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St Gregory's Foundation works in Russia and the former Soviet Union to tackle the social problems facing children, teenagers, parents and carers. Our projects address the root causes of disadvantage by putting families before institutions, strengthening a sense of responsibility in young and old alike and providing opportunities for vulnerable people to fulfill their potential. Our work makes our beneficiaries active participants in improving their own lives and encourages a more charitable society.
Dec 4, 2013

How you are helping Arina and her family

A huge thank you for everything you do for our club for hearing impaired children! With your support, our Club was able to help many parents with children with hearing impairments to become more confident and to strengthen their parenting skills.  The parents have started to stand up for their children's rights.  Many of our "Club graduates" are now attending mainstream kindergartens or schools.  Thank you!

Today I wanted to tell you about Arina, who started coming to our Club with her mama a month ago.  It turns out that I have known her family for more than ten years, almost since our Club was started in 2004.  At that time I started helping her older sister, Christina, who also has a hearing impairment like her parents.  Now Christina has a cochlear implant, which can help replace the sensation of hearing, she goes to an ordinary school and communicates using both speech and sign language.


Arina is now two years old.  She is a wonderful, active little girl.  She shows a lot of initiative when she is playing and tries to do everything independently.  She is trying to talk and also uses sign language.  Arina likes all our activities, both the music and the games. She gets involved with everything and also helps the other children, especially her friend Yegor.

Arina and Yegor are wonderful children. Today they came to the Club in their best clothes because they wanted to have their photo taken for you.  We look forward to watching Arina progress and giving her the opportunities she needs to take her place in society.


Arina and Yegor
Arina and Yegor
Oct 18, 2013

Baby Misha learns to laugh thanks to your support


I remember the first time Misha's family came to our support group. He was eight months old then, and had only just started wearing a hearing aid. His mum called them headphones and couldn't believe that her son really couldn't hear anything.

Mishutka is the long-awaited third child in his family and is very loved. His mum herself used to work with visually impaired children as a teacher. We could see how sensitively and affectionately she interacted with her son, and in return he would smile at her with his wide-eyed look. But he didn't talk at all.   

Summer passed and autumn was making itself felt.

The group started meeting again and again we saw Misha and his family. This wide-eyed boy had grown up a lot over the summer and he had also had a cochlear implant fitted. Now he turns round when you call him, even if you just whisper. True, he finds it difficult to locate where the sound is coming from, but that can be learnt. Mishka babbles away a lot now and laughs out loud! At the club he really likes to play with his brother and with the other children and absolutely loves all the different musical instruments!

Oct 15, 2013

How you help protect vulnerable homeless teenagers

In August, our charity was informed about a case which took place in a region to the south of Tbilisi. Five young fellows were caught by police; four of them were juveniles.  They were accused of a robbery an a shop, but, in reality they even did not know location of the shop. Under psychological and physical violence they were forced to admit the crime in written form and the police wanted to convict them.    

We met the chief prosecutor of the region, we had known him for a long time as previously he worked in Tbilisi and he helped us to solve many cases related to street children.  During our meeting we told him the case and persuaded him that his subordinates got the confession of the crime by force.   After re-investigation of the case, children were declared innocent.  One of these fellows had passed the National examinations and without our assistance he would not be able to start university study 15th of September of this year. The court case was raised against violator policemen.

Very often the first contact we have with the teenagers we help is when they are in trouble with the police.  We make sure that they are treated fairly in the justice system.  Once released, we are able to help some young people to resolve difficulties with their family so that they can go back home, or at least to find other relatives ready to look after them.  When a happy ending isn’t as straightforward we need to be able to provide a home, food and either training or employment.  With winter on its way, we know that more teenagers will be coming to us from the streets hoping for a hot meal.  We need your help to make sure that no-one is turned away hungry.

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