Step for Bulgaria Foundation

Step for Bulgaria is a non-profit organization which aims to support the development of Bulgaria's socially and economically disadvantaged youth, with a focus on children living without parental care. We do this by engaging young people in alternative education and professional orientation activities to develop their life knowledge, practical life and career skills, and personal strengths.
Feb 25, 2014

Volunteers supporting children and youth

Dear Friends,

I’m happy to announce that our Foundation officially became Center for Work with Volunteers. We took this step as we believe that one of our biggest strengths is our volunteers. At the end of 2013 we purposefully started to recruit volunteers who want to work with disadvantaged children and youths and help them acquire knowledge and skills for their independent living.

In December 2013 we trained the first group of 20 volunteers who already started their individual work with underprivileged children. Currently there are 13 children and youth from Sofia that receive support by the volunteers.

Before being introduced to a volunteer we make individual assessment of the necessities of the child and we define the field in which support is needed. Together with the volunteer we make personalized program based on the needs of the child.

Most often the volunteers help the children to increase their self-esteem and the trust in their own abilities. Children and youths also receive support in how to improve their communication skills.

None of this would be possible without your support! Thank you for being with us!


Sincerely yours,

The Step for Bulgaria team

Nov 25, 2013

Year-long Educational Programme

Dear Friends,

Your support during the last year gave the opportunity for 50 children and youngsters from Sofia, Gabrovo, Plovdiv and Berkovitsa to participate in year-long educational programme. The programme consists of 4 modules “Psychological module”, “My Rights”, “My Health” and “Professional orientation”. The content of the modules was developed based on the necessities of the children and youngsters and in its essence it is training for acquiring abilities for independent living.

The Psychological module covered topics related to communication – challenges and difficulties, conflict management, aggression, assertive behaviour and non-verbal communication. Through “My Health” module the children and youngsters were introduced to their rights as patients. There were discussions on healthy nutrition as well as topics on sexual health and culture. During “My Rights” module the participants gained knowledge on basic legislative documents that guarantee the rights of the citizens in the country. During the discussions and the role-games, the children and the youngsters leaned which institutions they should refer in case their rights are violated. Special attention was paid to the topic of discrimination – problem that concerns directly most of the children. Sessions within module “Professional orientation” were organized in the form of discussions. Topics of these discussions were directed to how to write a CV, what is the significance of getting proper education and how it influences future career development, which are the steps that each person should take in order to achieve professional realization.

The children and youngsters were very active during the discussions and role-plays. The discussions were open and the children and youngsters shared not only thoughts but also their own experience on some of the topics.


Thank you once again for making this possible! With your continuous support we believe we can help more children and young disadvantaged people to be better prepared for life outside the institutions.


Sincerely yours,

The Step for Bulgaria team

Aug 26, 2013

Vocational Courses

Dear friends,

We are pleased to share with you that already 15 youngsters from four cities in Bulgaria - Sofia, Gabrovo, Berkovitsa and Plovdiv attended different vocational courses. The professional certificates they received will facilitate the process of finding jobs and thus, the transition to independent living after leaving care.

In our youngsters, we see increased motivation and improved self-confidence. All of them start to believe in their personal skills and abilities and show willingness for further professional development.   

We would not achieve this without your continuous support! Thank you for your valuable contribution!

We will continue to keep you updated on the progress of our initiatives.

Best wishes,

The Step for Bulgaria Team

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