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Advita Fund USA was founded to help improve access to the most effective treatment to cancer patients. We want to make sure that our patients' lives depend not on their income or birthplace, but on the progress of modern medicine.
Jul 22, 2014

Help Katya Finish her Treatment!


In our last report we told you about Anatoli who is finishing his treatment in Israel.  We are happy to report that we were able to raise $1,500 for his treatment and forward to the hospital.  Anatoli and his parents are sincerely grateful.  Thank you so much!

Now another child from Ukraine needs our support.  Katya is only 10, but she has been fighting cancer for three years already.  Initially, she was treated in Kiev and then traveled to Moscow for surgery.  After 15 months of treatment, she finally achieved remission.  Unfortunately, it did not last, and Katya relapsed six months later. 

The only way to try to save her life was to travel abroad to Germany where new immunotherapy, unavailable in Ukraine, was offered.  The cost of it, however, is very high, and as a foreigner, Katya is billed for the full cost of treatment. 

Please help Katya and her family in their fight with cancer!    Thank you for your support.

Jul 15, 2014

Is More Always Better?

Some things are enjoyed in moderation.  But when it comes to helping patients with cancer, more money translates into better care and better outcomes.  And we know of a perfect opportunity to stretch your generous donation to even more impressive size.   Join us during Bonus Day on Wednesday, July 16th and see your donation grow 50% more! 

Just once a year Global Giving rewards its "Superstar" projects with an opportunity to earn 50% bonus on all donations that are $1000 or less.  The timing is great, as summer is a traditionally slow season for fundraising, while the patients still need our help just as much as in any other season.  Right now, 50 patients awaiting bone marrow transplants in St. Petersburg cannot pay their bill for bone marrow donor search.  It means that a life-saving transplant could be postponed for some of them and the success of the procedure jeopardized. 

Thanks to you support, this year we already helped seven low-income patients with the costs of bone marrow donor searches.  And we would love to do more, but we need your help.  Russian healthcare does not cover the cost of donor searches outside of Russia, and it's up to us, private donors, to ensure that patients get a chance to live.   The Bonus day starts at 9 am EDT (17:00 Moscow time) on Wednesday, July 16th.  The bonus funds usually run out quickly, so donate early and let your friends know of this opportunity.  Thank you for your support!  

Jul 14, 2014

New Hope for Mansur

Mansur (on the right) with his dad and his surgeon
Mansur (on the right) with his dad and his surgeon

We have some good news to share.  In June we helped a young man from Dagestan travel to Italy for surgery on his spine.  Five years ago Mansur hurt his back while playing soccer, and since then he has been suffering from increasing weakness in his legs that left him in a wheelchair by 19 years of age.  

Over time, Mansur traveled to over a dozen of clinics around Russia, but none of them was able to offer anything other than physical therapy.  We helped Mansur find a specialist in Italy who recommended surgery to strengthen his spine and prevent further deterioration.  After the procedure Mansur's condition improved significantly:  he no longer has seizures or back pains, and can walk on his own.  With appropriate rehabilitation, he should continue to improve over time. 

We were happy to help Mansur with the costs of lodging while in Italy and wish him complete recovery.   Your support made a very tangible difference for this young man.  Thank you very much! 

On July 16th you can make even more impact during Bonus day.  All donations of $1000 or less will earn 50% bonus. So donate early - starting at 9 am EDT - as bonus funds tend to run out quickly.   And if you like what we do, tell your friends! 

Thanks again for everything that you do. 

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