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Mission: Portland Opera exists to inspire, challenge and uplift our audiences by creating productions of high artistic quality that celebrate the beauty and breadth of opera. Vision: Portland Opera will be known for its commitment to the highest artistic standards, its boldness of spirit, and its willingness to take risks. It will produce work of such distinction and beauty that the lives of our audiences will be transformed by what they experience on our stage.
Nov 6, 2014

Final Report for Portland Opera To Go


The Portland Opera To Go project is being deactivated on Global Giving. We know that Global Giving is a fantastic, effective platform for funding many projects around the world, but the site isn't a good match for funding this specific project. 

Thanks to generous supporters like you, POGO is in full swing planning the 2015 bilingual Spanish-English tour of our special production of “The Barber of Seville.” Nearly 65 schools and community centers have already booked the tour, and over 60% of them are in rural communities.  

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Aug 20, 2014

2015 is a Bilingual "The Barber of Seville"!

Portland Opera is proud to be announcing our 2015 POGO Tour: The Barber of Seville

The first new production in a few years, we have commissioned a truly bilingual production for the 2015 tour. This production will feature the story of The Barber of Seville where our favorite friend, Figaro, will be translating between two lovers. One speaks only English, one speaks only Spanish. In this delightful production, both plot and character will be conveyed in both languages. We have taken our time to make sure this production is true to the bilingual concept. 

The report is short, but the news is big! 

We look forward to seeing you in 2015!

May 30, 2014

2014 is wrapped up

Mimi and Rudolpho
Mimi and Rudolpho

Another season has come to a close. The sets are put away, the truck returned and our intrepid cast have returned to thier lives.  What did we accomplish? 

POGO presented 59 performances of "La Bohème" and Opera Improv featuring five singers, an accompanist, and an adaptable set. Performances took place in 48 schools and venues. In addition to the school-wide performances, our artists also spent time in classrooms at each school, sharing their experience as a professional artist with smaller groups of students. We also held 6 performances open to the public in community centers and theaters. Reaching our goals was a bit of a mixed result. We did reach higher than hoped levels of access. The students we performed to were right at the 50% free and reduced lunch, and we exceeded our 60% of the schools as Title I by 5%! In addition, we were able to offer 17% of our performances to schools who were unable to afford our performance, even at the $1.25 level. We did hope to charge an average of no more than $1.25 per child in attendance, and we achieved an average of just $1.08 per child attending at a school, exceeding our goals.

Our 100+ page teacher's guide, which included 9 lesson plans and 4 worksheets all included in Spanish. Those materials integrate opera into literary arts, social sciences, health, mathematics, and science for grades 6-12 for the La Bohème guide. For the Opera Improv, there are 8 lesson plans, 3 worksheets, and all are included in Spanish!

It was a busy few months, but we got it done! Portland Opera To Go has covered the state one more time. 

Stay tuned! Next report will announce our New Touring Production with an added suprise!