Machik's mission is to strengthen communities on the Tibetan Plateau. Founded on a core commitment to the ideals of service and engagement, we work to develop new opportunities for education and training, as well as supporting initiatives that advance innovative and solutions-oriented approaches to the challenges of community revitalization and sustainability.
Sep 28, 2012

Snapshots from Machik's Summer Enrichment Program

The Machik Team wants to share  pictures from the Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) with you. SEP 2012 brought together Chinese, Tibetan and Global volunteers for a month to teach and learn from Tibetan children from mostly rural backgrounds.

We had our share of difficulties. The day before we were scheduled to start the program, we were told it would be advisable to move the program to another location due to heightened political sensitivities. Our volunteers and team responded to this with the resilience that drives the success of our work in a region of the world that is often unpredictable and difficult to work in.

Within 48 hours we secured another location and moved. And over the next 4 weeks, the magic of SEP unfolded! Educational enrichment, personal transformations, strong communities of trust for continued collaboration and learning...this and so much more was achieved thanks to your generous support and donations!

Please enjoy the pictures from the program. We hope you enjoy them!

We are grateful to you for making this work possible. Thuji che! Thank you!

Jun 20, 2012

And the prep continues!

Student from SEP 2011
Student from SEP 2011

In exactly one month from yesterday we will welcome all the volunteers to Gyalthang. After few days of orientation, 80 Tibetan students from all over the Tibetan plateau will arrive for the four weeks of Machik's Summer Enrichment Program. This is a huge deal because it will be the first time many of these rural students have left their hometown. The boy in the photo is one such student from SEP 2011--He began 2011 as our shyest and least educated student. At age 14, he was in the second grade and spoke only a local village dialect, but by the end of the program he paraded around with basic English and interacted confidently in Tibetan with fellow students and volunteers.

When the students arrive for SEP 2012, they will have the opportunity to interact with Tibetans from other areas, with global citizens from across the world, and with Chinese volunteers from all over mainland China who want to better understand Tibetan culture. At Machik, we strive to build a truly unique and open-minded team dedicated to educational service, and we look forward to much cross-cultural and inter-cultural dialogue and exchange throughout the upcoming four weeks.

We couldn't be much more excited! One of the expenses we are currently fundraising for is the living expenses of the students who wish to join us next month. SEP 2012, here we come!

May 4, 2012

Gearing up for 2012 SEP!

Tibetan student with volunteer
Tibetan student with volunteer

After a successful Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) last year, we are now preparing for this year's program. The 2012 SEP will take place in Gyalthang (Yunnan Provine), China from July 18 to August 18.  We expect to bring approximately 60 Tibetan students to SEP this year, most of whom are from rural or nomadic families.  Also joining us will be 9 blind students from the Lhasa Blind School.  We hope you will continue to support us as we prepare for another unique opportunity to serve Tibetan youth from across the Plateau.  Please visit our project site for updated information and find out how you can contribute to this year's program.