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To generate, contribute and participate in social projects of education, culture and artistic manifestations, science and technology development, equity of gender, participation and citizen self-management, defense and promotion of human rights, sustainable development to improve the popular economy and promotion of fair commerce, improvement of the best use of natural resources promoting the protection, conservation and restoration of biodiversity and environmental equilibrium.
Mar 20, 2014

News from old and new collectives

Tlalana keeps working hard in 2014 with young people to work for their communities. This year we have focused our work in going deeper into Iztapalapa, Cuajimalpa, Santa María la Ribera and Aguasclientes, through networking and generating new projects that continue giving the youth opportunities for self-employment and a link to their social and natural environments. Check out our new projects and visit our old ones to know more about how we do this!

La Sierra de Santa Catarina, Iztapalapa, Mexico City

We’ve started a process with Humanidad Sustentable (Sustainable Humanity) as a part of the Tlalana Network, collaborating in the various projects that they currently hold. Their purpose is to transform their environment through a project incubator that promotes the construction of green houses and vegetable gardens in their area, thus diminishing the waste and consumption trail in the public and private spaces of the Santa Catarina Mountains.

San Mateo Tlaltenango, Cuajimalpa, Mexico City

This year begins with new strength for El Chante de Todos. We’re working with them to consolidate their actual projects which include free ballroom dance lessons for the community, book clubs, movie nights and more. The challenge will be to redesign a 5 year plan in which the main objective will be to work on the changes the community of San Mateo Tlaltenango has undergone and their own members as well. The current members of the team have been working together ever since the creation of the group, always trying to maintain close to the people that belong to their little town.

Guadalupe Peralta, Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes

In Aguascalientes we are now reaping the benefits of two-years-worth of work. Focusing our activities in the DHS Guadalupe Peralta group, we are supporting them in growing their current production of vegetables and fruits and strengthening its community. At the same time, we are implementing a plan to spread the Tlalana project to new young people in the area. Among other things, we started collaborating with a group of locals, young people that are fresh university graduates starting a project on urban agriculture, their name: Semillas en Concreto (Seeds in concrete). It will be a collaboration of 5 months in which both groups will be working side by side sharing their experience in urban gardens and the production of green houses. We are all eager to share our knowledge and help the people within the Guadalupe Peralta community to achieve what our young DHS Peralta members have already done: to build and transform their environment through a project of their own, inviting others to develop and improve their community.

Santa María la Ribera, Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City

Enchúlame la Bici is a group of young people with a lot of experience in teamwork and with the will to transform their surroundings. Nowadays the group is expanding their project opening a new bike workshop; this is always a challenging and interesting process for any group. To succeed they are going to have to define creative ways to continue the project in two different sites, strengthening their communication and organizational skills. We will be working side by side with them, helping to establish a new hub for urban mobility, sustainable social environments and developing their community.

Jan 15, 2014

A couple of testimonies

After the success achieved during the summer of 2013 in our project, in which we worked in 3 different communities in the State of Puebla, we started the process of self-evaluation and re-thinking aspects of our project to improve our model with 2014 in mind. Now we have new coordination teams in our literacy campaigns ¡Alfabetiza!, whom are about to launch the calling for the present year's volunteers to be part of the group of teachers. 

Soon we will be having news about the training stage of the process. In the meantime, we would like to present to you these two testimonies we translated that were written by our formerly-illiterate students.

Title: Summer tale
Author: Anselma Paredes Aguilar
Community: San Miguel Tecuanipa

My name is Anselma Paredes Aguilar. I had a really good teacher and she studied with us daily and we did learn a lot from her and she from us. And when she didn't give us lessons we missed her, one month was too little for me. I learned to divide, substract, multiply and many stories she taught us. She was very happy here in our town of San Miguel Tecuanipa, Tochimilco, Puebla. We also studied two hours a day; it was so short because we went to our crops. Here we grow really good peaches and we shared them with our teacher Ixchel and our teacher Panchito. Our teachers liked a lot the beans we treated them to for dinner once. We also did some small models with play dough that were really pretty. That's all, thanks. 

Title: Tomorrow Tuesday
Author: Miguel Anzures Tapia
Community: San Miguel Tecuanipa

Tomorrow Tuesday I wake up really early to go work in my fields of corn and beans. I take two people that help me. We all go in a truck that, sometimes, doesn't start, hahaha. One time the teachers Ximena and Isabel came with us to pick peaches and they came back really tired.

Dec 2, 2013

Tlalana's Colloquium

Tlalana's Colloquium is an event in which groups that are participating in the Tlalana Network are able to exchange the most important ideas of the projects in their communities that they implement. Tlalana's 2013 symposium was held from 25 to 27 October in Mexico City , and was attended by 42 persons from 5 different states representing 12 different youth groups.

Some of the things that were achieved in this symposium can be summarized as:

  • Analysis of our understanding of community development.
  • Strengthening the links between the different groups towards a vision of collaboration between collectives by region .
  • Strengthen and improve their collective projects through sharing of experiences.
  • Promoting discussion about motivation, planning and implementation of the projects to improve their operation.

The event included the participation of two important groups in the logistics. On the one hand, the meetings were held within the space of My Green Residence (Mi Verde Morada), a project that aims to be a social laboratory for alternative ways of living with environmental respect and people awareness. On the other hand, the collective ItalRunners that promotes vegan food prepared and served meals. Both groups made the event possible and more comfortable in terms of food and space, while at the same time it helped them to spread the word about their projects and share their experiences with other participants.

The groups that were part of the symposium are:

  • Mi Verde Morada
  • ItalRunners
  • Enchúlame la Bici
  • DkayaYbaku
  • Obreras Insumisas
  • Chante de Todos
  • Enchula la Nave
  • DHS Guadalupe Peralta
  • Jóvenes Tlamaxtilli
  • Colectivo Tehuacán
  • Humanidad Sustentable
  • Labdoo

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