month the mothers miss their business, so after the delivery they sell their baby to the trafficker. The mothers get a lot of money for their babies, which they use for personal treatment, healthy foods and others extra charges. The mothers return in the same profession after the baby delivery. This cycle continues about every two years.

 The mothers are not ready to accept their baby. If these women get pregnant, the clients do not like her and women parent or relative ask her about new baby. One of the mother said they are struggling for money every day for living, accommodation, and at that time the baby becomes a burden. So the mothers sell their babies to the trafficker for money.  Recently this business is changing and is adopted as a profession for earning more money from the traffickers among the mothers.

We have number of paralegal feelings and stories of Kathmandu Valley. SASANE will be provided step to step report in Global Giving but we need your support in order to make it through the next few months.

Thank you for your support!


Feb 22, 2011

32 Paralegal Trainees Now Serving Victims!

Dear Friend,

SASANE is excited to share news with you about the progress of our Paralegal Program!  All 32 paralegal trainees are currently working at 20 police stations across Kathmandu Valley. On February 19th, the trainees took the official government Paralegal Exam. The women will receive the results of their examinations in the next four to eight weeks. Once the women receive the results, those that pass can begin earning money for every police report they file.

The police at every police station have given exceptional feedback on the work of the paralegal trainees. The women are working diligently to assist victims, giving special preference to victims of gender-based crimes.

Last week, I visited Sasmita (Name changed) at Krishnagar Police Station (location name changed), a 16-year-old highly at-risk girl who is a SASANE paralegal trainee and part of our SASANE family. Sasmita’s father abandoned her family two years ago, leaving Sasmita, her 14-year-old sister and mother in financial and emotional despair. Her mother is now working 15 hours a day as a dishwasher. Sasmita had to quit high school due to financial insecurity, but is now working hard as a paralegal. Once she gets the results from the paralegal exam (which she will undoubtedly pass), she can begin earning money and complete high school. “I want to make my family proud, and show my dad that I can support my family better than he could,” she told me while we sat together at the police station.

For Sasmita and the other 31 paralegal trainees, the long wait until they can start earning money is a difficult period. In order to get critical hands on training and earn the trust of community members, they must work diligently at their police posts. But until they receive official certification, they can’t accept fees. All the women come from marginalized backgrounds, and need your support in order to make it through the next few months.

For only $50 a month, you can provide a stipend for a paralegal trainee to address her financial insecurity until she receives her certification.

For only $500, you can send a girl like Sasmita to an entire semester of school.

A little goes a long way for the women and girls that are part of our SASANE family.

Thank you for your support! Look out for more updates in the weeks to come!


                                                                                                With Gratitude,

                                                                                                Alexandra Robinson

                                                                                                Senior Program Director

Nov 24, 2010

Public Speaking & Confidence Building Training!

Malvika Subba & SASANE Member
Malvika Subba & SASANE Member

On November 21, 2010, SASANE hosted a Public Speaking & Confidence Building Seminar for 25 SASANE members who have survived exploitation. As SASANE members and paralegals frequently work with the media and are building their own careers in human rights advocacy, it is imperative for them to become confident spokespersons. Through GlobalGiving donors’ generous support, we were able to hire Media Expert Malvika Subba (Former Miss Nepal) to teach invaluable communications skills.

Ms. Subba presented an intensive training covering a range of public speaking skills including posture, pronunciation, and anxiety management. She also led exercises on handling tough topics like sex, politics, and social conflict.

Malvika spoke on personal confidence, challenging women not to let society’s discrimination and criticism hold them back from achieving their hopes and dreams. She shared her own personal experiences, encouraging women to stand up for themselves despite society’s efforts to hold them back, and to overcome their fears.

At the end of the seminar, all participants clearly felt empowered with improved confidence to tackle obstacles in the home and workplace and to act as spokespersons for women in Nepal!! 

Thank you GlobalGiving for making this day possible!!

SASANE Participants & Malvika
SASANE Participants & Malvika
Public Speaking Exercise on Handling Tough Topics!
Public Speaking Exercise on Handling Tough Topics!
Practicing Public Speaking!
Practicing Public Speaking!
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