VSI, Venture Strategies Innovations

Venture Strategies Innovations (VSI) is a nonprofit organization committed to improving women's health in developing countries by creating access to effective and affordable technologies on a large scale.
Maragua, Kenya
C 71, Maragua, Kenya
(-.78670, 37.13054)
Nacala Porto
EN8, Nacala, Mozambique
(-14.55414, 40.68544)
Prevent Nigerian Mothers from Dying in Childbirth
Kaduna, Nigeria
(9.49241, 7.82227)
Teach Traditional Ethiopian Midwives to Save Lives
4, Ethiopia
(8.66792, 39.02344)
Tigray Region, Ethiopia
Hahefen St, Mek'ele, Ethiopia
(13.49547, 39.47147)