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- To forever protect and preserve dolphins, whales, porpoises, and our oceans. -To end all commercial and scientific whaling worldwide by Japan, Norway, and Iceland. - To end the brutal dolphin drive and porpoise harpoon hunts of Japan and the Faroe Islands. - To raise public awareness to all the other threats dolphins and whales face including toxic pollution, noise pollution, global warming, loss of habitat, entanglement in fishing nets, collisions with ships, and increasing whaling
Jan 14, 2013

Campaign Update

Hayden Panettiere
Hayden Panettiere

Hi Dolphin, Whale & Ocean Lovers,
Happy Holidays!!

Taiji Update

It was just over 5 years ago that our international spokesperson and star of ABC's hit series "Nashville", Hayden Panettiere, put her life on the line by paddling into the blood filled waters of Taiji's notorious dolphin killing cove and was accosted by the dolphin fisherman causing an international media frenzy which helped raise awareness to this cruel and needless slaughter.

Unfortunately, the dolphin killing by Japanese fisherman still continues in Taiji and we need your support now more than ever to help stop it so please consider helping our cause by donating today.

All proceeds go to our Save the Whales Again! campaign so please check out our updates below to see how we are putting your generosity towards saving dolphins, whales, and our oceans.

Iceland Update

Due to our collective efforts with the Obama Administration, for the second year in a row Iceland has not killed any endangered fin whales.

For the past 2 years, we have been working closely with the President's Chief Advisor on the Environment, Nancy Sutley, the head of NOAA, Dr. Jane Lubchenco, and the US Commissioner to the International Whaling Commission (IWC), Ryan Wulff, to use diplomatic and economic pressure against Iceland until it ceases whaling.

Iceland no longer hunts endangered fin whales but continues to slaughter minke whales and with President Obama's reelection, we will continue to work with his administration to end Iceland's whaling for good. For more information on our White House visit, please click here for the Official White House Blog.

We presently are planning events to put the spotlight on Iceland and we need your help and support now more than ever to ensure our success.  

Norway Update

Norway continues to defy the commercial moratorium on whaling and this year killing over 600 minke whales and has set its 2014 quota to over 1,200 minke whales. Minke whales are the smallest of the great whales and are very beautiful and intelligent creatures who are also very curious and interactive with human divers. Norway, like Iceland, believes that no one cares about their illegal whaling activities but we have news for them: We do! We are currently planning events to shine the spotlight on Norway as well so we need your help and support now more than ever. 

Japan Update

Not only is Japan continuing to kill dolphins in Taiji, they continue to illegally kill whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.  We are working closely with the Obama Administration to use diplomatic and economic sanctions against Japan until they end their dolphin and whale hunts.

We will be returning to Japan this spring so we need your support now more than ever.

All of us here are committed to doing everything we can to help Save the Whales Again! and we thank you all for your continuing support and Happy Holidays!


Hayden Panettiere
International Spokesperson
The Whaleman Foundation &
Save the Whales Again! Campaign


Aug 15, 2012

Campaign Update

Panama Canal Human Whale
Panama Canal Human Whale

South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary proposal fails vote at IWC Meeting

The Save the Whales Again! Campaign held a huge event in Panama on the eve of the International Whaling Commission Meeting. Hundreds of Panamanians and members of the International Community gathered along the Panama Canal and formed a giant human whale with the message “Santuario” (sanctuary) to call for the creation of the Southern Atlantic Whale Sanctuary.

The sanctuary, proposed jointly by Brazil, Argentina, South Africa and Uruguay, aimed to promote biodiversity and non-lethal use of whales in the South Atlantic, promote long term conservation, stimulate coordinated research in the region and develop the sustainable non-lethal use of whales through whale watching and Eco-tourism.

Although there was widespread support for the Sanctuary garnering 65% of the vote, the proposal fell short of the 75% needed to pass. 

Japan's whale hunt ends more than 70% below quota while 900 tonnes of whale meat fails to sell.   

At the IWC meeting Japan reported that it hunted and killed 266 minke whales and 1 fin whale in the Southern Ocean, missing their self-allocated quota by over two thirds. The Japanese Fisheries Agency also reported that 900 tonnes of whale meat did not sell despite 13 rounds of public auctions leaving 75% of the whale meat caught during last summer’s "scientific" whaling in the North West Pacific sitting in its freezers. Recent surveys continue to show the dwindling appetite for whale meat in Japan with over 95% of Japanese saying they never or rarely eat whale.  

Icelandic announces new 2012 whaling quota 

Iceland announced a quota to hunt 216 minke whales and zero fin whales, due to pressure from President Obama and his Administration.  President Obama has certified Iceland under the Pelly Amendment for hunting endangered species and has threatened to take economic sanctions against Iceland if they return to killing fin whales. The Obama Administration continues to press Iceland to halt all of its whaling practices.

We are committed to doing all we can to end these barbaric hunts but we can not do it with out your support so we ask you to please donate what you can to help us! Thank you.

Hundreds of people gather along side Panama Canal
Hundreds of people gather along side Panama Canal
Hundreds show support for the Whales!
Hundreds show support for the Whales!
Panama Canal Human Whale Event
Panama Canal Human Whale Event
Aug 10, 2012

Gulf Marine Mammal Research Mission Update

Research Vessel Odyssey in the Gulf
Research Vessel Odyssey in the Gulf

It's been nearly 3 years since BP's oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, eventually leaking more than 200 million gallons of oil and unleashing the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history.

According to a recent report that analyzed the spill's true toll on wildlife, its estimated that about 6,000 sea turtles, a staggering 82,000 birds, and 26,000 dolphins and whales were likely harmed by the spill.

Scientific eveidence now shows that the recent massive dolphin die off in the Gulf was a direct result of this oil spill.

After 3 summers of collecting data, we now have over 250 marine mammal biosies and we are currently analyzing all the new data while we prep the research vessel Odyssey for its 4th voyage this summer.

With your continued support, we plan to return to the Gulf every summer over the next decade to document what is happening there, document the contaminate levels we find there, and continue this critical work. We thank you all for your support!

Mother and calf sperm whales
Mother and calf sperm whales
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