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We foster the development of children at social risk in Chile by training and empowering volunteers to serve as positive role models, educators and advocates of social justice. To achieve our mission, we: Create and implement engaging education and recreation programs for children. Develop leadership and mentoring skills in volunteers throughout their intensive, long-term service commitment. Collaborate with child service organizations by providing complementary programming and support, introducing children to new opportunities, and garnering resources and social capital. Motivate a global network of former volunteers to engage their local communities in support of social justice for child...
Jun 20, 2012

English is in Motion

EIM Workshop
EIM Workshop

One of our main programs at VE Global is English in Motion (EIM), in which volunteers teach English to the children in a fun, interactive way, such as learning body parts by singing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, or learning commands while playing Simon Says. This not only reinforces what the kids learn in school, but gives them the opportunity to hear English spoken by a native speaker, as most of our volunteers are from English-speaking countries.

EIM is a program that runs throughout the school year. During this time, VE volunteers are encouraged to run English workshops at least one a week with the children in their institutions, but many volunteers also report giving “informal” lessons nearly every day. And we have seen lots of success in EIM recently. At San Francisco de Regis, volunteers helped the girls make paper fans, teaching them the names of colors in English as they painted them. At Promesa Niños, the boys play Hide and Seek in English with the volunteers, and shout “Go Fish!” when playing the popular card game. At Promesa Niñas, the volunteers have been working on the girls’ conversational abilities, by greeting them every day with “Hello, how are you?” and saying “Goodbye! See you tomorrow!” at the end of the day. Even a 2-year-old, the youngest in the home, has successfully learned how to say “Hello” and “Goodbye,” because one of the volunteers discovered she could use the greetings in a silly game of peek-a-boo.  


May 16, 2012

Orientation Week!


One of the most important parts of the VE volunteer experience is the orientation week. It gives ‘newbies’ a chance to learn more about the work they will be doing, settle into life in Santiago and have fun getting to know not just the other people in their class, but the whole VE team.

Our may class of new volunteers has just arrived so they spent the last week learning all about VE Global and the mission, vision and values that drive our work.  This includes trainings from local professionals on the child protection system in Chile, learning about Chile’s recent history with trips to historical sites such as Parque por la Paz, as well as getting tips on chilenismos, local food and social customs which will help them make the most of their time in the city.

Of course, the most important part of orientation is learning about the work they will carry out as a volunteer, how to successfully create and run workshops, provide the most help and support to the institutions and build strong relationships with the children we serve. Good luck to the new volunteers as they settle into their first week of work! 


Mar 14, 2012

Taking Time to Reflect

We believe the work we do is important, fostering the development of children at-risk through volunteers that mentor and educate them. We also believe the volunteers who do it need time for reflection. VE volunteers do everything from teach reading to wipe runny noses, and while much of what we do is fun, it is also hard and emotional work.

That's why, every VE class of volunteers goes to "Jornada."  A volunteer retreat, a weekend away from the loud noises of the city, a chance to take deep breaths and give volunteers a time to reflect on their experiences. It's here we gain insight from our fellow volunteers and learn new techniques for helping the children we serve. On Sunday, we leave, riding the bus back into Santiago with renewed energies to work with the kids and show them that they truly deserve love.  


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