The River Fund

The River Fund is dedicated to providing physical, emotional and spiritual support, to people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS and other life challenging illnesses and circumstances, as well as their loved ones and caregivers. We serve the poor, those who often are alone and in need - regardless of a person's religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender or age.
May 31, 2013

May 2013 Quarterly Report

Member of the association handing over a cash box
Member of the association handing over a cash box





Support of groups in VSLA (Village Saving and Loan Association) component.

The VSLA Component : 

Members formed self-selected economic groups and manage them by setting own rules and regulations using the
framework of the component guidelines. However, in these groups, the beneficiaries have all been identified and supported earlier with goats.

The groups have a management committee of 7 members selected by the group.

Transactions for savings, loans and emergency/insurance are carried out on a weekly basis.

All group transactions are witnessed by all the members during the meeting.

Benefits of the VSLA component:

  • Convenient savings choices catering for all members.
  • Savings are made on a weekly basis in the form of shares purchases.
  • The value is determined by the members at the beginning of every cycle.
  • Individual members save for various reasons like for meeting immediate basic needs.
  • Members get back their savings at the end of the saving cycle.
  • The profits made by the group are shared at the time of share out.
  • Every member with savings at the time of share out earns profit worth their saving.
  • Loans are affordable for business, investment and consumption
  • All loans are paid back with interest
  • Every member is entitled to one (1) loan at a time.
  • The monies paid as fines for defaulters in the group can be used to cater for vaccines for treating their goats.

Activities carried out:

  • Distribution of Cash boxes and all the items for the implementation of VSLA activities. Five (5) groups have been supported with the items for the VSLA.
  • Training of the groups on the VSLA Component. Five (5) groups have been trained in total in the VSLA methodology and its principles.
  • Support monitoring during group’s meetings.

Sharing out of the goats by groups:
In two (2) groups from Pongdwongo and Alango parishes which received the goats in 2011, they have now
shared the goats among the members since the numbers have multiplied. Each member received a goat and in another (Pongdwongo Parish), they have more than the number of the members which excess are being kept by the chairperson awaiting delivery sine two of the goats are expecting to deliver soon.


Our major challenge has been means of transport. We hire motorcycles to take staff to the field for group supervision and monitoring which is quite costly for the Association’s meager resource.

The Association is currently looking for another office space as the one being occupied is now taken by the
school in which the Association had been offered space.


River Fund HIV/AIDS Family Support Association would like to thank all its supporters; Global Giving and
the team, JAYA Canterbury-Counts and all who have endeavored and continued to support those in need. With the support,10 groups have so far received goats, 5 groups of the 10 received VSLA activities kits, and more attention is focusing on the children and households affected by the ‘mysterious’ Nodding Disease in
the districts of Northern Uganda.

We however can’t do much without knowing what our donors feel about our project and or how we can make
it better and unique from what we are offering now. Please do post your comment.

Support & supervision of the groups (with goats)
Support & supervision of the groups (with goats)
Mar 8, 2013

Quarterly Report

Children lining up for lunch
Children lining up for lunch

RWEN (Rural Women's Empowerment Network)

Happy Christmas and happy New Year 2013

Orphanage centre-
We now have 352 orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC), 52 live at the center, and 152 are in other schools. All of them under RWEN (Rural Women Empowerment Network) of which they get assistance from you. These are both primary and secondary
The results-of-our children of 2012 are promising and. most of them have been promoted to the next
classes of their levels. 25 are joining higher level of education.
Schools opened on the 4th of February 2013 and we still lack scholastic materials, uniform, mid -day
meals for OVC’s and fees top up not paid yet.
Some secondary students and those at higher levels are still at home due to lack of funds.
45 children living with HIV/AIDS live positively and are encouraged to work hard through counseling. Stigma is completely
out of our communities.
10 children living with HIV/AIDS are always visited and encouraged to get drugs, assisted by the 5 councilors. These go to school and are provided with meals throughout.
These are 3 who are also helped and always taken for medical check up and drugs are always got for
them. 2 live at the center
These get mid-day meals and breakfast at the center. These are assisted throughout
Other women are working very hard to maintain their families
Tree planting project has started seriously by most women and the youth 
Through training and counseling exercises, women and children have become healthy and active.  ~  .
Most women have picked up interest in growing matoke (banana) and the plantations are doing well
with some matoke (banana). Maize did not do well but beans, green vegetables, cassava and potatoes
have done well.
There is great improvement and most women are practicing local poultry and goat keeping at a small

- The women have become active than before in their day to day activities. 
-  Education for OVCs has improved and most of them have picked a lot of interest in learning,
most of them being in schools.
- Balanced diet in schools is practiced, at home and in the community.

- Child headed families need special attention
- Elderly women need better shelter
- The children's center/school need fencing though there is lack of shelter for children.
- The piggery project has not done well

Great thanks go to all our donors and all our friends in partnership. Thank you for Christmas gifts for the children and the women worthy Uganda shs.3.250.000.

Children at school
Children at school
Mar 1, 2013

Update on children

Children receiving scholastic materials
Children receiving scholastic materials

More About our children:
Out of 558 orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC), 300 children sat for both PLE and O’level (senior four final exams),
262 sat for Primary Leaving Exams (PLE)
38 out of 89 in secondary sat for O’Level Exams
Other 258 are in lower classes but also did their promotional Exam.

There is tremendous demand from other children in the community in need of support.
It just overwhelming and heart breaking when I see children come to me crying for help.
From within January and February 2013 in Tororo alone we registered more children totalling
to 1,000 children with hope for funding.

If we received additional funding we shall extend the support to these needy children
of whom majority are girls.

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