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Apr 21, 2014

A gift of literacy can lead to a writer

Power of Literacy
Power of Literacy

With your generous support, Ayni will equip a school in Mazar-i-Sharif, Northern Afghanistan with books  that opens the wider world of understanding for Afghan girls. The story below demonstrates how an 11th grade young woman in an urban area was deeply impacted by her journey with books. Thank you for helping provide her learning environment with more books and offering additional girls access to learning.

Mahommoda is an 11th grade student at the school where the new books and equipment for the library will be housed.  Her passion for books started early and stemmed from the fact that she wanted to be first in her class.

She said, "reading books will help me reach my goal. "I always wished to have a room for the library in our school to go borrow books and study books there. When it became known that a fuller library was to established in our school I was very excited to be able read more books. The books help me to better understand people, cultures, ideas, behaviours, wishes and most importantly, their hopes. I think my top position in my class is because of my understanding of general information about class studies and also about the wider world now."

Mohammoda is also a writer of short stories and she attributes her story writing to the process of reading,"after finishing some story books I thought I have lots of thing to say for others."

My father told me to pick up blank paper and write down what I wanted to say." Now I'm  writing short stories and I hope one day I'll  become a famous writer and publish books. The librarian said: "We hope to have more than 500 books in our library and every day that will bring more students into the reading room."

Mahommoda cares a great deal about her country, "this urban school is inside the city and has lots of opportunities like a library for the students. But it is not the same in the villages and rural areas. Even if the school in the village has a small library, there are not many important and interesting books. So, making a program for establish libraries is a great idea and I know there will be lots of improvements in the students after a while."

Access to books
Access to books
Apr 21, 2014

Access to Technology


Your dollars have funded a new laptop computer for girls in our computer literacy class in northern Afghanistan. With your help, we were able to accomplish our goal of providing one of our new computer centers in Balkh Province with another laptop, serving girls who will soon complete their secondary education and who are in dire need of computer skills. We also chose girls in grade 5 and 6 to begin their computer education as studies have indicated that at these ages, girls (whether in the US or in Afghanistan) are impacted in math, science and technology. Our program introduces the girls to the basics of technology.

Each computer we fund will be allocate to the center that most needs it. 

The Power of A Technical Education

One computer can make a difference in the lives of hundreds of girls by improving their opportunities for higher education and employment. We have observed that training girls in fundamental computers skills increases the likelihood that they will stay in school longer and eventually graduate, effectively delaying their marriages and fostering their independence. And if they do marry, we've also observed that their husbands and fathers want them to continue their computer studies because the future rests in technology especially in the urban environment of Mazar-i-Sharif where two of our centers are located.

A third urban center at the Gohar Khaton Girls' School will be opened in September 2014. 

Tayeba, a 9th grade student said: “I am very excited to go to a new school with a modern library and computer laboratory room. I always wished to have a beautiful class in the school. I have seen students in the films that went to modern schools with computers. I hope our class will be like this next year." Tayeba wants to be a doctor in the future just as her own father is to serve the people of Afghanistan.

Why Literacy Includes Computers

Furthermore, if a girl is proficient in applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and if she is able to navigate the Internet, then she will be better prepared to enter the workforce or continue on to some form of higher education. Since the implementation of our computer literacy program in 2008, yearly enrollment rates have increased significantly, from approximately 1,000 students to 13,400 in 2014 year-to-date. This is the power of a single computer for girls in Afghanistan as they join a world that is becoming increasingly interconnected and where information is easily accessible. A computer will allow these girls to learn about international events and will promote cross-cultural understanding and respect. 

A Long-Lasting Impact

Your impact on these girls’ technical education will endure, as one computer will impact approximately 100 girls enrolled in the course every year at the center. The computer will be available for girls to operate for years to come. 

“Only 20 percent of Afghanistan is electrified; it’s only 20 percent illiterate,” says Paul Brinkley, the former United States deputy undersecretary of defense. “But 60 percent have a cellphone. What does this tell you about the Afghan people? They’re starving for information. You need that more to stabilize this country than all the security things you could do.”

Thank you again for supporting our innovative strategy of providing girls in northern Afghanistan with vocational skills while broadening their worldviews with computers. Your dollars will shape the lives of hundreds of Afghan girls who dream of advancing their skills to become more productive and involved in the political, economic, and social life of their country. 

Future rural computer student
Future rural computer student
Apr 21, 2014

Educating a Generation

Empowering a girl with education
Empowering a girl with education

Educating A Generation with Your Donor Dollars

"Because we try from our hearts and we believe in ourselves and we have our parents with us." A student studying for her education

When you educate a girl in Afghanistan, everything changes. Your help in doing just that goes a long way by supporting literacy development in girls ages 5-22 in Balkh Province, Northern Afghanistan. Thanks to donor support, we have been able to both build physical schools as well as develop programs with computers, libraries and a teacher training center that aims to bring more female teachers to rural areas. 

There are currently more girls enrolled in school than at any time in Afghanistan's history with females accounting for 36% of all students. We want to continue this trend and improve upon it until every girl is enrolled in school. The benefits are tremendous:  early marriage is delayed, maternal health improves and the economics of the family likewise improve because girls become employable upon graduation. 

The story below demonstrates what education can mean in the life of a girl.

Shazia is now 18 and was just accepted to the university after receiving a high school education at a school built with and supported by your donor funds.

 “I remembered when my father and mother helped me with my lessons every night and my parents asked me about my tasks and new lessons. I spent all my time going to school and studying my lessons.” She had the first position in her class all 12 years. She said: “I thought it was my duty to learn. "

Shazia is living with her family of 8. Her brother is studying in the Faculty of Agriculture in Balkh University. And her younger brother is in grade 12 in the top position of his class. Her three sisters are also students at the Ayni built school. And they are all in first position in their classes. Shazia said: “Why and how are we able to do this? Because we try from our hearts and we believe in ourselves and we have our parents with us. Parents are a very big power for the children. When they encourage you, you think you have the entire world behind you. I am very happy and lucky that I have my parents with myself.”

Shazia passed the Kankor- like the America SAT -  examination and is now proceeding to university. 

The is fantastic news and thanks to your support of our computer centers, library books and the buildings for Shazia to study in, her success is moving to the next level of education.

Shazia delayed marriage as well as early childbirth. It is a well known fact that an educated mother is more likely to ensure that her children also receive an education and thus break the cycle of extreme poverty and maternal illnesses. Shazia will likely go on to finish her degree and be able to contribute to her family's economic situation. With eight people to support, her efforts will make an enormous difference. She is an example of how educating one girl is having a ripple effect on the entire family. 

Thank you.

Technology Empowerment
Technology Empowerment
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