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Q Center's mission to increase the visibility of and foster connection within metropolitan Portland's Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Questioning (LGBTQ) community. The center builds public awareness and support, and celebrates LGBTQ diversity through art, culture, and collaborative community programming.
Jul 11, 2014

Q Center Welcomes New Youth & Young Adult Manager!

Micheal Weakley, Q Center's new Youth & Young Adult Program Manager.

Micheal will oversee Q Center’s Sexual & Gender Minority Youth Center (SMYRC) Program, the Washington County Pride Project, the We Are Here LGBTQ Youth & Young Adult Blogspace and all of Q Center’s programming for young people ages 12-23. Weakley is a graduate of Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, TN and Mid-Sweden University in Sundsvall, Sweden (B.S. Communication: Public Relations, President of PRSSA, IABC). Micheal worked for the CDC funded Mpowerment Project at AIDS Project Arizona offering HIV prevention for gay men 18-29 and has been active in the non-profit field and LGBTQ community for over fifteen years, working actively with AIDS Walk Arizona, Common Ground: New Orleans Relief Project, World AIDS Day, the Campaign for International Equality and oneNten. Micheal has been featured on the cover of both Echo and IONAZ magazine for his commitment to empowering LGBTQ youth in Arizona and was featured on CNN for the development of Q-High a bully-free school dedicated to LGBTQ youth. He was named Echo’s Man of the Year and served as Grand Marshall in the 2010 Phoenix Pride Parade. As former Deputy Director of oneNten, Micheal developed the Promise of a New Day, a project designed to keep LGBTQ out of homelessness. Micheal is also co-founder of REBEL YELL — a music, arts and activism event designed to engage immigrant, queer and homeless youth. You can reach Micheal by email at micheal@pdxqcenter.org.


Mar 7, 2014

Stefhannie-Josephine Calhoun, a SMYRC young adult

Stefhannie-Josephne Calhoun
Stefhannie-Josephne Calhoun

Your support of SMYRC makes a huge difference in youth leadership!  Please read Stefhannie's take on how to make a difference. 

"Where do I begin, well I guess the simple answer would-be the beginning. My name is Stefhannie-Josephine Calhoun and I am a 21yo Trans female of color, currently residing in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I’ve always had a passion for the sense of community, and it’s just a plus that I’m specifically passionate about the LGBTQ community. After coming out and searching for some sort of purpose in my life, I realized that I can make a difference. I began my involvement at SMYRC, the Sexual and Gender Minority Youth Resource Center (the “G” is silent) in Portland, Oregon, it was there that I realized it was possible for me to make a difference within our community.

I realized that I was already making a difference by just being me, but there are there are other ways I could too. One way is through peer-to-peer sexual education. This method allows the students to learn from people their own age. I can validate the fact that when I’m learning something new, learning it from somebody my age can help a lot, and there’s a slight sense of comfortability, if you will. Having knowledge about sexual health doesn’t affect just one person or community, it’s about us all.

Another way is being able to know what your intersecting identity is. Knowing this can help you not only get a better understanding of who and how you really are, but what your actual needs are. For instance my transition from male to female is different from “Suzie”. I don’t need to take hormones to grow breasts, but I do keep unwanted and unruly hair at bay; whereas “Suzie” may not need to keep away unwanted hair but want to grow breasts.  Make sense?

One last way is fighting for all-inclusive health care reform that allows people to achieve comfortability within their own mind and body, whether that be from finding the right therapist to have a positive outlet to release your feelings and emotions, or finding the right medical professionals team to monitor the right treatments to fit your needs. It is important for everyone to feel as if they can live and breathe the life that they want to live, or feel that they were meant to live.

All of these topics are just a few of the ones that are present within my community that I have had a connection with and have a moving passion for. Each of these topics are so important within not only their own right but each other. At one point or another each of these topics come to a common ground where everything is at a peaceful standstill, and it is that exact same peaceful standstill that I am wanting to see not only myself achieve but everyone around me regardless of gender or sexual orientation, and yes they are different ;)"


Nov 6, 2013

15 Years of Service to LGBTQ Youth & Young Adults!

Q Center's Sexual & Gender Minority Youth Resource Center (SMYRC) turns 15 years old this year! And there's much to celebrate:

15 years of providing a safe space to support and celebrate queer youth. 

15 years of working with queer youth and their families.

15 years of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual support provided to queer teens and young adults.

15 years of increased academic success.

15 years of reducing poverty and juvenile crime.

15 years of helping queer youth stay in school.

15 years of creating future community leaders.

All because of the generosity of people like you!  Q Center only has $700 to go to reach our $6000 goal to fulfill our "Support 500 LGBTQ Oregon Youth".  Please make a gift today and help us with 15 more years of successfully serving LGBTQ youth and youth adults in the Portland metro area!


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