The River Fund

The River Fund is dedicated to providing physical, emotional and spiritual support, to people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS and other life challenging illnesses and circumstances, as well as their loved ones and caregivers. We serve the poor, those who often are alone and in need - regardless of a person's religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender or age.
Aug 5, 2011

August 2011 Update

Dear Friends,
Nothing I say could possibly express the urgent needs of our friends in Uganda, so I will share with you a personal letter I received from Joseph Onyango, who heads the Rayland Rural Development Project (RARUDO):

Dear Jaya,
       I take this opportunity to send you warm greetings from Rarudo, Tororo, Busia and Bugiri.  We are okay only that I have been busy in the village with garden work since am trying to settle my family at home. I have
moved them from Kampala back to RARUDO, where at least they are safe.
       Generally there is great outcry all over, poverty is on its climax, there is terrible famine (hunger), no food
completely some are surviving on a meal day or none other hot water.  This is all due to long drought which has
caused late planting and late harvesting coupled with high cost of fuel and commodities which sparked political unrest.  
       During the time of violent demonstrations in Kampala, I lost my digital camera, monitor, printer, they were stolen from my place of work, along with almost everything I owned. 
Two of your old friends, Samburo and Blandina, are very sick.  Samburo of course with AIDS, and Blandina is on treatment she is having malaria and high blood pressure.
       I am so broke I could not get our financial report from auditors, they finished the work some time
back but am yet handicapped. Please send my regards to all my friends.  – Joseph

Joseph’s letter made me cry, because he has been such a strong leader in all the places he mentions. If Joseph is feeling so disheartened, then things are bad indeed.  These little communities, where people have worked so hard to make a better life, are in danger of being crushed again under the weight of world-wide economic and
environmental crises. I realize you may be feeling a little bit crushed yourself, but even small donations go a very
long way. 
Thank you.  




Aug 4, 2011

August 2011 Report

JUNE 2010-2011 JUNE

Executive:  RWEN started in 2008 by 5 devoted Trainers of Trainers who had been trained for three years by great Lynde Francis of Zimbabwe under the influence and care of the Director of River Fund a friend of African women.

These were: 

Teopista Auma               –             Chairperson.

Mary Justine                   –             Vice Chairperson.

Rose Olowo                    –             Treasurer.

Sabina Wanyongo           –             Secretary.

Anna Namanyi                –             Publicity.

Women                                   41
Elderly                                    24
Men/widowers                        4
Widows                                  55
TOTAL                                  124
Children   (OVC)                    300

Through RWEN 3

25 women-lead by Grace formed in 2010.

Tororo                            20
women-lead by Rose Olowo formed in 2010.

women-lead by Bulandina formed in 2009 an old group of more than 60 members.

February this year we received funds from global giving through jaya the Director River Fund and we have been
able to improve on same of the activities on our program of RWEN, we are grateful.


Training : 

25 women were
trained in long team survival skills HIV/AIDS at Amonikakinei by the tots of RWEN

60 RWEN women have been trained in Agricultural  skills and vegetation Cultivation and food security

Tailoring, hair dressing, have been tried 

Long term survival skills –HIV/AIDS.

Women are well advanced in long term survival skills improved health / Nutrition / improved positive living.


2 elderly women and epilepsy boy are always feed on porridge,
beans and posho.

HIV/AIDS children feed at school under RWEN’s care.


The members have been trained in vegetable growing and proper methods of farming Sukuma, Tomatoes, egg plant, dodo and other green vegetables, ground nuts, beans.

Maize, sweet potatoes and cassava for food security although there is famine due to cassava virus and prolonged sunshine.


We have worked hand in hand with ODECO to train the women in different activities for family health nutrition and basic agricultural skills.

Life for members and OVCS is far much better than before.


There has been an epidemic of pigs and we have lost most of our pigs the number is small.


We have been able to provide school uniform for one hundred and fifty children (150).

Enough scholastic materials for one hundred and fifty children.

Our children have been average in their learning according to the results of term one.


We have moved from 100-150 OVC under RWEN care.

Our members are better in agricultural skills.

Families have improved in their ways of life especially HIV/AIDS homes due to long term survival training.

Self stigma has gone out of people stress has reduced due to long term survival skills.

Women have become very active and creative.

Self awareness has made life very simple for HIV/AIDS positive people. It has made them happy and free.


Our members miss septrine on clinic days because of the serious demand for it.

Each term scholastic materials are needed for the children.

On our nursery school would do better if we had transport for children and looking for food from different places.

Our tailoring project would do better if we had enough sewing machines there are still few and we need to buy more if funds are realised.

There is luck of some of the salon materials e.g. creams drying machines also advanced training if funds are there.

We lost most of our pigs.

We lost 2 members who were HIV/AIDS positive because they had T.B attack.

On behalf of RWEN members, I wish to thank the Global giving members and the Director of the Riverfund , all our kind donors for the great work done for the people of Africa, Uganda, Bugiri, Busia, Tororo, Lumino and Amonikakinei.

Thank you very much,

God bless you all,


Chairperson RWEN.

Apr 22, 2011

Work Plan 2011

Working in the villages
Working in the villages
I beg to apologise for the delay in sending you the report of what the group has planned to do this year.  However find here the work plan for the year 2011 and objective No.1 is already ongoing. 
Objective: To provide support to  pupils living with HIV.
Activity:  Identification of 10 most vulnerable pupils living with HIV.
Output:  An increase in the number of HIV+ pupils attending school
Indicator:  Number of the beneficiaries, Record from schools, List of recipients of support
Resource:  Stationery,  Record of identified pupils, Fuel.  
Amount:  UGS 328,500
Budget Notes:  Needs assessment
Please see the attached document for the yearly plan.
Thank you very much.
















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