Centre for Community Development Studies (PUSPEM)

1. Identification for community basic potential in Indonesia 2. Helping the effort of empowering communities and increasing self-help activities through skill development in the technology, economic and management sectors 3. Supporting the effort of democracy and open-mindedness as conditions for creativity development, equal rights and opportunity 4. Avocation activities for people
Sep 3, 2009

Project update 2041

Children Education Program in Bakoy, Aceh Besar

Growth children education program up to now is being walked properly. That thing shown without decrease spirit [of] children to follow education, though some of range from to their has moved on site that has been provided by local government. But most important matter was for us conducted at this time is not merely simply education, but also food aid and school clothes is matter very urgent for us execute soon. Puspem notes some points that must conducted in order to help children that up to now still follow education in TPA, for example: (i) Food Aid or additional nutrient for children; (ii) Aid of school clothes; (iii) Book Aid and stationery; (iv) Tools play so children can easy control and invite to learn. This condition are conducted to lighten burden [of] old fellows sponsor for purchasing, Need of children school, Push children in order to remain to be diligent go to school even go troughs pillage that far, Improved durability of children body was to disease that all the times can attack weather consequence that uncertain. Aid that meant above is one of our care to children of earthquake and tsunami victims, especially that related to education and additional nutrient. Realized or not up to now still old fellow that work has not yet been maximal until has needed aid and motivation to continue improve its job enthusiasm. They still need kind of helps and attention from the Donors, so that aid that already and will be given will very help them.

Sep 3, 2009

Project update 2112

Indonesia stricken Dry season likely will eat time sufficiently long (estimate BMG). That thing of course will result long enough heat. At this condition resident somewhere require clean water for drink, protection from sun heat. So that Puspem notes several things that has been conducted in order to help society to chase sun heat that very burn that: (i) Counseling to society to the importance care of plantation environment; (ii) Giving of acacia tree that can be planted society in front of house each; (iii) Trees Cultivation that assumed can become protector from sun heat; (iv) Maintenance apologize for can grow properly. And if that above will succeed some years to the fore Indonesia can be most free or ducked out its broiling sun.

Output 1. Help society finish environment problem that faced 2. Help society to care of environment properly until light/ray sun slowly can be obviated 3. Help society to engreen environment and society plantation 4. Helped society to improved its earnings pass by result plantation

Follow-up Summer is dry season that usually result the increasing of sun broiling. In consequence,, program that recently executed Puspem is assumed by local society very help in order to care of environment in order to remain to calm also help to improve local society earnings. In consequence, we are being hoped support from GlobalGiving and the donors to continue give support until this program can continue in order to overcome Global Warming impact.

Jun 24, 2009

Progress Report for project 2112

Plants Maintenance for reboisation

Phase Program 1 has planted tree more than 550 trees from kinds of tree seed. At phase 2th this program that will be conducted is plants maintenance that has been planted one month ago. Generally weather in Indonesia has entered summer or dry season, where rain seldom downwardness until trees that has been planted must paid attention in order not to die, this Maintenance will for 6 month to the fore. Expected after 6 month tree seeds that have been planted already can grow by itself. Plants Maintenance that will be conducted is by sprinkle tree seed that has been planted everyday. Mr Budiman one of the local society that also volunteer in this program tell that this program of trees cultivation will succeed if we are all serious concerned about tree seed that has been planted with maintain it, at least everyday that plants are must sprinkled water in order not to die. So that we still hope the donors to continue give expense aid in order to program of trees cultivation can still going on till can plant more than 1,000,000 trees in all region in Indonesia expecially in West Java.