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RI provides emergency relief, rehabilitation and development assistance to victims of natural disasters and civil conflicts worldwide. RI's programs bridge the gap between immediate and long-term community development. This orientation promotes self-reliance and the peaceful reintegration of populations. RI's programs are designed with the input and participation of target beneficiary groups such as women, children and the elderly, whose special needs are often neglected in disasters.
Jun 12, 2013

Help Syrian Refugees Receive Relief Update 6.12.13

RI Emergency Response Coordinator with children
RI Emergency Response Coordinator with children

Back to School at Za’atari

Recently, our field staff shared some heart-warming moments from their work with Syrian children at the RI education center in Za'atari. We couldn’t be happier to see that these children are back to school and smiling again after all the trauma and hardship they have experienced in this crisis. 

In partnership with GlobalGiving, Relief International is providing assistance to Syrian families living in refugee camps and host communities in Jordan and Lebanon. We are distributing hygiene kits, providing water and sanitation services, and offering education and tutoring services to children.

In the Za’atari refugee camp, Jordan, Relief International is providing a safe space for Syrian children to learn and grow at its education center. The Za’atari camp is home to over 100,000 refugees and is the second largest refugee camp in the world.

Our education center provides assistance to 5000 refugee children that have missed up to two years of school due to displacement and the ongoing crisis in Syria. At the center, children attend math, science, and language classes so they can catch up in their studies and continue to learn. In addition, children attend organized recreational activities and receive psychosocial services so they can heal while in a safe environment.

All of our teachers, case managers and community mobilizers are Syrians from the refugee camp. This creates understanding and trust between the staff and children as they have been through similar experiences, whilst also providing employment to those living the camp. Our other staff are Jordanians from the local community.

Let’s continue to give these children hope for a better future. Any amount, large or small, helps us reach more Syrian families and children in need.

Children in class at the RI education center
Children in class at the RI education center


May 6, 2013

Horn of Africa Famine Relief Update 5.6.13

RI staff member screening a child for malnutrition
RI staff member screening a child for malnutrition

Relief International has been on the ground in Somalia since 2007 and was one of the first humanitarian organizations to respond to the famine crisis. Beyond addressing the emergency health and nutrition needs of Somalia mothers and children, Relief International’s projects have since broadened to focus upon long-term development and rebuilding the livelihoods of Somali families. Currently, Relief International’s programs in Somalia address health, nutrition, women’s protection, animal husbandry, education and media freedom.

Thanks to your support through GlobalGiving, Relief International has continued to serve the health and nutrition needs of Somali mothers and their children. To date, Relief International’s clinics in south central Somalia were able to provide 554 pregnant mothers with antenatal care services, immunize 6200 children against measles, and rehabilitate 632 children under five for acute malnutrition. Through Relief International’s primary care services assisting internally displaced persons and vulnerable members of the host community in Galkayo, central Somalia, 431 children were fully immunized against vaccine preventable diseases and 80 pregnant mothers were given pre-natal healthcare.

Access to quality primary education remains a challenge in Somalia. Most of its schools are located in rural areas and many lack the proper books, supplies, trained teachers, and proper management to ensure all Somali children have the opportunity to learn and better their future. To improve access to primary education, Relief International has established education programs to target 21 primary schools in the Puntland state. Relief International’s education activities are focused upon improving access to primary education, with special emphasis on girls, while improving teacher training, school facilities, and community management of schools. Currently, over 9000 Somali children are benefitting from an improved education through Relief International’s program. Recently, over 700 new students were enrolled, many of whom are accessing primary education for the first time.

The Relief International team would like to thank you for your continued support through GlobalGiving. Together we can continue to rebuild the lives of Somali families and ensure Somali mothers and their children see a brighter and healthier future.

Remember, be sure to order your RI Relief Bead bracelets in time for Mother’s Day! Relief Beads help combat child malnutrition and hunger in Africa and are the perfect way to show the special mom in your life how big your heart is! 

Students in class at one of the schools RI assists
Students in class at one of the schools RI assists
One of our female nurses dispensing medicine
One of our female nurses dispensing medicine


Apr 16, 2013

Help Syrian Refugees Receive Relief Update 4.15.13

RI delivering a hygiene kit to Mumtaz
RI delivering a hygiene kit to Mumtaz's family

In partnership with GlobalGiving, Relief International is providing life-saving relief to Syrian families living in refugee camps and host communities in Jordan and Lebanon. Currently, our programs in the region serve nearly 70,000 Syrians in need.

Our team is ensuring communities have access to adequate water and sanitation facilities, distributing kits with hygiene essentials including soap and toothbrushes, providing baby kits with essentials for mothers and their newborn babies, in addition to educating families on healthy hygiene practices. Relief International’s work also focuses on proving educational support to Syrian children who many times have missed months of schooling due to displacement and have been exposed to extreme trauma. Relief International has opened a remedial education center in the Zaatari refugee camp and is assisting Syrian children in Karak, Jordan so they can enroll in school and catch up to their peers.

A large part of Relief International’s work with Syrian refugees involves assisting Syrian families and their host communities. Over 70 percent of the 1 million plus refugees to date reside in vulnerable places outside of refugee camps. Many of these families seek refuge in abandoned building, tents, and other vulnerable places. 

Our WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) Program Manager, Deepa Patel, recently shared a heartfelt story of how her team came to the aid of a little Syrian girl. Deepa’s story touches upon the immense sense of community, support and trust built between Syrian families and the Relief International team.

Here’s her story:

Since January, Relief International’s Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) team has been working with host communities in North Jordan where nearly no other organization has yet been able to assist. The perseverance of the WASH team to reach the most vulnerable Syrian refugees has meant driving to remote areas, walking far on foot to access households and spending long hours in cold, rough conditions. 

One such area is a small rural town, Al Kom al Ahmar, 25 kilometers outside of Mafraq, where many Syrian refugee families are living in abysmal conditions as a means to earn a living by working on farms.  Many of the refugee families living in this area escaped Syria over six months ago but where afraid to enter the Za’atari refugee camp and knew of no other way to care for their family except to find whatever work possible. Relief International has been assisting families in this area, providing winter clothing for children, essential hygiene items, health education, child-friendly interactions and general social support.  

Today, during a routine house-to-house follow up visit, a mother, Mumtaz,* alerted the Relief International team that her two-year-old daughter had fallen into a ditch in the farm where they are living. Two days had passed and the child was in extreme pain, restless and had a high fever. The family is not registered with UNHCR and they were afraid they would be turned away if they went for treatment at a hospital. All of that is beside the point. Living in such a rural area, they have almost no means of getting to a hospital.

The Relief International team has always said that they are hygiene promoters but that they also visit the families to provide comfort and support in any way they can. Upon seeing the child and hearing Mumtaz’s concerns, the hygiene promoters who visited her, Dina and Akhram, drove Mumtaz and the child to a hospital in Mafraq. It turned out that the child had a broken arm and an upper respiratory infection and was able to receive excellent treatment.

Though we are a small team with limited funding and our ability to aid in the face of such a large crisis can sometimes feel overwhelming, I am proud that the Relief International team goes above and beyond any duty to assist in any way possible. We are more than just a WASH team!

*Name has been changed.

Everyday, thousands of Syrians, a vast majority of whom are mothers and children, are forced to flee their homes. The need for humanitarian assistance is growing. Join the effort with Relief International, together we can reach more families in dire need.

RI staff & the little girl on the road to recovery
RI staff & the little girl on the road to recovery


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