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The Ama Foundation is dedicated to providing the most underprivileged children of Nepal with a loving home, education and opportunities to live healthy and secure lives within their community.
Oct 14, 2014

A Perfect Example of the Ama Ghar Mission!

Manisha shows off her baking skills
Manisha shows off her baking skills

The mission of Ama Ghar, our home for rescued children in the beautiful Godavari valley, near Kathmandu, is to provide a home and education for the most disadvantaged children of Nepal and provide them with the opportunity to become productive Nepali citizens. With the help of donors like you, we fund education for the children as far as their talents will take them. For some, this means university and beyond - for others, this means vocational school. But so far, all of our Ama Ghar "alumni" have succeeded in becoming happy, healthy, self-supporting adults.

One great example of the success of our mission is our Ama Ghar daughter Manisha. She came to us as a small child from a remote village, and from the beginning she's been very serious and studious, always working hard and excelling in school. Sometimes her aunties and uncles even had to force her to get up from her desk and go outside to play with her brothers and sisters - she's a wonderful athlete, but her studies always came first!

Manisha's positive, hard-working attitude has really paid off for her. She is studying for her Bachelor's in Hotel Management, and in addition to her college curriculum, she has completed an internship at the prestigious Summit Hotel in Kathmandu, where she worked in every department, from the kitchen to the front desk, as well as an eco-tourism project in the countryside near Pokhara. Her next exciting adventure before she completes her degree will be to intern with an American hotel chain in Malaysia - this will be a big step away from her Ama Ghar family, and her first airplane trip, but it's sure to help her to get a great job when she graduates.

These success stories, moving children from poverty and malnutrition to healthy, productive lives, would not have a happy ending without you. Please donate TODAY, on Global Giving's 30% Matching Day, and help us to raise 30% more funding for tuition, books, uniforms and more. Thank you for believing that we can save the world, one child at a time.


Sep 5, 2014

Learning to be Self-Sufficient - a Tough Transition

Laxmi in the dress she made herself
Laxmi in the dress she made herself

The transition from growing up in a group home, surrounded by 50-something brothers and sisters, to living on your own in a new city or university, is very, very difficult. Our seven older kids are learning this in a big way - but all the lessons in self-sufficiency they learned at Ama Ghar are helping them out tremendously.

For example - Laxmi, who is in her first year at Pokhara University studying Public Health, came home for a visit during school break. She really enjoyed the reunion with her brothers and sisters, and shared her experiences of managing on her own. One of her dilemmas was that she needed a dress for an upcoming honors event at Pokhara University. Of course, the Ama Ghar kids have never gone shopping for clothes - all of the clothes our children wear have been donated by our wonderful friends around the world, so she wasn't sure what to do.

Laxmi knew exactly what she wanted from looking at a photograph in a magazine, so she designed and sewed the dress herself while she was home during her break. We are so proud of her - this is the kind of resourcefulness that will help her to become a successful adult and a productive Nepali citizen. Thank you for helping her with her tuition through your donations to Global Giving!

Jun 13, 2014

Kalpana Gains Her Wings

Kalpana Thapa
Kalpana Thapa

Kalpana is a beautiful girl who has always dreamed of flying... and luckily, she is very adept at learning languages as well. Now, thanks to friends like you, she may be able to realize that dream!

Kalpana came to Ama Ghar at the age of 8, as her family was unable to buy enough food to support their children. She was a timid child when she came to us, who was afraid to even go outside the gates of our Ama Ghar home. But she was always a wonderful dancer, and her shyness fell away when she had the opportunity to perform traditional Nepali dances at our holiday celebrations and festivals.

In 2009, Kalpana had an amazing surprise when she received a call from her younger sister, whom she hadn't seen since they were very small. Kalpana's sister had been adopted by a Spanish family, but she still missed Kalpana so much that her adoptive family helped her to trace Kalpana to Ama Ghar. The two girls had a very funny telephone conversation, as Kalpana spoke no Spanish and her sister didn't really remember how to speak Nepali!

Ama Foundation's Country Director in Nepal helped Kalpana to get a passport and accompanied her to Spain, where she was reunited with her sister for the first time since they were small. Kalpana stayed with her sister during her summer school holiday, and she not only learned to speak Spanish but she also was a bit shocked by European culture - she ate sausage and seafood for the first time, and wore a swimsuit, which was difficult for this still-shy young lady. Most importantly, she was able to experience airplane travel for the first time... it was a dream come true.

Kalpana returned from that trip with a dream of becoming an airline hostess. She realized that with her facility for languages - she now speaks, Nepali, English and Spanish - she might be a good candidate for an international airline that operates out of Nepal. She studied business in school and worked very hard to improve her grades; she became even more proficient in English and Spanish - now she is undergoing air hostess training.

If she does well, she will soon be flying through the clouds, with dreams of seeing her sister more than just once a year. Thank you to all our Global Giving donors for helping her to complete the education required to gain her wings. Our goal at Ama Ghar is for our children to become self-supporting and good international citizens - we couldn't do it without help from friends like you!