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Our Mission is: To turn back the tide of the global AIDS epidemic through innovative community responses that increase the effectiveness of prevention and care efforts. Our Vision is: A world where the AIDS epidemic is in continuous retreat, and people living with HIV/AIDS have access to loving care and treatment in an environment free of stigma and discrimination.
May 8, 2012

Results of a Post-distribution Study

Results of a Post-distrbution Study for Nets Distrbuted in Rural Zambia in October 2010


We would like to thank our friends who have supported Project Mosquito Nets which provides education on malaria prevention and long lasting insecticide treated nets to women and children vulnerable to malaria in Zambia. This report discusses briefly the results of a post-distribution survey for distrbution of nets in rural area in Zambia in October 2010. For a detailed report of the distribution activities please visit http://poweroflove.org/project-mosquito-nets-launched-rural-zambia.

Post Distribution Survey Results

A post distribution survey was carried out in April 2012, approximately 18 months after the original distribution in October 2010. The survey was administered to 100 beneficiary households in the Ndeke compound in Kapiri-Mposhi, Zambia. The goal of this study was to assess the mosquito net usage, condition of the nets distrbuted, and the need for nets in this community. Based on the survey results we were able to draw the following conclusions:

  1. Most of the beneficiaries are using the nets correctly with a few not using them in the proper fashion. Recipients of nets who were not using them in the correct manner were advised on the correct usage of the nets at the time of this survey.
  2. The condition of the nets in the sampled houses was mostly very good. A few recipients reported that the nets were in a poor condition and this could be due to the fact that the nets were used over spring or metal beds.  In a few cases, rats had made holes in the nets. In two households it was reported that the nets received were stolen.
  3. The usage of nets is 98%.
  4. The average number of people sleeping under one net is a little over 2. This implies that one net is helping prevent malaria for two people. We are happy with this result as this reduces the cost of malaria prevention. 
  5. Need for nets - The number of nets received per household is lower than the number of sleeping places in each household. Most households have 3-5 sleeping spaces, but received only one or two nets. This implies that the community will benefit from additional nets for each household.  


The nets distributed in Kapiri-Mposhi, Zambia are in good condition and are being used for malaria prevention by the beneficiary households. The distribution of these nets has gone a long way in educating community members about malaria prevention, and reducing the incidence of malaria in the community. Since, the last distribution was successful and the need for nets is huge, we are raising funds at this time for another distribution in September 2012.

Thanks again for your support.



Apr 18, 2012

A New Innovative Tool - "Safe Parks" Launched In 2011


The Power of Love team is excited to share with you a new and innovative project that we have been working on for the last few months. In 2011, we added a new element called "Safe Parks" to our pediatric HIV/AIDS care program. "Safe Parks" was introduced to address the emotional, mental, and spiritual health challenges faced by children living in the Matero compound in Lusaka, Zambia. This innovative tool provides an opportunity for safe play and
facilitates psycho-social support, activities, discussions, and learning. The program is open to all children in the community, and benefits a child's physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. As of last July our staff
has been playing games with children and assisting them with school work for about 2-3 hours on Saturday afternoons. Initially, 30 children joined the program, but the number has increased to 75 children and some of them are accompanied by their families. We are thrilled to see the number of children grow each week and also the increased involvement of the families of the children.  

As a result of “Safe Parks” our project Nurse has been able to: (i) observe the children’s behavior or as they play and understand the child’s home/school environment (e.g. stress, trauma, apathy, sexual or abuse), and intellectual
capabilities, (ii) use games and activities to identify psycho-social needs of the children through
behavior assessment and provide support and follow-ups, (iii) strengthen child/adult relations and develop
trust, (iv) counsel the caregiver of the child so as to stimulate the mental and physical development of the child. In addition, this program keeps children off the streets (where they can be abused or get into trouble) for a few hours on weekends and has led to an improvement in performance at school as help with homework is provided and games keep children happy. This program is supported by the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS care Foundation which provided training for our staff and tools (balls, swing sets, pencils, chairs for children, coloring books,
and water colors) for the children. 

This new addition to our pediatric HIV/AIDS care program is making a positive impact on the mental and physical well being of the children, helping them learn and stay in school and in helping them to live close to normal lives.

We appreciate your support for this project and request your continued support. Each little bit helps.


Mar 5, 2012

Story of a Zambian Woman Entrepreneur in Power of Love's Micro Loans Program

Brenda and her used clothing store
Brenda and her used clothing store

Story of a Woman who joined Power of Love’s Micro Loans Program and Received Business Training and a Small Loan 

We would like to thank our donors for supporting women entrepreneurs in Zambia take the first steps towards self-reliance. Here is the story of one women entrepreneur. 

Brenda is 42 years old with 4 children of her own and 2 other dependents to support. After her husband divorced her life was hard as her ex-husband refuses to support her and the children.  After her divorce, Brenda did not have a place to live, and two of her children stopped going to school due to lack of funds for school supplies. Brenda moved in with her sister but it did not help as her sister has 5 children of her own to support.  Brenda did not have any skills that she could use to earn money to support her family. In 2010, Brenda joined Power of Love’s micro loans program and received business training and a small loan to start a business.  She started selling peanut butter, and is now selling used clothing in one of the big markets.  At present, all her children are back in school and her eldest son graduated from high school in November 2011. With the earnings from her business Brenda has been able to rent a two room house and has taken the first steps towards self-reliance. We are very proud of Brenda as she now encourages other women in the community to run profitable businesses and has become their role model.     

Thank you.


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